May 21, 2010

FOW Battle Report

3rd ever game of FOW last night. Was a 2v2 2000pt match German Infantry & Panzer Company vs. British Infantry and Armoured Company. Myself and another new player controlled the British (me the infantry) our opponents took the germans, whose Panzer company consisted of no less than 5 Tiger Tanks.

Learned quite a few of the smaller but important rules regarding assaults, the price of going first and the basics of supporting fire and overall I (even if my partner didnt) enjoyed myself. As usual 1/3 of the night was given over to talking about the game rather than actually playing it.

Warhammer for next two weeks though as there are a number of new players at the Club that I want to have games with to ensure they keep coming back.

Deployment - Left flank dominated by infantry with single Sherman Platoon in support

On the right, by the 2nd objective, the smallest of my 3 infantry platoons digs in with the 2 larger armoured Platoons on its left.

The enemy forces on our right. Two Platoons of 2 Tigers and a Platoon of PzGrenadiers. The small building on the right hand edge of the picture is a dug in 4x20mm flak tower.

German right flank (our left) a 2nd quad 20mm flak tower and unit of PzGrenadiers backed by two Platoons of SP guns - one in forest the other off to the left of this picture

Opening Salvos by the Shermans fail to hit and/or damage the Tigers. These respond by brewing up a third of our main tank force.

On the British left things arent any better as the enemy SP Guns and the German Commanders Tiger tank zero in knocking over a couple of Shermans. The infantry meanwhile advance through the forests to get within assault range of the objective.

View from the left flank as the tattered remnants of our Sherman Platoon moves forward to support the infantry

British infantry rush forward with the last remaining Shermans trying to provide support.

Finally some success - a Tiger goes up in flames after it and its comrades knocked out 7 of our tanks without loss.

The assault goes in - British infantry rush forward but are pinned down as the Shermans now all destroyed are unable to take out the flank gun or to suppress the defending Pz Grenadiers.

The game pretty much ended here, although it was over long before this. With all of our armour being systematically wiped out by the Tigers the infantry alone as unable to break through and secure a game winning objective; especially when the Tigers advanced to finish them off. Even if they had taken it the waiting Tigers would have rolled over them and we would have lost as by now our company was well under half strength.

Couple of things I got out of this
  1. Playing infantry in LW is going to be very interesting and require some very good generalship.
  2. Going first isn't, like Warhammer, a good idea some of the time - its never a good idea.
  3. Tiger Tanks - I am glad they are on my side.
  4. 2v2 games don't work when the pairs havent played together before and each has completely different levels of experience. We had more units and more models but took less time to move than our opponents meaning the game dragged out a wee bit.
Anyway playing WARHAMMER FANTASY the next couple of weeks (as I said) starting with a series of 1000pt games next week after most likely the week after that.

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Darth Weasel said...

if the game tiger Tanks are anything like the real ones were for too much of the war...they are beasts. Nigh untouchable.

Still really, really digging the look of those fields.