June 30, 2010

Dwarves are getting an Organ Gun carrying airship

Awesome new weapon for the 8th Edition Dwarf army - Organ Gun carrying Airship all of the official GW Video teasers etc are constantly showing one of these things in the background and it seems almost definate that we will be getting one.

All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 29, 2010

WIP - Sandbag walls for FOW Fallschirmjager

Did some quick modelling with GF9 green stuff the other night to add some extra detail to my FOW Fallschirmjager infantry by adding sandbags to the Mortar Platoon, one of the HMG bases in a combat platoon, and eventually around the Pak40s in the AT Platoon.

Mortar Platoon 8cm Mortars with Sandbags

Sandbags were pretty easy to make just had to mix up the greenstuff roll it out into a reasonable thin snake and then cut of little pieces with a knife. If you give the blade a little flick as you do it then each piece comes out already nicely shaped. The Rifle/MG base sandbags have a matchstick added in to give it a more solid look, and to create a nice little firing slot for the MG42.

Mortar Platoon base (left) with Combat Platoon Rifle/MG squad behind bunker (right)

FJ Combat Platoon Rifle/MG Section with MG42 behind sandbag wall

One mistake I did make though was applying the additional static grass to the bases BEFORE the greenstuff had dried and hardened, hence the various pieces of static grass stuck to the various sandbags. Painting wise I think they will need a basecoat of Chaos Black then alternate layers of Scorched Brown, Deneb Stone, Bleached Bone and Mud Wash to get them to the right colour.

Gun emplacement with overhead camo netting

Also considering options for creating camo netting over the top of the Pak40's by putting sticks into the corner of each base around the sandbag walls and putting some kind of netting equivalent over the top - like the picture above. Maybe a hairnet or pair of old stockings with flock stuck on it?

June 26, 2010

Dwarfs in 8th Edition: Its our time me thinks

Well i've been doing a lot of reading online pouring over playtesting reports and listening to podcasts from some of the leading tournament players around the globe on what 8th Edition is going to do. I've also been trawling through Bugmans Brewery the home of all Dwarf players, and I have to say that as a committed Dwarf player I am most definately looking forward to 8th Edition.

Why? Well in particular the following rules really stand out as being advantageous for Dwarf players.

Step Up
Means that enemy now have to take hits back from my Dwarfs and I dont have to keep suffering through round after round of combat with my front rank dying and not being able to hit back. Also means that GW are going to be a major player in 8th Edition. Yes I will lose my AS but I am still going to get 5 attacks back at you with GW and you are going to lose some of your guys, and with my higher leadership and Runic banners dont expect me to ran away.

Missile troops shoot in 2 ranks
Fantastic for Quarrellers/Thunderers I can deploy them in 2 ranks of 5 or 7 meaning I dont lose a turn of shooting as I hurriedly reform them into ranks to take an enemy charge. Also reduces the width of my armies frontage meaning that enemy troops have to travel further to get to me. That and giving GW to Q & T means that they can dish out serious damage in melee now.

Musicians & movement phase changes
Really add an extra dimension to Dwarf movement no more 1.5" inches backward or sideways, now my opponents really have to stop and think about where my guys are going. Add in the Anvil of Doom and it gets better.

1" inch separation between units
I like this one keeps things really simple and in particular stops that horrible trick of people running fast cavalry between units and reforming in your rear or your flank.

Stone throwers not needing LOS
yes they are only S3, but add on 2xRO Penetrating and that becomes S5 with RO Accuracy I can re-roll scatter dice and stick the machine behind a tree and just lob away. Plus without partials If i hit a unit of 20, ranked 4x5 thats a minimum of 16 models taking hits.

Changes to magic phase:
Will mean bonuses for me, runic items add layers of cheap MR to my characters and units and I can now more effectively than ever kill off enemy magic. Although this really depends on what the new magic lores are like. The massively harmful miscast table also makes mages a more difficult character to use meaning my opponents may often save magic until key turns not it every turn. The changes also mean i can free up points to spend on infantry.

Cannons doing D6 wounds
yes that kills off need for Master Engineer on Cannon, but hey give him to the Stone Thrower with RO Accuracy and I can still re-roll scatter dice and artillery dice and basically I am never going to miss you.

Outnumber by fear causers no longer causes autobreak
The number one reason I take RO Courage on banners and use Hammerers with a Lord. That this rule is going is golden. Yes Fear/Terror add +1CR to combats, yes you have to test vs. Fear every round - but this is going to hurt low leadership armies the most NOT Dwarfs who with a General are L10 and with BSB giving you re-rolls on everything I expect to win lots of combats. This is going to fundamentally change how VC players use their armies, and how players attack fear causing units.

I also see the changes to fear and step up as being Golden for my Phoenix Guard as well. Their 4+ WS is suddenly an even bigger advantage and now they get the one thing they have always lacked, an extra attack even if it is from the 2nd rank.

Finally there is the fact that EVERY player is staring off fresh and having to re-learn how do use their armies. This also gives Dwarfs a slight advantage as our army is simpler to use and the major changes don't hurt us or require us to fundamentally change our tactics.

Also a final note to New Zealand players --> BUY THE RULEBOOK FROM MAELSTROM GAMES in the UK with free postage and even with the exchange rate it is half the price you will pay for it here at home. I picked up mine + the magic cards for NZ$85. The guys selling pre-ordered copies on TradeMe for NZ$145 are ripping people off something shocking.

June 25, 2010

Grudge match 4 next week High Elves vs. Dwarfs

Well after the fun that was 3000pts last week its back to tournament standard 2,250pts next week. With Horned Rat III now only 4 weeks away Ishould be focusing on practicing with my tournament list in order to get to grips with what it does. But as its not ideal against Dwarfs I would have to modify it slightly dropping the dispel scrolls and add some more infantry models perhaps?

One thing though is due to a massive lack of painting time lately (and time spent of FOW) for the first time ever I am going to have to take some unpainted minis and units to a tournament AGGHH!!! Problem is the tournament requires painted troops so in the next 3 weeks I am going to have to finish 15 HE Archers, at least 10 HE Spears, a unit filler, and 3 Dragon Princes.

As Adam has faced the list before Ill be nice and post it up here for him to read prior to the event. I gave him a nasty surprise last week by taking 3000pts of High Elves with NO magic so Ill be a little nicer this time round and give him something a bit more orthodox. If I go with a modified version of my tournament list then he should expect the following. However, I may just change this slightly ;)

Archmage Lvl 4
- Folraiths, Jewel of Dusk
Mage Lvl 2
- Seerstaff
- Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix, Halberd
Spears x20
- Mu, SB
Archers x10
Archers x10
Phoenix Guarx x21
- FC, War Banner
White Lions x15
- FC, Banner of Sorcery
Dragon Princes x7
- Champion, Gem of Courage

Total 2,248pts 9+D3 PD no bounds

On another note what do people think of the blogs new layout & design? I've been fiddling around with Bloggers new design options and finding them quite good.

June 23, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dwarfs 3000pts

Prince Rantheon reined his dragon in tightly as he landed behind his army deployed across the plains of Thingol. A member of the nearby Phoenix Guard regiment bravely ran forward to take the reins but thought better of it as the Dragon, Kirsath, snapped at his cloak. Rantheon smiled at the Phoenix Guards look of confusion and patted his Dragons neck whispering soothing half-magical words in its ear. It soon calmed enough for his senior officers to approach, albiet with more caution than the Phoenix Guard at whom Kirsath was still glaring.

The Dwarven battleline

"The Dwarfs have deployed in a defensive formation on the far mountain range my lord it is covered with warmachines and Crossbows. There are also three strong units of infantry deployed either side and our scouts have cited Slayers in the woods to our left."
"Word from Lord Ithil and his White Lions my Prince Dwarven rangers are apparently making a poor attempt to sneak forward closer to our positions. They appear to be moving to block the Caledorians from advancing."
"It matters not we will crush the stumpy bearded scum beneath our boots and I shall feed their general to Kirsath at the battles end. Have you deployed our men as I ordered."
"Yes my Prince with the Dwarfs deploying as they have dont you think it would better to..."
"...do not argue with me Hethronus return to your regiment and attack as ordered, your men should be honored to be fighting with me today and dying also if it comes to that. The mud grubbing scum we face will most likely bury their heads in their precious stone when they see our steel advance toward them. Now sound the advance I am impatient... where is Prince Imalrik? That lazy bastard and his Shadow Warriors had best be where I need them."
"I, I am not sure my Prince he came and went some hours ago moving his troops off to the left flank... I could get him..."
"...Enough quit your bleeting before I feed you to Kisath as a pre-battle snack order the advance and make sure you do your duty Hethronus fail today and you will add further shame to your families already tarnished honor. "
"Yes my Prince..."

Prince Ratheon and his Dragon oversee his troops deployment

With a final scowl at the retreating Phoenix Guard Kisath launched himself into the air as Prince Rantheon snapped the reins in command. Below them Elven Archers and Seaguard moved forward to their advance positions, Swordmasters lined up behind and the crew of Repeater Bolt Throwers readying their machines.

Suddenly screams echoed from the ground below as the loud boom of a Dwarven cannon rolled across the battlefield. Soon Dwarven missile fire was scouring the Elven ranks killing dozens of Archers. Huge missiles from Dwarven bolt-throwers skewered the Elven ranks one flying harmlessly past Kisath.

Elite Elven infantry await the advance

Elven infantry responded quickly advancing forward and trading bowfire with the Dwarven ranks, while White Lions advanced through forests to the right flanked by Dragon Princes from Caledor. Prince Rantheon smiled as surveyed the scene, this was his chance to exact some revenge upon the mud eating Dwarfs who had dared to insult his nations honor, it was a pity he had to rely on such low born officers as Hethronus to lead his infantry. Elves from such dishonored families barely counted as members of the Elven race in Rantheons eyes but were at least preferable to the bearded ugliness arrayed before them.

First clash on the Elven right Ironbreakers prepare to meet Dragon Princes

Suddenly Kisath screamed in pain and fell from the sky. Dwarven runic magic had lanced through the air and Rantheon cursed as he recognised power that could only come from an Anvil of Doom. With his Dragon unable to fly his battleplan was in ruins at he would have to rely on Hethronus to lead his troops forward.

As the battle progressed Dwarven missile fire continued to cut down scores of Elven archers and missiles from their warmachines even began to take a toll on the well protected Phoenix Guard. To the extreme left the missing Shadow Warriors and Prince Imalrik attempted to move around the Dwarfs right flank. Rantheon could only look on as a whirring noise announced the presence of a Dwarven Gyrocopter. It popped up just as Imalrik and his troops had left cover blasting them to pieces with its steam cannon. Those few that survived were then brutally cut down by an Organ Gun that Rantheon only now realised was concealed on the Dwarves exposed flank, right where he was aiming to attack with Kisath.

On the right Dragon Princes were forced to charge into a massed rank of well armoured Ironbreakers drawn in my a runic challenge that gave them no real choice. Unable to pierce the Dwarfs Gromil armour they were cut down the survivors fleeing. The Ironbreakers didnt pursue though as on their right the Dwarven Rangers, who had managed to advance up to the Elven battleline, had been charged and hacked to pieces by Lord Ithils White Lions. Their Great Weapons cleaved bone and flesh before the Lions charged into the flank of the Ironbreakers.

White Lions hack down the Ironbreakers

Elven infantry approaches the main Dwarf line as does Prince Rantheon

Elven missile fire continued to be out matched by that of the Dwarfs but the Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard were rapidly approaching the Dwarven battleline. The cursed Anvil had also finally failed and with a scream of delight Kisath launched himself into the air charging headlong at the Organ Gun which had cut down Prince Imalrik. Phoenix Guard and Dwarven Warriors met in hand to hand combat, Dwarfs overcoming the feeling of fear that pulsed from the Elves to charge their ranks. A prolonged brutal combat followed with neither side giving way as Dwarfs and Elves were cut down with alarming regularity.

Elite infantry locked in combat

On the right the White Lions had destroyed the Ironbreakers who fled the battlefield leaving a path open for the Dragon Princes to charge the Dwarven warmachines on the hill. Swordmasters raised their great weapons high and hacked through the ranks of a huge Longbeard regiment, the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearer died quickly as rank after rank of Dwarfs were butchered. On the left Prince Rantheon was enjoying himself as his blade and his Dragon tore Dwarf after Dwarf to pieces but he could not see let alone reach the Dwarven general whose blood he craved.

Prince Rantheon finally gets into combat after the Anvil fails to stop him

Despite their huge loses in the opening moments of the battle the Elven army had now gained the upper hand. Dwarven infantry units were being systematically cut down and their warmachines had virtually no targets at which they could fire. Only the gunning down of the impetously charging Dragon Princes offered them any hope, that and the rapidly approaching darkness.

Final stages of the battle before the rain came

Whether it was fate or magic Rantheon was not clear but just as his forces were about to break the back of the Dwarven throng dark clouds covered the battlefield and the heavens opened soaking the ground. Darkness feel as the sky was blackened by rain and clouds and the suns rays sank below the horizon. Soon the diluge was such that neither he nor Kisath could see more than a few feet in front of them. All around Dwarf and Elf withdrew from combat, the Dwarfs slowly retreating out of sight the Elves tallying their loses and those of the Dwarfs left behind.

While his thirst for vengeance had not been fully satisfied Rantheon was happy that some Dwarf blood stained his blade and the claws & teeth of his Dragon. There would be other opportunities. The weather would not protect the stumpy scum for long and he would pursue them to the ends of the earth to destroy them. The price they would pay for enacting their foolish grudge against his people so many decades ago.

[Very enjoyable game this. To really mess with Adams head my Elves went into battle without any magic and I used a Prince on a Star Dragon for the 1st time. Unfortunately I also had to use a lot of unpainted figures and proxy some which I hate doing, but with our HE vs. Dwarfs matches now at 2-1 in my favour the next couple are going to be fun. Roll on 8th Edition.]

June 17, 2010

Fluffy time Karak Thorinkin & 8th Edition ordered

More fluff for my Dwarven blog
Finally uploaded some maps of Karak Thorinkin and began to add on some more stories to my Warhammer Dwarf fluff blog. These will necessitate a re-write of some of the earlier historical articles as I have slightly relocated the hold to the east to bring it closer to the Border Princes region of the Old World rather than Tilea. This was to allow me to construct a better storyline around the Holds war with the Wood Elves, which required the more substantial forests of the Border Princes region. Those in Tilea were too small and too far away to fit the story line.

I have used a mixture of official and un-official maps as well as one of my many personal attempts. Out of necessity to keep the storyline running true a number of places have been conveniently deleted or ignored where they do not allow me to fit Karak Thorinkin and my Dwarfs story into the existing GW narrative (whether it be official or unofficial). However, wherever possible I have kept as close as possible to the official GW timeline.

Buying the 8th Edition
On another note I ordered the 8th Edition rulebook from Maelstrom Games in the UK yesterday along with the magic card set. With the Maelstrom 8th Edition sales voucher and the current decent exchange rate I picked up both for less than half what I would have to pay through a New Zealand retailer. Watched the Bell of Lost Souls review of the book and by the looks of all the fluff the new edition contains the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin are going to get some more events added to their illustrious history.

High Elves under 8th Edition
Did some thinking about the changes that the new edition makes and how they affect High Elven wargaming. Already I can see some interesting new options coming out:
  • Archmages become less of a requirement for magic heavy armies. The new magic phase makes Level 1 & 2 mages particularly with items like the Silver Wand and Seerstaff that much more effective. This leaves more points for other units and characters.
  • Lothern Sea Guard are IMHO set to become THE core unit of choice for High Elves. With Archers able to fire in 2 ranks and HE Spears able to fight in 4 fielding units of Spear and Bow carrying ranked Elven infantry is a fantastic option. 15 Seaguard in ranks of 5 gives you combat bonuses, 15 melee attacks and 10 shots in the shooting phase at a points cost lower than spending on separate units of Archers and Spears
Roll on July and the dispatch of the rulebook from Maelstrom, just hoping it doesnt take too long as I would hate to think how many people have ordered it through them. I imagine that New Zealanders will be last on the list to recieve them.

June 16, 2010

FOW - 1st FJ Combat Platoon nearly complete

Nearly finished the first combat platoon of my Fallschirmjager army with 6 of 9 bases and the command team all done. Much happier with the way these guys have turned out vs. the Mortar Platoon. The splinter camo is more subdued and the faces with the Elf Flesh highlights look better.

To answer a question posed by Itchy I use Bluetack to stick the figures onto the popsicle sticks for painting.

Next up after this Platoon are the two combat Platoons from the Company Box set along with the Company HQ and 2IC and a Panzershrek team. Plus there is the Pak 40 75mm Anti-Tank Platoon to go as well. When sorting the figures out last night and putting them onto the popsicle sticks I noticed a huge difference between the figures supplied in the box set and the FJ Platoon blister. The range is very different and there is a larger number of infantry figures with more traditional Wehrmacht helmets and Forage caps. You also get a good number of infantry with the MG44 Assault Rifle which is a nice touch.

The blue tabs on the back of each base is to help identify the separate Platoons. Every Platoon will get a different colour so I can differentiate them when playing and when they are packed away.

June 15, 2010

Fluff fluff and more Warhammer fluff

After a very long absence I finally did some updating on my other Warhammer Fantasy fluff Blog today fixing up various links, adding in a few more little entries and getting the whole thing set up for me to start uploading a whole bunch of new fables, stories and legends about Karak Thorinkin the Hold of my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs.

Has been kind of fun getting back into that side of things... somewhat harder to do now that I am not playing as much but I have a huge backlog of stories to get uploaded over the next few weeks.

Check it out at http://karakthorinkin.blogspot.com

June 14, 2010

8th Edition play testing feedback

Well it appears that a number of people have begun to play test 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy. Found some reasonable summaries among the most informative was this one from http://ineptusgameus.blogspot.com/

  • The phases are all in the same order, so magic is not the first phase!
  • I didn't get to see this phase too well as everything was set up to fight but it seems that movement is similar to War of the Ring/Fast Cav so units can slide or shuffle around on the board
  • Everything with a missile weapon can shoot in two ranks.
  • If you have a bow you can volley fire which the unit can shoot with more ranks (I'm not too sure if it's one or more
  • If the unit is on a hill the only shooting benefit is for LOS
  • Speaking of LOS, everything is true line of sight!
These changes seem pretty sensible does give your missile troops a boost in that you can leave them in 2 ranks meaning units of 10 get a couple bonuses in combat and don't lose a round of shooting when they have to reform to take a charge. Will also mean that deployment will change as your missile troops now take up less space allowing me to put say 2 units of Quarrellers in a space normally taken up by 1 unit.

Charging and Close Combat
  • LOS arcs are the same for everything now - everything has a 90 degree LOS
  • Charging is indeed now base move plus 2D6 (or 3D6 if you are move 7 or more
  • You make your charge reaction before the charging unit moves and you can measure the distance between the two units
  • Failed Fear tests make a unit WS1
  • ASF + Higher Initiative grants re-rolls
  • Close combat is done in Initiative Order now
Not quite sure what the LOS changes will do although giving everyone the same LOS seems a good idea, hoping that LOS remains B2B and hasn't gone where Warmachine used to be which is "If you can see a bit of the model you can see the model" this penalised people whose models had extra bits and who added more detailing to their units.

Re-rolls for ASF High Elves I like. Close combat strictly in initiative order will really change how people move their troops now, as will choosing flee as a charge reaction. Where in 7th Edition fleeing was often a very viable strategy here the random 2D6 element makes it very very risky.

  • The second rank can attack now in close combat but only gets one attack.
  • Cavalry units benefit from this but only the riders in the second rank can attack Spears attack in an additional rank as well as the second rank. So spear armed units can attack with three ranks
  • Rank Bonus - Still 5 models to get a rank bonus but Ogre sized units get it from 3 or more models
  • Horde Rule - Basicly double the number of models needed to claim a rank bonus and you get an additional rank to fight with (so 10 wide for infantry or 6 wide for ogre sized models
  • Stomp! - Ogre sized models get an additional attack after their attacks while larger models get d6 additional attack
  • You can wound anything with a to wound roll of 6! So S1 can wound a T10 model
I like these changes the 3 model rank bonus for large monsters makes a lot of sense. The horde rule will really benefit Skaven and Goblin armies. 2nd rank attacking will make combat extremely interesting and for my High Elves along with the ASF rule will mean that Spears will get to attack in 4 ranks with re-rolls!!! Wounding anything on a 6??? Mmmm makes the bigger monsters less scary but then you still have to hit them don't you and even after you wound them they still get a save.
  • War Machines and Monster and Handlers are different in combat now. When fighting you hit the WM or Monster as the crew hide behind them in CC (so you wound the WM or Monster). This info is a bit vague as I can't remember the details as we got disturbed when he was explaining and then moved on to the next thing.
  • Outnumber is gone!
  • If you lose a combat but have more ranks then the enemy you are stubborn
  • Fleeing is a bit different now. If you are Move 7 or more you roll 3d6 but discard the lowest dice
  • If you flee through a enemy unit you take d6 hits instead
  • If you wipe a unit out then you may take a leadership test to redirect into another unit near the flee path
Outnumber going is great got so tired of having a unit outnumbered by 1 Skeleton running because it was outnumbered. Although I had heard that outnumber would add +1CR. Not quite sold on the Stubborn rule means that units like Hammerers and White Lions lose a special ability that really makes them worthwhile. Other changes will need playtesting to see what they do for me.

War machines
  • Guessing is gone. Place where you want the shot to go and scatter as normal
  • Templates are now like the Skaven ones - ie no more partials
No partials me like makes things so much easier. Not sure how the guessing thing goes and how exactly does a Cannon Ball going in a straight line scatter???

  • Generating Power Dice is indeed 2D6 and the opponent gets the highest dice as his dispel dice
  • All wizards can channel more power dice or dispel dice on a roll of 6
  • You are capped at 12 power dice
  • All the core spell decks have seven spells
  • Picking spells is as per 7th but you may always default to the 'zero' if you don't like what you picked, plus no wizard may know the same spell as another wizard in your army. So no more two lvl1 fire mages knowing fireball each
This is a HUGE change and is really going to make things interesting.
  • You can roll up to 6 dice to cast a spell for any level
  • You add your magic level to your casting or dispell roll
  • A natural 1 or 2 is a failed cast (which limits single casting)
  • You miscast on a double six now but the spell goes off and the wizard takes damage as he struggles with the backlash of magic
  • Miscasts range from bad to really bad - So a double one is a big 5" template centred on the wizard and everything takes a S10 hit
I like these changes but I am guessing that Vampire Counts players wont as they can't continuously spam Invocation of Nehek from multiple casters (as only 1 mage can use it) and using 1 dice to do it is going to hurt them eventually. Wondering how the no-duplication of spells thing works if I have 2 HE Mages who both take High Magic do they both get the extra spell "Drain Magic" or does only one of them get it?

Overall the changes look great going to mean a substantial shift in playing styles for a lot of people, and for my Dwarfs really really adds an extra dimension with the 2D6 charge range making my guys much more mobile. Just waiting on the PDF erratas for each army book now.

WHFB 3000pts Grudge Match vs. Dwarfs on Thurs

Playing Game 5 I think or is it 3 of my series against Adams Dwarfs this Thursday. Going to be a 3000pt extravaganza and I have been struggling to put together a decent army list all week. Very strange given that Dwarfs are my normal army.

I expect him to have at least the following units in his list:
- Runelord with Anvil + Lord on Shieldbearers tricked out to kill
- 2 Thanes and maybe 1-2 Runesmiths
- 2 units of Longbeards and a couple of Warriors
- 3-4 units of shooting
- Lots of Warmachines inc: Organ Gun, 2 Bolt Throwers & Stone Thrower

Up against I originally thought of going core heavy and taking a lot of Spears and Archers. But at S3 the spears are pretty much useless and will get left at home. That leaves me having to focus on the Special unit choices and opting to go Magic heavy.

I will be facing at least 8 Dispel Dice (4 for army + 2 for RL + 1 for Anvil and +1 for another Runesmith) and maybe 4 scrolls. This means the magic phase my primary advantage other than ASF is going to have to be maxed out.

Now I could be really cheesy and field 2 Level 4 Archmages and 3 Level 2 Mages with Banner of Sorcery, Ring of Fury, Ring of Corin and Jewel of Dusk giving me 17+D3 PD and 2 bounds. This would effectively draw out all of his scrolls in Turns 1 -2. But it would leave my units vulnerable to his infantry as I wont have any heavy hitting characters?!?

So currently working on more balanced list but with far more characters than I would normally take... cant post the details as he reads this blog but it should be reasonaby effective.

Question he has to ask himself though is "Am I bringing a Dragon and if so who has it?"

June 11, 2010

1st Flames of War Platoon completed

Completed my Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon last week. Other pictures are of 1st Fallschirmjager Infantry Platoon, one of 3 to be done. Also have the Anti-tank Platoon to go as well.

Bases are the 4 8cm Mortars and their crews, 2 Forward Observers and the 3 man HQ Squad. Decked out uniforms in standard splinter camo used by FJ during almost the entire war. These models were also the first time I had used Vallejo paints that are almost perfectly designed for the Flames of War range.

I also constructed a simple wet palette out of some baking paper and the box that one of my Menoth units came in using the plastic container and the foam packing as the base of the palette. Found that it works wonders but you have to get the amount of water just right, and that you need to put the shiny side of the baking up face up or down??? Still havent got that bit right yet.

I was going to go with snow basing as I have this done pretty well and it would allow me to use these guys as either Mid-War Russian front FJ or LW Western Europe units during the end of 1944. However, I really like the idea of fielding a FJ Regiment from either the Normandy or Holland campaigns. This will require me to buy or borrow the Hells Highway intelligence briefing at some point though.

Flocking stayed simple at the moment as I am sourcing some alternative stuff from Aussie through my gaming club that really adds something extra as it comes in larger clumps of tall static grass and looks fantastic. Also much easier to apply.

Infantry were painted using the following colours. Splinter Camo was Vellajo Beige Brown as a basecoat. Then Citadel Snot Green and Bestial Brown as the splinter camo elements of top. These were then given a liberal coat of Mud Wash once all the other detailing was done to dull them down. Bread bag is Fortress Grey. Trousers Vellajo Field Grau. Webbing Citadel Scorched Brown with Snakebite Leather highlights. Pistol Holsters and Boots black. Skin Citadel Dwarf Flesh with Flesh Wash highlights. The collars and cuffs of the uniforms were then edged with Citadel Catachan Green.

Forgot just how long it took to paint 15mm figures and how easily the paint would rub off them when you touch them. Had to constantly touch them up. Decided on a tricky way of basing by applying the filler to the bases first and then painting them. I would then cut out holes to fit the painted figures before applying the flock to cover up the bases.

Looking forward to painting the next lot.

Coming up next week though is a 3000pt WHFB game my High Elves vs. Adams Dwarfs in Round 3 of our epic grudge match. Currently tied 1-1 so should be fun.

June 9, 2010

WHFB Battle Report Dwarfs vs. Orcs @ 1500pts

Gargrim Hammerfist surveyed the ground before him his breath misting up in the clear morning air joined the low lying fog that blanketed much of the area around him. His force of Dwarfs had marched from Karak Thorinkin days earlier to confront a large Orc warband that had been burning and pillaging through the lands of the holds human allies to the south.

Hammerfists refused flank deployment. The human village acting to funnel the Orcs toward the killing ground in front of his warmachines and missile troops.

The humans, while too hasty at times, had proved valuable allies in the holds recent war with the Southern Wood Elves and the Hold felt honor bond to respond to their calls for aid. Besides it had been some time since Hammerfist's axe had tasted Orc blood and after culling so many frail pointy eared elves he longed for a more worthwhile opponent.

"Verminous greenskins I thought we had culled the last of them from our lands centuries ago."
"They return like the plague they are my Lord - Skaven below, Orcs above as it always has been - and you should thank them for giving you a chance to dull your axe blade. It has I fear become rusty with old age and unuse."
Scowling Hammerfist turned to his young Lieutenant Thugrim Lockbeard not yet past 150 summers. Hammerfist was about to scold the beardling when he saw the mischevious gleam in his kinsmens eye.
"Your sense of humour will get you into trouble one day Lockbeard. Still it has been too long since I got to take an Orc's head indeed I was younger than you are now barely old enough to grow a decent beard"
The Dwarfs humour was broken though by the sound of alarm calls from the forward scouts. The fog around the Dwarven force was now lifting and large shapes could now been seen moving in the far distance.

"Tell the scouts to stay their report Lockbeard I can smell what approaches. Return to your unit and tell that grizzled drunken old bastard Brengist to wake up we may need a Runesmith this morning." "Yes my Lord although I think the Orcs will regret not letting him sleep off his ale this morning."

As Lockbeard ran off scores of Dwarven Warriors and stout hearted Longbeards began to tighten their armour, buckle on shields and take their axes to one of the many smiths for sharpening. Hammerfist's force was small but powerful. His own regiment of Clan Longbeards flanked by two smaller units of younger Warriors was weak in infantry. But he had strong support from the Warmachines of Clan Ragnell and the Thunderers/Quarrellers that accompanied them. Two Bolt-Throwers were already being readied as was a rune inscribed Organ Gun.

These Hammerfist had deployed along his left flank, his infantry on the right in the classic refused flank deployment, creating a killing ground to his front through which the Orcs would have to march.

The battle opend with a scream as a Goblin Doom Diver screached overhead its living missile crashing harmlessly into the ground in from of his Longbeards where it was dispatched easily. Soon Goblin Spears Chuckers began lobbing missiles at them all of which missed, much to the amusement of the Engineers behind him.

The noise of the Orc Horde increased in tempo as two large units of Big Uns began to rush forward toward the thinly scattered ranks of Thunderers & Quarrellers. Their advance was halted though as squabbling broke out among one unit. Hammerfist smiled grimly as a large unit of Black Orcs waded through the Big Uns crashing heads together, and occasionally chopping one off, in an attempt to restore order. The squabbling had held up the Orc advance long enough for his Longbeards and Warriors to move forward into a reasonable flanking position. This, Hammerfist knew, would force the Orcs to either offer their flank to his missile troops or to his Longbeards Axes. Either choice would not be good for the Orcs.

He was cautious however, the Black Orcs were a formidable opponent and it had been some 200 summers since he had last faced them. Experience hard won by his many kin also told him that such creatures were always accompanied by Goblin Shamans and fearsome Warbosses which could prove deadly to his small force.

A fanatic whirls its frenzied path toward Hammerfist but stops short before being gunned down

The Orc charge begun to gather momentum as a swirling fanatic sped past the Longbeards before being skewered by a hail of Crossbow bolts. More Thunderer bullets, Quarrels, huge bolts and shells from the Organ Gun flayed the Orc ranks decimating unit after unit but not quite stopping advance. Hammerfist marched forward steadily with his Longbeards angling toward the flank of a Night Goblin unit. Goblin Doom Divers continued to screach overhead and were now finding their mark as a number of Longbeards were felled behind him. Shaman magic also battled with Brengists runes, the Runesmith obviously awakening from his slumber more eagerly than Hammerfist had expected. Goblin lightning disapated overhead but eventually got through the Runic protection and more Longbeards and Warriors screamed as their armour turned red hot burning them alive.

Night Goblins flee the flanking Dwarves as the Black Orcs move into position .
Most of the Black Orc would be shot down by missile fire.

To his left the few survivors of a Big Un regiment all but destroyed by missile fire took their frenzied revenge on a unit of Warriors chopping through them without stopping and charging into the Quarrellers who had killed so many of their comrades. Dwarven missiles continued to tear through Orc ranks. Night Goblins fled the charge of the Longbeards refusing to stop even for the large unit of Black Orcs and their Warboss that stomped through them.

Big Uns smash into the Quarrellers who killed their comrades.
They would later be destroyed by the Organ Gun

Raising his axe Hammerfist charge with his Longbeards at the Orc Warboss yelling in triumph as a volley from the Organ Gun ripped the Black Orc unit to pieces in front of him. Orc and after Orc was shredded by Dwarven missile fire as Hammerfist and his Longbeards smashed into the surviving Black Orcs. Orc head after Orc head fell at Hammerfists feet until, climbing over the bodies of his fallen foes, he came face to face with the Orc Warboss himself. Snarling, his teeth filled with the flesh of recent meals the Warboss's Blades passed harmlessly over Hammerfists head - his Runic armour deflecting the blows as though with an invisible forcefield. Hammerfists axe blade then bit deep, once, twice three times and the Warbosses head fell from its shoulders.

Hammerfist meets the Orc Warboss

Dwarfs cheered and surged forward as the few remaining Orcs fled the battlefield harried by Missile fire and by Dwarfs filled with ancient bloodlust versus their natural enemy they stood little chance and were systematically cut down. Soon few remained and the battlefield which was once green and lush became soaked with the refuse of battle.

"A great victory my Lord and it appears that your axe has been well used, I imagine that your a feeling somewhat tired after the mornings work"

"Lockbeard you scoundrel even at 300 summers I can swing my axe longer than you here a trophy for us to take back to the King"
Throwing the Warbosses head to his Lieutenant Hammerfist surveyed his remaining troops and then smiled as the sound of drunken singing floated across the battlefield. A troop of Thunderers lead by Brengist were marching toward him cheering loudly and singing a victory chant. Hammerfist was about to scold them for it was unseemly given that many of their kin had fallen, but then it had been many many years since an Orc band of this size had been defeated.

"Get me an Ale Lockbeard I need a drink before we bury our kin... and wipe that smirk off your face I am not too old to put a beardling like yourself over my knee." "Yes my Lord"

--- THE END ---

June 3, 2010

High Elves @ 1500pts vs. ???? tonight

Supposed to be playing a 1500pt game tonight against a Dark Elf player??? He's a new guy at the club so not quite sure what he has. Either way I am bringing my High Elves and going for something a little different by taking a Dragon Mage magic orientated list. Little risky and slightly cheesy but should be fun.

High Elves @ 1500pts

Dragon Mage Level 2
w. Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
Mage Level 1
w. Dispell Scroll x2
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x15
Swordmasters x12
Dragon Princes x7
w. SB, Banner of Sorcery
Great Eagle

TOTAL 1,490 pts

Also had a 1500pt game with Dwarfs vs. Orcs & Goblins last week which Ill will have to write up soon, so expect that shortly complete with pictures.