June 17, 2010

Fluffy time Karak Thorinkin & 8th Edition ordered

More fluff for my Dwarven blog
Finally uploaded some maps of Karak Thorinkin and began to add on some more stories to my Warhammer Dwarf fluff blog. These will necessitate a re-write of some of the earlier historical articles as I have slightly relocated the hold to the east to bring it closer to the Border Princes region of the Old World rather than Tilea. This was to allow me to construct a better storyline around the Holds war with the Wood Elves, which required the more substantial forests of the Border Princes region. Those in Tilea were too small and too far away to fit the story line.

I have used a mixture of official and un-official maps as well as one of my many personal attempts. Out of necessity to keep the storyline running true a number of places have been conveniently deleted or ignored where they do not allow me to fit Karak Thorinkin and my Dwarfs story into the existing GW narrative (whether it be official or unofficial). However, wherever possible I have kept as close as possible to the official GW timeline.

Buying the 8th Edition
On another note I ordered the 8th Edition rulebook from Maelstrom Games in the UK yesterday along with the magic card set. With the Maelstrom 8th Edition sales voucher and the current decent exchange rate I picked up both for less than half what I would have to pay through a New Zealand retailer. Watched the Bell of Lost Souls review of the book and by the looks of all the fluff the new edition contains the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin are going to get some more events added to their illustrious history.

High Elves under 8th Edition
Did some thinking about the changes that the new edition makes and how they affect High Elven wargaming. Already I can see some interesting new options coming out:
  • Archmages become less of a requirement for magic heavy armies. The new magic phase makes Level 1 & 2 mages particularly with items like the Silver Wand and Seerstaff that much more effective. This leaves more points for other units and characters.
  • Lothern Sea Guard are IMHO set to become THE core unit of choice for High Elves. With Archers able to fire in 2 ranks and HE Spears able to fight in 4 fielding units of Spear and Bow carrying ranked Elven infantry is a fantastic option. 15 Seaguard in ranks of 5 gives you combat bonuses, 15 melee attacks and 10 shots in the shooting phase at a points cost lower than spending on separate units of Archers and Spears
Roll on July and the dispatch of the rulebook from Maelstrom, just hoping it doesnt take too long as I would hate to think how many people have ordered it through them. I imagine that New Zealanders will be last on the list to recieve them.

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Trollhoer said...

Only problem with the Sea Guard as I see it is (like with all elf ranked infantry) war machines. With no guessing and no partials, stone throwers will cause mayhem on expensive, 20mm T3 infantry. But it will be good to see them around more often in any case. :)