May 4, 2010

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes & Archer test model

More progress on my Dragon Prince unit this week. Concentrating on completing individual models rather than working on the entire unit all at once e.g., put the purple on every model, then the grey etc.

First two models were completed last night the Unit Champion and the original test model, complete with a Phoenix Shield rather than the normal DP one (most of which I have lost).

Also completed was the first of 16 High Elf Archers which I will be adding to my RUNEFANG III army list for the remainder of the NZ tournament season along with the Dragon Princes. They are very different to paint compared to the older version models which have a lot of armour etc. The massive expanse of white would normally be something I would avoid painting but I have got my technique down OK now for white areas:
- Base coat Adeptus BattleGrey
- Codex Grey
- Fortress Grey
- Space Wolves Grey
- Skull White

Each layer is done is 2-3 times using very thinned down paint with the exception of the Battlegrey at the start which is put on a bit thicker to act as a solid foundation, and the Skull White which gets more coats to build it up althought not everywhere just in the raised areas.


Trollhoer said...

Yep, that's how I'd paint white as well. Keep up the nice work mate, looking forward to seeing them completed :)

John said...

Thanks for feedback mate much appreciated :)