May 7, 2010

1st game of Flames of War: thoughts and pictures

Well this was being like a little kid playing with 1:72 scale Matchbox plastic soldiers. Game was incredibly easy to pick up as the basic game structure and rules follow a similar pattern to WHFB. There were however some major differences. First the separation of charges from movement. In WHFB you either charge or move not both. With FOW you move into position and then assault the enemies position. Combat rather than being a strick turn by turn affair continues until one side fails its motivation (leadership) check and runs away, decides not to continue or is wiped out. Its brutal but very realistic and actually a lot of fun. The other major difference was how terrain affects LOS and particularly shooting - basically it doesn't. Hence my WHFB like attempt to use terrain to block LOS as I moved my infantry up resulted in those infantry being wiped out as the enemy units fired at them over/through terrain that in WHFB would prevent them from doing so.

The Army Lists
Dereks son kindly made up a Fallschirmjager 1500pt list for me which included:
- Company HQ
- FJ Platoon (3 Squads)
- FJ Platoon (3 Squads)
- FJ HMG Platoon (2 Sections0
- FJ AT Platoon (3x75mm Pak40)
- Heavy Tank Platoon (2 Tigers)
- Artillery Platoon (3 105mm)

FJ Platoon with 75mm AT Gun and 105mm Howitzer

My Artillery and AT guns

Heavy Tank Platoon and FJ Platoon my left flank - the barbwire base is an objective marker

Up against this were 2 Platoons of Cromwells with a couple of Sherman Fireflys, 2 Platoons of Infantry, some Typhoons for Air Support and a Platoon of AT Guns.

Part of my opponents British combined arms force - the 88mm gun in the centre is an objective marker

The British assault begins infantry advance supported by armour - a single Cromwell is knocked out by artillery fire

Oops LOS works differently in FOW the British can see my infantry

A wall of British armour approahes my dug in infantry units

Oh bugger they are linedup and shooting away. All my AT guns and Artillery keeps missing or failing to kill anything and is getting systematically wiped out.

Well thats not good both of my Tigers are dead - one killed by Typhoons the other by the Fireflys

And the British assault begins one Cromwell is knocked out by a Panzerfaust, which strangely cannot move and shoot? Really?

End game - the British assault wipes out the FJ Platoon defending the objective. Without effective AT and Armour support they had no chance against the enemy tanks and the game ends.

All up this was A LOT of fun and I am going to seriously enjoy getting into and playing this game. On another note I registered for and entered my 3rd WHFB Tournament of the year yesterday - Horned Rat III in July. This will be the very last tournament played under 7th Edition rules so it will be interesting to say the least.


Darth Weasel said...

so having played a game, have you changed your mind about initial force composition? I was surprised to see no tanks in it...

By the way, that is a phenomenal looking table and scenery mix. Well done.

I used to play some Napoleonics and Civil War stuff with a guy we used to know and liked the more massive feel of those games. I miss them. Hence my recent look at FOW. I gotta stop reading your stuff..I cannot afford another system right now :-)

John said...

Yeah i have changed my mind - initial 1500pt force will include an Assault Gun/Tank Platoon and a definative AT component.

I cant take credit for the scenary wish I could its a mixture of my gaming Clubs collection and my opponents stuff.

And nice to know I have a regular reader. I would have thought you would be too busy with the massive range of armies I keep reading about on your blog.