May 5, 2010

First attempt at FOW army list - Fallschirmjager @ 1500pts

Trying to put together my first 1500pt list as a basis for sorting out what I am going to buy now that I have decided to start playing FoW. Or at least what I will buy eventually as this is all on conjecture budget wise at the moment. Aiming at LW Fallschirmjager with no particular emphasis on region or location using Fortress Europe rules.

Emphasis is on infantry with limited support. I assumed that loading up on Panzerfausts etc was a sound idea as I was not allowed to take an AT Platoon and an Assault Gun Platoon.

Company HQ (Panzerfaust/SMG x2 + Panzershrek) 115
FS Platoon (3 Squads, Panzerfaust/SMG) 265
FS Platoon (3 Squads, Panzerfaust/SMG) 265
FS Pioneer Platoon (3 Squads) 330
FS Mortar Platoon (2 sections) 140
FS MG Platoon (1 section) 100
Assualt Gun Platoon (3 Stug G) 285

Total 1500pts

Purchase wise I am going to have to do some serious budgeting over next few months to get everything I would like. Selling Vampire Counts will help a huge amount but RL has habit of getting in way.

Box-sets/Units I am tentatively putting onto my initial purchase wish list are

This would be followed by these additional supporting units
Prices all assume todays exchange rate and that I purchase through Maelstrom which will save me 15-20% of RRP here in New Zealand, e.g., a Stug III platoon locally costs NZ$75 so I'm saving $22 already without the other offers Maelstrom has. If I wait a little while Maelstrom should also have another special discount period coming up which would chop another 15-17.5% of those prices. With what I have sold so far of my Vampires I can easily afford the first 3-4 units, although most of that money is earmarked for RL stuff (*sigh*)

I've also narrowed my choice of army building fluff down to one of two periods/regions:
  • 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment Heydte in the Market Garden operation, or
  • 2nd Fallschirmjager Division at ANZIO
Either option seems pretty cool.

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