June 9, 2010

WHFB Battle Report Dwarfs vs. Orcs @ 1500pts

Gargrim Hammerfist surveyed the ground before him his breath misting up in the clear morning air joined the low lying fog that blanketed much of the area around him. His force of Dwarfs had marched from Karak Thorinkin days earlier to confront a large Orc warband that had been burning and pillaging through the lands of the holds human allies to the south.

Hammerfists refused flank deployment. The human village acting to funnel the Orcs toward the killing ground in front of his warmachines and missile troops.

The humans, while too hasty at times, had proved valuable allies in the holds recent war with the Southern Wood Elves and the Hold felt honor bond to respond to their calls for aid. Besides it had been some time since Hammerfist's axe had tasted Orc blood and after culling so many frail pointy eared elves he longed for a more worthwhile opponent.

"Verminous greenskins I thought we had culled the last of them from our lands centuries ago."
"They return like the plague they are my Lord - Skaven below, Orcs above as it always has been - and you should thank them for giving you a chance to dull your axe blade. It has I fear become rusty with old age and unuse."
Scowling Hammerfist turned to his young Lieutenant Thugrim Lockbeard not yet past 150 summers. Hammerfist was about to scold the beardling when he saw the mischevious gleam in his kinsmens eye.
"Your sense of humour will get you into trouble one day Lockbeard. Still it has been too long since I got to take an Orc's head indeed I was younger than you are now barely old enough to grow a decent beard"
The Dwarfs humour was broken though by the sound of alarm calls from the forward scouts. The fog around the Dwarven force was now lifting and large shapes could now been seen moving in the far distance.

"Tell the scouts to stay their report Lockbeard I can smell what approaches. Return to your unit and tell that grizzled drunken old bastard Brengist to wake up we may need a Runesmith this morning." "Yes my Lord although I think the Orcs will regret not letting him sleep off his ale this morning."

As Lockbeard ran off scores of Dwarven Warriors and stout hearted Longbeards began to tighten their armour, buckle on shields and take their axes to one of the many smiths for sharpening. Hammerfist's force was small but powerful. His own regiment of Clan Longbeards flanked by two smaller units of younger Warriors was weak in infantry. But he had strong support from the Warmachines of Clan Ragnell and the Thunderers/Quarrellers that accompanied them. Two Bolt-Throwers were already being readied as was a rune inscribed Organ Gun.

These Hammerfist had deployed along his left flank, his infantry on the right in the classic refused flank deployment, creating a killing ground to his front through which the Orcs would have to march.

The battle opend with a scream as a Goblin Doom Diver screached overhead its living missile crashing harmlessly into the ground in from of his Longbeards where it was dispatched easily. Soon Goblin Spears Chuckers began lobbing missiles at them all of which missed, much to the amusement of the Engineers behind him.

The noise of the Orc Horde increased in tempo as two large units of Big Uns began to rush forward toward the thinly scattered ranks of Thunderers & Quarrellers. Their advance was halted though as squabbling broke out among one unit. Hammerfist smiled grimly as a large unit of Black Orcs waded through the Big Uns crashing heads together, and occasionally chopping one off, in an attempt to restore order. The squabbling had held up the Orc advance long enough for his Longbeards and Warriors to move forward into a reasonable flanking position. This, Hammerfist knew, would force the Orcs to either offer their flank to his missile troops or to his Longbeards Axes. Either choice would not be good for the Orcs.

He was cautious however, the Black Orcs were a formidable opponent and it had been some 200 summers since he had last faced them. Experience hard won by his many kin also told him that such creatures were always accompanied by Goblin Shamans and fearsome Warbosses which could prove deadly to his small force.

A fanatic whirls its frenzied path toward Hammerfist but stops short before being gunned down

The Orc charge begun to gather momentum as a swirling fanatic sped past the Longbeards before being skewered by a hail of Crossbow bolts. More Thunderer bullets, Quarrels, huge bolts and shells from the Organ Gun flayed the Orc ranks decimating unit after unit but not quite stopping advance. Hammerfist marched forward steadily with his Longbeards angling toward the flank of a Night Goblin unit. Goblin Doom Divers continued to screach overhead and were now finding their mark as a number of Longbeards were felled behind him. Shaman magic also battled with Brengists runes, the Runesmith obviously awakening from his slumber more eagerly than Hammerfist had expected. Goblin lightning disapated overhead but eventually got through the Runic protection and more Longbeards and Warriors screamed as their armour turned red hot burning them alive.

Night Goblins flee the flanking Dwarves as the Black Orcs move into position .
Most of the Black Orc would be shot down by missile fire.

To his left the few survivors of a Big Un regiment all but destroyed by missile fire took their frenzied revenge on a unit of Warriors chopping through them without stopping and charging into the Quarrellers who had killed so many of their comrades. Dwarven missiles continued to tear through Orc ranks. Night Goblins fled the charge of the Longbeards refusing to stop even for the large unit of Black Orcs and their Warboss that stomped through them.

Big Uns smash into the Quarrellers who killed their comrades.
They would later be destroyed by the Organ Gun

Raising his axe Hammerfist charge with his Longbeards at the Orc Warboss yelling in triumph as a volley from the Organ Gun ripped the Black Orc unit to pieces in front of him. Orc and after Orc was shredded by Dwarven missile fire as Hammerfist and his Longbeards smashed into the surviving Black Orcs. Orc head after Orc head fell at Hammerfists feet until, climbing over the bodies of his fallen foes, he came face to face with the Orc Warboss himself. Snarling, his teeth filled with the flesh of recent meals the Warboss's Blades passed harmlessly over Hammerfists head - his Runic armour deflecting the blows as though with an invisible forcefield. Hammerfists axe blade then bit deep, once, twice three times and the Warbosses head fell from its shoulders.

Hammerfist meets the Orc Warboss

Dwarfs cheered and surged forward as the few remaining Orcs fled the battlefield harried by Missile fire and by Dwarfs filled with ancient bloodlust versus their natural enemy they stood little chance and were systematically cut down. Soon few remained and the battlefield which was once green and lush became soaked with the refuse of battle.

"A great victory my Lord and it appears that your axe has been well used, I imagine that your a feeling somewhat tired after the mornings work"

"Lockbeard you scoundrel even at 300 summers I can swing my axe longer than you here a trophy for us to take back to the King"
Throwing the Warbosses head to his Lieutenant Hammerfist surveyed his remaining troops and then smiled as the sound of drunken singing floated across the battlefield. A troop of Thunderers lead by Brengist were marching toward him cheering loudly and singing a victory chant. Hammerfist was about to scold them for it was unseemly given that many of their kin had fallen, but then it had been many many years since an Orc band of this size had been defeated.

"Get me an Ale Lockbeard I need a drink before we bury our kin... and wipe that smirk off your face I am not too old to put a beardling like yourself over my knee." "Yes my Lord"

--- THE END ---

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