April 30, 2010

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes

Stuck these guys together the other night and discovered I had lost half of their shields and have had to proxy in bits from other kits, hence the wide variation in whats there. Only one guy is painted so far (not inc. shield) rest will get done over next week or so in preparation for HORNED RAT in July.

Banner is a spare BSB one I got from BitzBox a long time ago. Wanted to put an Archer banner onto the unit alah all of my infantry blocks but attaching this was much easier, plus it looks cooler.

Spears & Archers will be the next project after that. Picture is of TBC Spear unit on 7x3 base with 1 of 2 unit fillers I am going to trick out as well, ill just pile snow up around the base of it and then carve some runes into the sides of the column. A golden/statue type Swordmaster model will go on top - I have around 8-10 spare SM models so why not use them for something.

1 comment:

noeste said...

It'll surely be a fearsome unit to gaze upon when they're all finished! I don't think the different shields are a problem, and from what I can see, you've picked some fitting quite nicely. The phoenix-banner looks great with the unit as well - I'm currious as to how you plan on painting it!

The unit-filler for your Spearmen sounds interesting, think it's a good concept you've planned.