May 25, 2010

WIP - Flames of War Fallschirmjager

Getting my first two Platoons ready for paint with the figures divided into sections and put onto popsicle sticks for undercoating etc and the bases plastered. Will only be able to do the bases first as my current collection of GW paints do not fit the colour scheme required for Late War Fallschirmjager, so will need some Vallejo paints or some from an alternate supplier like Tamiya or Humbrol. Alternatively for those colours for which I can find a direct colour conversion I will stick with GW Citadel paints as much as possible.

Ill do the basing the standard way drybrushing etc but with a greater amount of static grass than I would normally apply to GW models. Will leave small areas on each base free so I can scrap out a section of the plaster to fit the bases of each figure. This will keep each figures feet at ground level and allow me to plaster over the base keeping it hidden from view.

I didnt attach the figures to the bases first as its simply to difficult to paint them that way. Although for the next Platoons I will most likely attach 2 figures near the edges leaving space in the middle for the remaining figures where necessary. This gives me enough room to work with and worked well when I was painting my Medieval War English a year or so ago.


noeste said...

They're so small! Tiiiny!

How many men goes onto each base? Will be interesting to see you build up this army of tiny men. Best of luck with it, hope it brings you joy!

John said...

Figures are 15mm. My company will include 3 infantry platoons of 3 squads each + 2 infantry based support platoons. All up approx 150 little men :)