June 14, 2010

WHFB 3000pts Grudge Match vs. Dwarfs on Thurs

Playing Game 5 I think or is it 3 of my series against Adams Dwarfs this Thursday. Going to be a 3000pt extravaganza and I have been struggling to put together a decent army list all week. Very strange given that Dwarfs are my normal army.

I expect him to have at least the following units in his list:
- Runelord with Anvil + Lord on Shieldbearers tricked out to kill
- 2 Thanes and maybe 1-2 Runesmiths
- 2 units of Longbeards and a couple of Warriors
- 3-4 units of shooting
- Lots of Warmachines inc: Organ Gun, 2 Bolt Throwers & Stone Thrower

Up against I originally thought of going core heavy and taking a lot of Spears and Archers. But at S3 the spears are pretty much useless and will get left at home. That leaves me having to focus on the Special unit choices and opting to go Magic heavy.

I will be facing at least 8 Dispel Dice (4 for army + 2 for RL + 1 for Anvil and +1 for another Runesmith) and maybe 4 scrolls. This means the magic phase my primary advantage other than ASF is going to have to be maxed out.

Now I could be really cheesy and field 2 Level 4 Archmages and 3 Level 2 Mages with Banner of Sorcery, Ring of Fury, Ring of Corin and Jewel of Dusk giving me 17+D3 PD and 2 bounds. This would effectively draw out all of his scrolls in Turns 1 -2. But it would leave my units vulnerable to his infantry as I wont have any heavy hitting characters?!?

So currently working on more balanced list but with far more characters than I would normally take... cant post the details as he reads this blog but it should be reasonaby effective.

Question he has to ask himself though is "Am I bringing a Dragon and if so who has it?"

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Robin Sutton said...


Always interested in what you have to say about Dwarfs, and looking forward to your comments on 8th Edition, as I'm trying to decide whether or not to finish the Army and try to make time to use it.

Kind regards