June 26, 2010

Dwarfs in 8th Edition: Its our time me thinks

Well i've been doing a lot of reading online pouring over playtesting reports and listening to podcasts from some of the leading tournament players around the globe on what 8th Edition is going to do. I've also been trawling through Bugmans Brewery the home of all Dwarf players, and I have to say that as a committed Dwarf player I am most definately looking forward to 8th Edition.

Why? Well in particular the following rules really stand out as being advantageous for Dwarf players.

Step Up
Means that enemy now have to take hits back from my Dwarfs and I dont have to keep suffering through round after round of combat with my front rank dying and not being able to hit back. Also means that GW are going to be a major player in 8th Edition. Yes I will lose my AS but I am still going to get 5 attacks back at you with GW and you are going to lose some of your guys, and with my higher leadership and Runic banners dont expect me to ran away.

Missile troops shoot in 2 ranks
Fantastic for Quarrellers/Thunderers I can deploy them in 2 ranks of 5 or 7 meaning I dont lose a turn of shooting as I hurriedly reform them into ranks to take an enemy charge. Also reduces the width of my armies frontage meaning that enemy troops have to travel further to get to me. That and giving GW to Q & T means that they can dish out serious damage in melee now.

Musicians & movement phase changes
Really add an extra dimension to Dwarf movement no more 1.5" inches backward or sideways, now my opponents really have to stop and think about where my guys are going. Add in the Anvil of Doom and it gets better.

1" inch separation between units
I like this one keeps things really simple and in particular stops that horrible trick of people running fast cavalry between units and reforming in your rear or your flank.

Stone throwers not needing LOS
yes they are only S3, but add on 2xRO Penetrating and that becomes S5 with RO Accuracy I can re-roll scatter dice and stick the machine behind a tree and just lob away. Plus without partials If i hit a unit of 20, ranked 4x5 thats a minimum of 16 models taking hits.

Changes to magic phase:
Will mean bonuses for me, runic items add layers of cheap MR to my characters and units and I can now more effectively than ever kill off enemy magic. Although this really depends on what the new magic lores are like. The massively harmful miscast table also makes mages a more difficult character to use meaning my opponents may often save magic until key turns not it every turn. The changes also mean i can free up points to spend on infantry.

Cannons doing D6 wounds
yes that kills off need for Master Engineer on Cannon, but hey give him to the Stone Thrower with RO Accuracy and I can still re-roll scatter dice and artillery dice and basically I am never going to miss you.

Outnumber by fear causers no longer causes autobreak
The number one reason I take RO Courage on banners and use Hammerers with a Lord. That this rule is going is golden. Yes Fear/Terror add +1CR to combats, yes you have to test vs. Fear every round - but this is going to hurt low leadership armies the most NOT Dwarfs who with a General are L10 and with BSB giving you re-rolls on everything I expect to win lots of combats. This is going to fundamentally change how VC players use their armies, and how players attack fear causing units.

I also see the changes to fear and step up as being Golden for my Phoenix Guard as well. Their 4+ WS is suddenly an even bigger advantage and now they get the one thing they have always lacked, an extra attack even if it is from the 2nd rank.

Finally there is the fact that EVERY player is staring off fresh and having to re-learn how do use their armies. This also gives Dwarfs a slight advantage as our army is simpler to use and the major changes don't hurt us or require us to fundamentally change our tactics.

Also a final note to New Zealand players --> BUY THE RULEBOOK FROM MAELSTROM GAMES in the UK with free postage and even with the exchange rate it is half the price you will pay for it here at home. I picked up mine + the magic cards for NZ$85. The guys selling pre-ordered copies on TradeMe for NZ$145 are ripping people off something shocking.


Mark Evans said...

I think your right. I played a 2400 point 8th edition game against Dwarfs at Maelstrom Games during the week (we had access to the shop copy of the book!).

And they were hard as nails, with all the ranks and extra shooting. Also given the ability to shut down a magic phase even more.

One thing we did notice that a 2400 point army with big blocks was the size of the unit count on the table was smaller that a usual 2000 point game. Even my Ogre army was smaller than usual.

So I expect games to be closed to 3000 points for tournaments.

Chase said...

I couldn agree more, the 8th edition really looks better for us dwarven generals :).
the list above is quite extensive, I`d also add one more thing: 2d6 charge range! It seriously means, that we will be able to get some chargers through!

Sigmar said...

VC players (like myself) are in for a rough ride I think. I'll reserve judgement until I've played a few games but the rule changes for VC do NOT look good :(

Time to roll out my high elves ! Not that victory is important for me of course, it's the experience that matters ;)

Nice new look to the blog Kiwi.

All the best,

John said...

I had forgotten about the 2d6 movement change. The other problem though is that fleeing is no longer a strong tactical option as the flee range is also randomised. Hence I see Dwarf players fielding much larger units of infantry now with 25 becoming the new minimum and 30 models standard.

Annoying thing is I sold off a lot of my extra warriors last year so I am probably going to have to buy a whole pile more for 8th. Will have to wait and see

Robin Sutton said...


Thanks for the thoughtful summary.. very encouraging to a newbie Dwarven general
Kind regards

Darth Weasel said...

Means that enemy now have to take hits back from my Dwarfs and I dont have to keep suffering through round after round of combat with my front rank dying and not being able to hit back.

Change the word to "Dwarfs" to "models" and you have encapsulated, in one sentence, the reason I am ecstatic about this edition.

Short list of models worth taking now that were not in 7th:
any dwarf core not named Thunderer or Quarreler; any WoC core not named Marauder Horsemen; any DE core infanty. Saurus of any type. Eternal Guard, Dryads, Wardancers. Orcs. HE Spearmen/Lotehrn Guard.

Ah, lets shorten this..."infantry blocks and any troop T3 that regularly was charged"" because against most competent generals, they NEVER got to attack back.