May 14, 2010

2nd game of Flames of War

Up against Tom last night this time LW Germans vs. LW Russians with me taking on the German role. Very different army mix this time around as Tom gave me an Panzer Company to work with complete with a King Tiger which was awesome. Up against that I was facing a horde of russian infantry 3 tank Platoons (to my 2 + the King Tiger), a battery of rocket artillery & air cover.

I got learn how to use armour which was interesting and was introduced to the soviets special rules for artillery etc. After two games I think I have a reasonable grasp of the basics of the game.

The Soviet right flank with all of its armour - took this after my 1st turn hence the 2 tanks already burning
Soviet SMG infantry on my left guarding the other objective - rocket batteries behind
My right flank - Panzergrenadiers dug in with Nebelwherfers behind and PZIVs out front

Opening moves of the game PzIV Platoon, Company HQ and King Tiger engage enemy armour

On the right my Panzers decimate the Soviet armour and then get stuck into the infantry, before the Soviet air cover decides to intervene taking out the Company Commander and 1/3 of a Panzer Platoon.

My left flank a mobilised unit of Grenadiers and a Platoon of PzIV's. My artillery spotter for the Rocket Battery is riding along as well (a bad move in the end as I could have used him better elsewhere).

Panzer Grenadiers and PzIV's move into assualt positions in range of Soviet SMG infantry guarding one of the objectives.
After a three successful assaults with mounted Grenadiers, allowing them to avoid the SMG fire more effectively, my units overrun the Soviet defenders who had failed to dig in.

This game was fun - Tom had some bad luck with his dice rolls and mine just kept coming up roses all night. The King Tiger was brutal especially when I rolled a 6 and then a 5 on the Tiger Ace chart and was able to get ROF3 and re-roll misses as a result. Learned a few things about how best to position armour, the use of armoured infantry in assaults, and positioning to avoid air attack. Thats two games now with an infantry company and an armoured company and both were good.

First units of Fallschirmjager are on the way from Maelstrom, got the email confirming their dispatch this morning, and should arrive in a week or so. Also picked up a cheap FJ Platoon blister from Derek which I will turn into a Fallschirm Pioneer Platoon. Lots of FOW players at the Club at the moment, really wish I had got into this game much much earlier.

Also going to be selling off the majority of my Menoth army and keeping only those models I use most frequently.

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