May 14, 2010

Change of direction for me and Stumpy Heaven

After a couple of practice games and the placement of some initial orders I am now definately on the path to collecting a Flames of War army and starting to play FOW on a more full-time basis.

What does this mean for my other games, Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine?

For Warmachine it will mean bye bye to a lot of my collection. I have a lot of models/units I never use, and will never use, and also a large number that will only get dragged out on a few limited occassions. Consequently, while I will retain a core collection of Menoth units the majority of my Warmachine collection will be going up for sale on TradeMe.

As for Warhammer Fantasy - I will still be playing this as often as possible and entering New Zealand tournaments regularly but will not be adding anymore figures/units to my collection. With my Vampire Counts all sold I will most likely sell of alot of my excess High Elf and Dwarf models as well leaving me just enough to build 2 tournament armies with 1 or 2 options.

As for my blog? Well Warmachine is pretty much going to disappear except for painting posts but these will continue for some time as I AM DEFINATELY going to be paint stripping and repainting ALL of the models I decide to keep. Fantasy will focus predominantly on battle reports etc from the 5-6 WHFB Tournaments I will attend each year, and painting articles. But once my painting backlog is done that will be pretty much it for WHFB in that respect - althought this will take me at least another 6 months. It might also take longer if I decide to paint strip and repaint all of my Dwarfs as well ;)

The name StumpyHeaven will remain but I will have to change the banner to reflect my move into Flames of War... but at the end of the day I am still a Dwarf at heart :)

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