June 16, 2010

FOW - 1st FJ Combat Platoon nearly complete

Nearly finished the first combat platoon of my Fallschirmjager army with 6 of 9 bases and the command team all done. Much happier with the way these guys have turned out vs. the Mortar Platoon. The splinter camo is more subdued and the faces with the Elf Flesh highlights look better.

To answer a question posed by Itchy I use Bluetack to stick the figures onto the popsicle sticks for painting.

Next up after this Platoon are the two combat Platoons from the Company Box set along with the Company HQ and 2IC and a Panzershrek team. Plus there is the Pak 40 75mm Anti-Tank Platoon to go as well. When sorting the figures out last night and putting them onto the popsicle sticks I noticed a huge difference between the figures supplied in the box set and the FJ Platoon blister. The range is very different and there is a larger number of infantry figures with more traditional Wehrmacht helmets and Forage caps. You also get a good number of infantry with the MG44 Assault Rifle which is a nice touch.

The blue tabs on the back of each base is to help identify the separate Platoons. Every Platoon will get a different colour so I can differentiate them when playing and when they are packed away.


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

Great looking platoon! The highlights on the fleshy parts of the models really do add depth.

As fearless vets, those Fallschirmjaeger are going to be damn near impossible to move once they're dug in!!

Galpy said...

nice look platoon you painted the and great wee blog.

John said...

Thanks very much cheers really appreciate the feedback :)