May 18, 2010

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes & Unit Filler

Getting through next 2 models in my 7 man Dragon Prince unit at the moment. Armour is pretty much done just need to finish of weapons, unit standard, shields and horses eyes.

The unit Champion and the rider whose lance is putting forward (2nd from left) are the only ones fully painted so far. Models I am working on now are the Standard Bearer and Musician.

The complete unit - once done Ill build a separate 7x1 movement tray for it

Going for red/white on shield as watching 'The Pacific' on TV recently I kept seeing the old Imperial Japanese Flag and the red contrasts nicely with the Purple

Will be deliberately painting the banner differently to my BSB. Overall it will similar to the shield on the already completed Dragon Prince from previous posts

Unit filler will be placed in infantry units and covers a 3x2 figure area. Building two of these: one this one with the eagle on top and a second one with a swordmaster on it (as I only had a single spare Eagle and have a ton of spare Swordmasters). Runes on plinth were simply scratched in using a pocket knife and I applied Ink to help me see where I was going better.

Filler bases will get painted up as rocks as represent them having been carved out of stone and then ill cover them with liberal amounts of snow.


Darth Weasel said...

you certainly plan your army look well. Wish I had the energy and drive to plan like that. Instead I basically think, "okay, I will theme this red and black" or "white, blue and purple", then start accenting at random little bits with coppers, golds, and silvers. Sometimes it works...other times people can tell I did it.

All in all...your way vastly superior.

Trollhoer said...

I love unit fillers. Looking forward to seeing that one painted :)

John said...

@Darth - mate i was exactly like that for the first 12-18months I was gaming. It wasnt until I went to my first tournament last year and saw all the armies that I thought "Holy Shit" look at what I could do --> thats where the High Elves came from - that and snows easy to do. I cant do normal flock to save my life

@Troll - cheers as always :)