April 21, 2010

WIP - HE Dragon Princes & Kreoss is all done

With news of the new 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy rulebook coming out in July racing through the web I got inspired to start on my Dragon Princes last night, as well as complete Grand Exemplar Kreoss.

For the Dragon Princes I have decided to keep it very very simple - no elaborate attempts to colour the armour etc just plain old standard metallic techniques with some highlighting of the various scuplts e.g., Dragons on each model. Shields will be purple with hand painted runes on them like the Spearmen but otherwise they will be very plain.

Painted a single test model last night and its turned out OK - still have a lot to do on it including highlighting, shading, the helmet plume, face etc but the general feel is acceptable. Armour was painted using standard technique of:
  • Bolt-Gun Metal basecoat
  • Badab Black wash
  • Chainmail Highlights
  • Purple Wash
Raised dragon areas were painted using:
  • Hormaguant Purple.
  • Liche Purple
  • Purple Wash
  • Warlock Purple Highlights

Finally there is Grand Exemplar Kreoss who I finished off last night (except for his eyes which I decided not to bother with) by adding various runic looking (sort of) symbols to his armour and standards. Runes were painted using:
  • Fortress Grey
  • Spacewolves Grey
  • Sunburst Yellow

Next on agenda is rest of Dragon Prince Unit and my two units of Knights Exemplars. Oh and my 2nd Warhammer Tournament of the year which is THIS WEEKEND


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

That is a tight looking Dragon Prince. I especially like the blue gems(?) on the mounts tack and harness. I also like the purple wash on the armor.

As it happens, I have just finished priming my orc warboss on a boar. Aside from the spider riders in the BFSP box, this is the first real cavalry unit I've worked with. Do you tend to prep and paint the mount separate (where the specific model allows) from the rider or do you assemble the model completely prior to painting?

John said...

I used to assemble them and paint them together but found I couldnt get to every part of the model. So with these guys I painted the horses separately. I still assemble everything in one go to make sure they rank up.

I also used to glue the riders to the mounts but with the metal DP's who are quite heavy I have moved away from that.

noeste said...

You're definately on the right track with that Prince! The purple tint on the metal, along with the purple heraldry looks very nice.

Do remember to "open" the horse's eyes, looks like it's sleeping, heh. I suggest you give their eyes the same treatment you gave those Eagles of yours, make them brown and black - that's what makes horses so beautiful and charming, no? Their big, dark pools for eyes..

John said...

lol ill try that

Binz said...

I saw your ekreoss last night, hes looking very cool!

great work on the pansy... er i mean manly elves too!