May 25, 2010

WIP - Flames of War Fallschirmjager

Getting my first two Platoons ready for paint with the figures divided into sections and put onto popsicle sticks for undercoating etc and the bases plastered. Will only be able to do the bases first as my current collection of GW paints do not fit the colour scheme required for Late War Fallschirmjager, so will need some Vallejo paints or some from an alternate supplier like Tamiya or Humbrol. Alternatively for those colours for which I can find a direct colour conversion I will stick with GW Citadel paints as much as possible.

Ill do the basing the standard way drybrushing etc but with a greater amount of static grass than I would normally apply to GW models. Will leave small areas on each base free so I can scrap out a section of the plaster to fit the bases of each figure. This will keep each figures feet at ground level and allow me to plaster over the base keeping it hidden from view.

I didnt attach the figures to the bases first as its simply to difficult to paint them that way. Although for the next Platoons I will most likely attach 2 figures near the edges leaving space in the middle for the remaining figures where necessary. This gives me enough room to work with and worked well when I was painting my Medieval War English a year or so ago.

May 24, 2010

WHFB @ 1000 & 1500pts

Playing a couple of the newer club members in Warhammer Fantasy this week and next week. Games will be at 1000 & 1500pts so we might be able to get in 2 each night depending on how we go. Given points restrictions Ill use Dwarfs for both so I can cram in more infantry :)

Been a while since I played games this size so its kind of hard to figure out a decent list especially as I have no idea what my opponent is bringing. But the usual rules apply - 1 character, no BSB and an Organ Gun as standard. One advantage though is that I can play Dwarfs without having to write up detailed army lists, benefits of experience.

Dwarfs @ 1,000pts

w. GW, MR Kragg Grimm, RO Snorri, MR Gromil, RO Furnace
Longbeards x21
w. FC, Shields, RO Sanctuary, RO Stoicism
Warriors x10
w. Shields, Mu
Warriors x10
w. Shields, Mu
Quarrellers x10
w. Mu, Shields
Quarrellers x10
w. Mu, Shields
Organ Gun

TOTAL 999pts

Longbeards have MR1 in case 4 dice and no scrolls aren't enough at 1000pts. Two units of Warriors give me reasonable flexibility as do two units of Quarrellers. Thane has been RO Snorri because at this points level your better off ensuring you are going to hit someone, and with this he is basically hitting on 2's and wounding on 2's against most opponents.

Dwarfs @ 1,500 pts

Would expect some harder hitting enemy units here so BSB re-rolls become more important. Also time to add another warmachine.

Runesmith (General)
w. RO Striking, RO Stone, Shield, RO Spellbreaking, RO Furnace
w. RO Snorri, RO Cleaving, MR Gromil, RO Furnace
Longbeards x20
w. FC, Shields, RO Sanctuary, RO Stoicism
Warriors x10
w. Mu, Shields
Warriors x10
w. Mu, Shields
Quarrellers x10
w. Mu, Shields
Quarrellers x10
w. Mu, Shields
Hammerers x15
w. FC, RO Stoicism
Organ Gun
w. RO Forging

TOTAL 1,500pts

Runesmith becomes general to give me 5DD & 1 scroll which is more than suffucient at this points level. Hammerers get added to give me a nice strong Stubborn unit for one flank. Cannon goes in as normal with RO Forging but no engineer due to points cost. BSB loses GW because of restrictions so gets RO Cleaving inside to bring him to S5 still hitting on 2's. Both characters as usual get RO Furnace making them immune to all flaming attacks.

May 21, 2010

FOW Battle Report

3rd ever game of FOW last night. Was a 2v2 2000pt match German Infantry & Panzer Company vs. British Infantry and Armoured Company. Myself and another new player controlled the British (me the infantry) our opponents took the germans, whose Panzer company consisted of no less than 5 Tiger Tanks.

Learned quite a few of the smaller but important rules regarding assaults, the price of going first and the basics of supporting fire and overall I (even if my partner didnt) enjoyed myself. As usual 1/3 of the night was given over to talking about the game rather than actually playing it.

Warhammer for next two weeks though as there are a number of new players at the Club that I want to have games with to ensure they keep coming back.

Deployment - Left flank dominated by infantry with single Sherman Platoon in support

On the right, by the 2nd objective, the smallest of my 3 infantry platoons digs in with the 2 larger armoured Platoons on its left.

The enemy forces on our right. Two Platoons of 2 Tigers and a Platoon of PzGrenadiers. The small building on the right hand edge of the picture is a dug in 4x20mm flak tower.

German right flank (our left) a 2nd quad 20mm flak tower and unit of PzGrenadiers backed by two Platoons of SP guns - one in forest the other off to the left of this picture

Opening Salvos by the Shermans fail to hit and/or damage the Tigers. These respond by brewing up a third of our main tank force.

On the British left things arent any better as the enemy SP Guns and the German Commanders Tiger tank zero in knocking over a couple of Shermans. The infantry meanwhile advance through the forests to get within assault range of the objective.

View from the left flank as the tattered remnants of our Sherman Platoon moves forward to support the infantry

British infantry rush forward with the last remaining Shermans trying to provide support.

Finally some success - a Tiger goes up in flames after it and its comrades knocked out 7 of our tanks without loss.

The assault goes in - British infantry rush forward but are pinned down as the Shermans now all destroyed are unable to take out the flank gun or to suppress the defending Pz Grenadiers.

The game pretty much ended here, although it was over long before this. With all of our armour being systematically wiped out by the Tigers the infantry alone as unable to break through and secure a game winning objective; especially when the Tigers advanced to finish them off. Even if they had taken it the waiting Tigers would have rolled over them and we would have lost as by now our company was well under half strength.

Couple of things I got out of this
  1. Playing infantry in LW is going to be very interesting and require some very good generalship.
  2. Going first isn't, like Warhammer, a good idea some of the time - its never a good idea.
  3. Tiger Tanks - I am glad they are on my side.
  4. 2v2 games don't work when the pairs havent played together before and each has completely different levels of experience. We had more units and more models but took less time to move than our opponents meaning the game dragged out a wee bit.
Anyway playing WARHAMMER FANTASY the next couple of weeks (as I said) starting with a series of 1000pt games next week after most likely the week after that.

May 19, 2010

This just in :)

Fallschirmjager Company & Mortar Platoon - enough said really!!!!!!!! So much painting and basing to do now.

May 18, 2010

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes & Unit Filler

Getting through next 2 models in my 7 man Dragon Prince unit at the moment. Armour is pretty much done just need to finish of weapons, unit standard, shields and horses eyes.

The unit Champion and the rider whose lance is putting forward (2nd from left) are the only ones fully painted so far. Models I am working on now are the Standard Bearer and Musician.

The complete unit - once done Ill build a separate 7x1 movement tray for it

Going for red/white on shield as watching 'The Pacific' on TV recently I kept seeing the old Imperial Japanese Flag and the red contrasts nicely with the Purple

Will be deliberately painting the banner differently to my BSB. Overall it will similar to the shield on the already completed Dragon Prince from previous posts

Unit filler will be placed in infantry units and covers a 3x2 figure area. Building two of these: one this one with the eagle on top and a second one with a swordmaster on it (as I only had a single spare Eagle and have a ton of spare Swordmasters). Runes on plinth were simply scratched in using a pocket knife and I applied Ink to help me see where I was going better.

Filler bases will get painted up as rocks as represent them having been carved out of stone and then ill cover them with liberal amounts of snow.

May 17, 2010

Upcoming Warhammer projects & yah for money

Well online auctions have gone well with nearly everything I put up for sale going quickly, and the stuff that hasnt I should be able to swap with guys in my club for FOW stuff.

Did some tidying up of my various bits and pieces last night and even got a bit more work done on my High Elf Dragon Prince unit. Even without the Vampires I still have a lot of projects left to complete which I will be starting back on properly tonight --> SO EXPECT MORE WIP PIC's SOON <-- current and upcoming WHFB projects on my desk are;

Currently Painting
HE Dragon Prince unit (7) - completed 2, half way through 2 more

Next painting projects
HE Archers (17) - completed test model now working on the rest
HE Shadow Warriors (5) - have rebased them just need some snow and some touching up
HE Spears (30) - I will need some more Ironhalo bases for these guys but my aim is to get 2 full units of 21 complete in time for the August-November tournament season. Will paint all 30 so I can add bodies to units when they take casualties. I put 2/3 of my figures of 5 figure bases so you need a lot of extras after combat

Other painting projects (newly discovered after going through my shelves)
Dwarf Miners (20) - I deliberately kept 20 of these guys and hopefully 8th Edition makes them more worthwhile
Dwarf Thunderers (20) - also deliberately kept 20 of these guys too and they will be coming out again. They are painted but just need some touching up, highlighting washing etc.
Dwarf Bolt-Thrower - painted but needs basing

Major (possible) WHFB project though will be assembling, basing and painting my Anvil of Doom assuming of course that I win the online auction I am currently bidding on - Im hoping to get it for under NZ$25. If I do this goes right to the top of the project list so I can bring it out for the last tournament of the year - Skitterleap III - speaking of tournaments

There are a lot of events left in the New Zealand calendar but I will be attending (hopefully) only three of them

Horned Rat III - July 16h/17th
WHFB tournament using ETC composition rules and last event under 7th Edition rules. Already registered and taking High Elves

Call to Arms 2010 - August 16th/17th
This is one of the countries biggest events includes WHFB, 40k, FOW and Warmachine plus FOG and other Medieval + Napoleonic games. At the moment I am giving serious thought to taking my Protectorate of Menoth army down and competing in the Warmachine event.

Skitterleap - October/November??
WHFB tournament will be under 8th Edition rules and at this stage I am 80% certain I will be taking Dwarfs - I have to defend my ranking as NZ best Dwarf General after all :)

As for next year well thats going to be a different story as ill have WHFB and FOW events to choose between... oh and real life to deal with as well

May 14, 2010

Change of direction for me and Stumpy Heaven

After a couple of practice games and the placement of some initial orders I am now definately on the path to collecting a Flames of War army and starting to play FOW on a more full-time basis.

What does this mean for my other games, Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine?

For Warmachine it will mean bye bye to a lot of my collection. I have a lot of models/units I never use, and will never use, and also a large number that will only get dragged out on a few limited occassions. Consequently, while I will retain a core collection of Menoth units the majority of my Warmachine collection will be going up for sale on TradeMe.

As for Warhammer Fantasy - I will still be playing this as often as possible and entering New Zealand tournaments regularly but will not be adding anymore figures/units to my collection. With my Vampire Counts all sold I will most likely sell of alot of my excess High Elf and Dwarf models as well leaving me just enough to build 2 tournament armies with 1 or 2 options.

As for my blog? Well Warmachine is pretty much going to disappear except for painting posts but these will continue for some time as I AM DEFINATELY going to be paint stripping and repainting ALL of the models I decide to keep. Fantasy will focus predominantly on battle reports etc from the 5-6 WHFB Tournaments I will attend each year, and painting articles. But once my painting backlog is done that will be pretty much it for WHFB in that respect - althought this will take me at least another 6 months. It might also take longer if I decide to paint strip and repaint all of my Dwarfs as well ;)

The name StumpyHeaven will remain but I will have to change the banner to reflect my move into Flames of War... but at the end of the day I am still a Dwarf at heart :)

2nd game of Flames of War

Up against Tom last night this time LW Germans vs. LW Russians with me taking on the German role. Very different army mix this time around as Tom gave me an Panzer Company to work with complete with a King Tiger which was awesome. Up against that I was facing a horde of russian infantry 3 tank Platoons (to my 2 + the King Tiger), a battery of rocket artillery & air cover.

I got learn how to use armour which was interesting and was introduced to the soviets special rules for artillery etc. After two games I think I have a reasonable grasp of the basics of the game.

The Soviet right flank with all of its armour - took this after my 1st turn hence the 2 tanks already burning
Soviet SMG infantry on my left guarding the other objective - rocket batteries behind
My right flank - Panzergrenadiers dug in with Nebelwherfers behind and PZIVs out front

Opening moves of the game PzIV Platoon, Company HQ and King Tiger engage enemy armour

On the right my Panzers decimate the Soviet armour and then get stuck into the infantry, before the Soviet air cover decides to intervene taking out the Company Commander and 1/3 of a Panzer Platoon.

My left flank a mobilised unit of Grenadiers and a Platoon of PzIV's. My artillery spotter for the Rocket Battery is riding along as well (a bad move in the end as I could have used him better elsewhere).

Panzer Grenadiers and PzIV's move into assualt positions in range of Soviet SMG infantry guarding one of the objectives.
After a three successful assaults with mounted Grenadiers, allowing them to avoid the SMG fire more effectively, my units overrun the Soviet defenders who had failed to dig in.

This game was fun - Tom had some bad luck with his dice rolls and mine just kept coming up roses all night. The King Tiger was brutal especially when I rolled a 6 and then a 5 on the Tiger Ace chart and was able to get ROF3 and re-roll misses as a result. Learned a few things about how best to position armour, the use of armoured infantry in assaults, and positioning to avoid air attack. Thats two games now with an infantry company and an armoured company and both were good.

First units of Fallschirmjager are on the way from Maelstrom, got the email confirming their dispatch this morning, and should arrive in a week or so. Also picked up a cheap FJ Platoon blister from Derek which I will turn into a Fallschirm Pioneer Platoon. Lots of FOW players at the Club at the moment, really wish I had got into this game much much earlier.

Also going to be selling off the majority of my Menoth army and keeping only those models I use most frequently.

May 13, 2010

Lots of presents in the mail

Two nice deliveries from the postman yesterday - the new Protectorate of Menoth Faction book and a copy of Festung Europa a Late War intelligence handbook for Flames of War. The later has been surpassed by the later edition Fortress Europe but is still valid and I can update key sections with notes from copies of the later edition. Also in the post are my first FOW units a Fallschirmjager Kompanie boxed set and a Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon which hopefully will arrive within the next fortnight.

To the Menoth faction book. After an afternoon and evening of reading what did I think of it? Well to be honest with the book I was disappointed and underwhelmed. With the new units in the book I was blown away as a couple of them are simply awesome and are definately getting added to my collection.

Menoth Faction Book - The Good
Always best to start with the positives in any situation.

1. Every unit is in it
A complete list of every unit/solo/warjack and caster in the Menoth arsenal is much appreciated and provides some good background information to what was in the new faction deck I recieved a while back.

2. Exemplar Errant Seneschals
OK, I have two units of 8 (now needs to be 6 or 10 in Mk2) of these guys who 95% of the time I proxy as Knights Exemplar. But after reading the rules for the Errant Seneschal I am already drooling. With a FA of 2 and costing only 2 points these guys are absolutely awesome, better than the standard Exemplar Seneschals heres why:
  • Their basic traits --> Advance deployment, fearless, pathfinder & commander.
  • Special abilities --> Assault, Call to Sacrifice - basically use Errants to absorb your damage or you absorb theirs, and Leadership/Hunter. Hunter is just fantastic and states "This model ignores forests, concealment, and cover when determining LOS or making a ranged attack". Leadership then allows you to pass this ability onto every Errant within their command range. Do you have troops concealed behind a forest and protected by magic oops sorry you don't as my Hunting Errants with their Seneschal ignore forests and magical bonuses to your defences AH HA HA.
And to top it off the guy is also a Weapon Master :)

3. Exemplar Errants Officer & Standard Bearer
Like the Errant Seneschal these guys are just fantastic:
  • They have Pathfinder and grant that ability to ALL models in their unit. So with a Seneschal I have advanced deployment missile troops who ignore LOS & magical bonuses to enemy DEF and ARM and who can move without penalty through terrain.
  • Quick Work - basically I kill you in melee and I get to shot someone immediately afterward. So if you are going to charge me you better get ALL of your guys into combat with me and the rest of the unit.
  • Purity all models in the Errant unit cannot be targeted by enemy spells.
So from now on my army lists will include a full unit of 10 Errants with a Seneschal (or 2) and the Standard Bearer attachment. Add in Gravus, Grand Exemplar Kreoss and a Reclaimer or two and an all Exemplar army is just getting nastier by the second.

4. Exemplar Cincerators
Yes we already have Bastions but honestly I am not sold on them although having a huge unit of bad arse reach capable infantry is nice. But these guys I like why?!? Because they set people on fire!!!!!! They lose reach and sanguine bond which is a big downside but they get +1 ARM (making them ARM 17) and:
  • Relentless Advance basically you damage one of them the unit gets +2 SPD so dont sit back and shoot me because I am going to reach out and touch you next turn.
  • Flame Burst a magical PS12 (with Weapon Master) magical weapon that when it boxes (damages) an eemy model immediately sets every enemy model within 1" on fire AH HA HA. I am going to love playing these guys with Cleaners, Castigators and eFeora.

5. New Models
Thats right NEW MODELS!!!!! Going through the artwork section at the back what do you see? New models for the Redeemer, Revenger and Repenter. They look great and also look plastic so will be dirt cheap. Once they come out I am going to sell my existing metal models and go crazy buying these guys along with a horde of Vanguisher heavy jacks.

6. Vassal Mechanic
FA3 and they can repair D6 damage points on any Warjack. Take 2 with a standard Vassal and stick them with the Avatar of Menoth and watch it rampage through. Keeping them in B2B with the Avatar also makes them ARM/DEF 15 and immune to knockdown.

The not so good, the bad and the fugly
You could also label this section "What the hell were PP doing for the last year?!!!?" Because after reading through the book whose release date got delayed it looks like they havent done a damn thing. Outside of the themed army lists, some updated painting guides and a couple of new stories in the fluff section the book looks and feels like a cheap rehash of older books like Superiority and Prime.

With Mk2 this was a HUGE opporutunity for Privateer Press to do something great with these faction books. Bring together all of the fluff and history for each faction. Update that fluff and flesh it out. Make these books a fully self-contained historical intelligence briefing of the army that would satisfy existing gamers and make new potential gamers salivate over its contents.

But unfortunately its not. As one of the awesome people who read the drival I post here Mike said the artwork is all from the older books, and some of that looks incredibly dated and quite frankly is pretty shit. You look at the cover and its amazing, absolutely beautiful artwork depicting Feora surrounded by an Avatar and a unit of Flameguard. Go inside and you see those same Flameguard depicted in almost cartoonish fashion.

They could have done so much with this book and they didnt. They new units are great, but honestly I am the kind of gamer who likes the fluff behind the army and this was missing from the new book or at least fluff that I havent already seen in all of the Mk1 books.

That being said I still have a lot of shopping to do once I win the lottery or sell some of my other figures, on the list are:
- At least 3 new heavy warjack kits so I can get me some Vanquishers
- Exemplar Cincerators
- Exemplar Errant Seneschals x2
- Exemplar Errant Unit Attachment
- Vassal Mechanics x2 (already have 1 on order)

May 7, 2010

1st game of Flames of War: thoughts and pictures

Well this was being like a little kid playing with 1:72 scale Matchbox plastic soldiers. Game was incredibly easy to pick up as the basic game structure and rules follow a similar pattern to WHFB. There were however some major differences. First the separation of charges from movement. In WHFB you either charge or move not both. With FOW you move into position and then assault the enemies position. Combat rather than being a strick turn by turn affair continues until one side fails its motivation (leadership) check and runs away, decides not to continue or is wiped out. Its brutal but very realistic and actually a lot of fun. The other major difference was how terrain affects LOS and particularly shooting - basically it doesn't. Hence my WHFB like attempt to use terrain to block LOS as I moved my infantry up resulted in those infantry being wiped out as the enemy units fired at them over/through terrain that in WHFB would prevent them from doing so.

The Army Lists
Dereks son kindly made up a Fallschirmjager 1500pt list for me which included:
- Company HQ
- FJ Platoon (3 Squads)
- FJ Platoon (3 Squads)
- FJ HMG Platoon (2 Sections0
- FJ AT Platoon (3x75mm Pak40)
- Heavy Tank Platoon (2 Tigers)
- Artillery Platoon (3 105mm)

FJ Platoon with 75mm AT Gun and 105mm Howitzer

My Artillery and AT guns

Heavy Tank Platoon and FJ Platoon my left flank - the barbwire base is an objective marker

Up against this were 2 Platoons of Cromwells with a couple of Sherman Fireflys, 2 Platoons of Infantry, some Typhoons for Air Support and a Platoon of AT Guns.

Part of my opponents British combined arms force - the 88mm gun in the centre is an objective marker

The British assault begins infantry advance supported by armour - a single Cromwell is knocked out by artillery fire

Oops LOS works differently in FOW the British can see my infantry

A wall of British armour approahes my dug in infantry units

Oh bugger they are linedup and shooting away. All my AT guns and Artillery keeps missing or failing to kill anything and is getting systematically wiped out.

Well thats not good both of my Tigers are dead - one killed by Typhoons the other by the Fireflys

And the British assault begins one Cromwell is knocked out by a Panzerfaust, which strangely cannot move and shoot? Really?

End game - the British assault wipes out the FJ Platoon defending the objective. Without effective AT and Armour support they had no chance against the enemy tanks and the game ends.

All up this was A LOT of fun and I am going to seriously enjoy getting into and playing this game. On another note I registered for and entered my 3rd WHFB Tournament of the year yesterday - Horned Rat III in July. This will be the very last tournament played under 7th Edition rules so it will be interesting to say the least.

May 6, 2010

Its in the mail!!!

Email from Maelstrom Games today my Protectorate of Menoth army book all 150 beautiful pages of it is in the mail :) Oh and I have my first ever game of FOW at my local club tonight :)

May 5, 2010

First attempt at FOW army list - Fallschirmjager @ 1500pts

Trying to put together my first 1500pt list as a basis for sorting out what I am going to buy now that I have decided to start playing FoW. Or at least what I will buy eventually as this is all on conjecture budget wise at the moment. Aiming at LW Fallschirmjager with no particular emphasis on region or location using Fortress Europe rules.

Emphasis is on infantry with limited support. I assumed that loading up on Panzerfausts etc was a sound idea as I was not allowed to take an AT Platoon and an Assault Gun Platoon.

Company HQ (Panzerfaust/SMG x2 + Panzershrek) 115
FS Platoon (3 Squads, Panzerfaust/SMG) 265
FS Platoon (3 Squads, Panzerfaust/SMG) 265
FS Pioneer Platoon (3 Squads) 330
FS Mortar Platoon (2 sections) 140
FS MG Platoon (1 section) 100
Assualt Gun Platoon (3 Stug G) 285

Total 1500pts

Purchase wise I am going to have to do some serious budgeting over next few months to get everything I would like. Selling Vampire Counts will help a huge amount but RL has habit of getting in way.

Box-sets/Units I am tentatively putting onto my initial purchase wish list are

This would be followed by these additional supporting units
Prices all assume todays exchange rate and that I purchase through Maelstrom which will save me 15-20% of RRP here in New Zealand, e.g., a Stug III platoon locally costs NZ$75 so I'm saving $22 already without the other offers Maelstrom has. If I wait a little while Maelstrom should also have another special discount period coming up which would chop another 15-17.5% of those prices. With what I have sold so far of my Vampires I can easily afford the first 3-4 units, although most of that money is earmarked for RL stuff (*sigh*)

I've also narrowed my choice of army building fluff down to one of two periods/regions:
  • 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment Heydte in the Market Garden operation, or
  • 2nd Fallschirmjager Division at ANZIO
Either option seems pretty cool.

May 4, 2010

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes & Archer test model

More progress on my Dragon Prince unit this week. Concentrating on completing individual models rather than working on the entire unit all at once e.g., put the purple on every model, then the grey etc.

First two models were completed last night the Unit Champion and the original test model, complete with a Phoenix Shield rather than the normal DP one (most of which I have lost).

Also completed was the first of 16 High Elf Archers which I will be adding to my RUNEFANG III army list for the remainder of the NZ tournament season along with the Dragon Princes. They are very different to paint compared to the older version models which have a lot of armour etc. The massive expanse of white would normally be something I would avoid painting but I have got my technique down OK now for white areas:
- Base coat Adeptus BattleGrey
- Codex Grey
- Fortress Grey
- Space Wolves Grey
- Skull White

Each layer is done is 2-3 times using very thinned down paint with the exception of the Battlegrey at the start which is put on a bit thicker to act as a solid foundation, and the Skull White which gets more coats to build it up althought not everywhere just in the raised areas.