May 17, 2010

Upcoming Warhammer projects & yah for money

Well online auctions have gone well with nearly everything I put up for sale going quickly, and the stuff that hasnt I should be able to swap with guys in my club for FOW stuff.

Did some tidying up of my various bits and pieces last night and even got a bit more work done on my High Elf Dragon Prince unit. Even without the Vampires I still have a lot of projects left to complete which I will be starting back on properly tonight --> SO EXPECT MORE WIP PIC's SOON <-- current and upcoming WHFB projects on my desk are;

Currently Painting
HE Dragon Prince unit (7) - completed 2, half way through 2 more

Next painting projects
HE Archers (17) - completed test model now working on the rest
HE Shadow Warriors (5) - have rebased them just need some snow and some touching up
HE Spears (30) - I will need some more Ironhalo bases for these guys but my aim is to get 2 full units of 21 complete in time for the August-November tournament season. Will paint all 30 so I can add bodies to units when they take casualties. I put 2/3 of my figures of 5 figure bases so you need a lot of extras after combat

Other painting projects (newly discovered after going through my shelves)
Dwarf Miners (20) - I deliberately kept 20 of these guys and hopefully 8th Edition makes them more worthwhile
Dwarf Thunderers (20) - also deliberately kept 20 of these guys too and they will be coming out again. They are painted but just need some touching up, highlighting washing etc.
Dwarf Bolt-Thrower - painted but needs basing

Major (possible) WHFB project though will be assembling, basing and painting my Anvil of Doom assuming of course that I win the online auction I am currently bidding on - Im hoping to get it for under NZ$25. If I do this goes right to the top of the project list so I can bring it out for the last tournament of the year - Skitterleap III - speaking of tournaments

There are a lot of events left in the New Zealand calendar but I will be attending (hopefully) only three of them

Horned Rat III - July 16h/17th
WHFB tournament using ETC composition rules and last event under 7th Edition rules. Already registered and taking High Elves

Call to Arms 2010 - August 16th/17th
This is one of the countries biggest events includes WHFB, 40k, FOW and Warmachine plus FOG and other Medieval + Napoleonic games. At the moment I am giving serious thought to taking my Protectorate of Menoth army down and competing in the Warmachine event.

Skitterleap - October/November??
WHFB tournament will be under 8th Edition rules and at this stage I am 80% certain I will be taking Dwarfs - I have to defend my ranking as NZ best Dwarf General after all :)

As for next year well thats going to be a different story as ill have WHFB and FOW events to choose between... oh and real life to deal with as well

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