May 13, 2010

Lots of presents in the mail

Two nice deliveries from the postman yesterday - the new Protectorate of Menoth Faction book and a copy of Festung Europa a Late War intelligence handbook for Flames of War. The later has been surpassed by the later edition Fortress Europe but is still valid and I can update key sections with notes from copies of the later edition. Also in the post are my first FOW units a Fallschirmjager Kompanie boxed set and a Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon which hopefully will arrive within the next fortnight.

To the Menoth faction book. After an afternoon and evening of reading what did I think of it? Well to be honest with the book I was disappointed and underwhelmed. With the new units in the book I was blown away as a couple of them are simply awesome and are definately getting added to my collection.

Menoth Faction Book - The Good
Always best to start with the positives in any situation.

1. Every unit is in it
A complete list of every unit/solo/warjack and caster in the Menoth arsenal is much appreciated and provides some good background information to what was in the new faction deck I recieved a while back.

2. Exemplar Errant Seneschals
OK, I have two units of 8 (now needs to be 6 or 10 in Mk2) of these guys who 95% of the time I proxy as Knights Exemplar. But after reading the rules for the Errant Seneschal I am already drooling. With a FA of 2 and costing only 2 points these guys are absolutely awesome, better than the standard Exemplar Seneschals heres why:
  • Their basic traits --> Advance deployment, fearless, pathfinder & commander.
  • Special abilities --> Assault, Call to Sacrifice - basically use Errants to absorb your damage or you absorb theirs, and Leadership/Hunter. Hunter is just fantastic and states "This model ignores forests, concealment, and cover when determining LOS or making a ranged attack". Leadership then allows you to pass this ability onto every Errant within their command range. Do you have troops concealed behind a forest and protected by magic oops sorry you don't as my Hunting Errants with their Seneschal ignore forests and magical bonuses to your defences AH HA HA.
And to top it off the guy is also a Weapon Master :)

3. Exemplar Errants Officer & Standard Bearer
Like the Errant Seneschal these guys are just fantastic:
  • They have Pathfinder and grant that ability to ALL models in their unit. So with a Seneschal I have advanced deployment missile troops who ignore LOS & magical bonuses to enemy DEF and ARM and who can move without penalty through terrain.
  • Quick Work - basically I kill you in melee and I get to shot someone immediately afterward. So if you are going to charge me you better get ALL of your guys into combat with me and the rest of the unit.
  • Purity all models in the Errant unit cannot be targeted by enemy spells.
So from now on my army lists will include a full unit of 10 Errants with a Seneschal (or 2) and the Standard Bearer attachment. Add in Gravus, Grand Exemplar Kreoss and a Reclaimer or two and an all Exemplar army is just getting nastier by the second.

4. Exemplar Cincerators
Yes we already have Bastions but honestly I am not sold on them although having a huge unit of bad arse reach capable infantry is nice. But these guys I like why?!? Because they set people on fire!!!!!! They lose reach and sanguine bond which is a big downside but they get +1 ARM (making them ARM 17) and:
  • Relentless Advance basically you damage one of them the unit gets +2 SPD so dont sit back and shoot me because I am going to reach out and touch you next turn.
  • Flame Burst a magical PS12 (with Weapon Master) magical weapon that when it boxes (damages) an eemy model immediately sets every enemy model within 1" on fire AH HA HA. I am going to love playing these guys with Cleaners, Castigators and eFeora.

5. New Models
Thats right NEW MODELS!!!!! Going through the artwork section at the back what do you see? New models for the Redeemer, Revenger and Repenter. They look great and also look plastic so will be dirt cheap. Once they come out I am going to sell my existing metal models and go crazy buying these guys along with a horde of Vanguisher heavy jacks.

6. Vassal Mechanic
FA3 and they can repair D6 damage points on any Warjack. Take 2 with a standard Vassal and stick them with the Avatar of Menoth and watch it rampage through. Keeping them in B2B with the Avatar also makes them ARM/DEF 15 and immune to knockdown.

The not so good, the bad and the fugly
You could also label this section "What the hell were PP doing for the last year?!!!?" Because after reading through the book whose release date got delayed it looks like they havent done a damn thing. Outside of the themed army lists, some updated painting guides and a couple of new stories in the fluff section the book looks and feels like a cheap rehash of older books like Superiority and Prime.

With Mk2 this was a HUGE opporutunity for Privateer Press to do something great with these faction books. Bring together all of the fluff and history for each faction. Update that fluff and flesh it out. Make these books a fully self-contained historical intelligence briefing of the army that would satisfy existing gamers and make new potential gamers salivate over its contents.

But unfortunately its not. As one of the awesome people who read the drival I post here Mike said the artwork is all from the older books, and some of that looks incredibly dated and quite frankly is pretty shit. You look at the cover and its amazing, absolutely beautiful artwork depicting Feora surrounded by an Avatar and a unit of Flameguard. Go inside and you see those same Flameguard depicted in almost cartoonish fashion.

They could have done so much with this book and they didnt. They new units are great, but honestly I am the kind of gamer who likes the fluff behind the army and this was missing from the new book or at least fluff that I havent already seen in all of the Mk1 books.

That being said I still have a lot of shopping to do once I win the lottery or sell some of my other figures, on the list are:
- At least 3 new heavy warjack kits so I can get me some Vanquishers
- Exemplar Cincerators
- Exemplar Errant Seneschals x2
- Exemplar Errant Unit Attachment
- Vassal Mechanics x2 (already have 1 on order)

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