June 3, 2010

High Elves @ 1500pts vs. ???? tonight

Supposed to be playing a 1500pt game tonight against a Dark Elf player??? He's a new guy at the club so not quite sure what he has. Either way I am bringing my High Elves and going for something a little different by taking a Dragon Mage magic orientated list. Little risky and slightly cheesy but should be fun.

High Elves @ 1500pts

Dragon Mage Level 2
w. Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
Mage Level 1
w. Dispell Scroll x2
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x15
Swordmasters x12
Dragon Princes x7
w. SB, Banner of Sorcery
Great Eagle

TOTAL 1,490 pts

Also had a 1500pt game with Dwarfs vs. Orcs & Goblins last week which Ill will have to write up soon, so expect that shortly complete with pictures.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good elite HE list. How'd the Dragon Mage do? Mine never seems to work out the best. Love the 7 Dragon Princes though.

I also wouldn't worry about the 'cheese' factor as he's playing Dark Elves :P