June 23, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dwarfs 3000pts

Prince Rantheon reined his dragon in tightly as he landed behind his army deployed across the plains of Thingol. A member of the nearby Phoenix Guard regiment bravely ran forward to take the reins but thought better of it as the Dragon, Kirsath, snapped at his cloak. Rantheon smiled at the Phoenix Guards look of confusion and patted his Dragons neck whispering soothing half-magical words in its ear. It soon calmed enough for his senior officers to approach, albiet with more caution than the Phoenix Guard at whom Kirsath was still glaring.

The Dwarven battleline

"The Dwarfs have deployed in a defensive formation on the far mountain range my lord it is covered with warmachines and Crossbows. There are also three strong units of infantry deployed either side and our scouts have cited Slayers in the woods to our left."
"Word from Lord Ithil and his White Lions my Prince Dwarven rangers are apparently making a poor attempt to sneak forward closer to our positions. They appear to be moving to block the Caledorians from advancing."
"It matters not we will crush the stumpy bearded scum beneath our boots and I shall feed their general to Kirsath at the battles end. Have you deployed our men as I ordered."
"Yes my Prince with the Dwarfs deploying as they have dont you think it would better to..."
"...do not argue with me Hethronus return to your regiment and attack as ordered, your men should be honored to be fighting with me today and dying also if it comes to that. The mud grubbing scum we face will most likely bury their heads in their precious stone when they see our steel advance toward them. Now sound the advance I am impatient... where is Prince Imalrik? That lazy bastard and his Shadow Warriors had best be where I need them."
"I, I am not sure my Prince he came and went some hours ago moving his troops off to the left flank... I could get him..."
"...Enough quit your bleeting before I feed you to Kisath as a pre-battle snack order the advance and make sure you do your duty Hethronus fail today and you will add further shame to your families already tarnished honor. "
"Yes my Prince..."

Prince Ratheon and his Dragon oversee his troops deployment

With a final scowl at the retreating Phoenix Guard Kisath launched himself into the air as Prince Rantheon snapped the reins in command. Below them Elven Archers and Seaguard moved forward to their advance positions, Swordmasters lined up behind and the crew of Repeater Bolt Throwers readying their machines.

Suddenly screams echoed from the ground below as the loud boom of a Dwarven cannon rolled across the battlefield. Soon Dwarven missile fire was scouring the Elven ranks killing dozens of Archers. Huge missiles from Dwarven bolt-throwers skewered the Elven ranks one flying harmlessly past Kisath.

Elite Elven infantry await the advance

Elven infantry responded quickly advancing forward and trading bowfire with the Dwarven ranks, while White Lions advanced through forests to the right flanked by Dragon Princes from Caledor. Prince Rantheon smiled as surveyed the scene, this was his chance to exact some revenge upon the mud eating Dwarfs who had dared to insult his nations honor, it was a pity he had to rely on such low born officers as Hethronus to lead his infantry. Elves from such dishonored families barely counted as members of the Elven race in Rantheons eyes but were at least preferable to the bearded ugliness arrayed before them.

First clash on the Elven right Ironbreakers prepare to meet Dragon Princes

Suddenly Kisath screamed in pain and fell from the sky. Dwarven runic magic had lanced through the air and Rantheon cursed as he recognised power that could only come from an Anvil of Doom. With his Dragon unable to fly his battleplan was in ruins at he would have to rely on Hethronus to lead his troops forward.

As the battle progressed Dwarven missile fire continued to cut down scores of Elven archers and missiles from their warmachines even began to take a toll on the well protected Phoenix Guard. To the extreme left the missing Shadow Warriors and Prince Imalrik attempted to move around the Dwarfs right flank. Rantheon could only look on as a whirring noise announced the presence of a Dwarven Gyrocopter. It popped up just as Imalrik and his troops had left cover blasting them to pieces with its steam cannon. Those few that survived were then brutally cut down by an Organ Gun that Rantheon only now realised was concealed on the Dwarves exposed flank, right where he was aiming to attack with Kisath.

On the right Dragon Princes were forced to charge into a massed rank of well armoured Ironbreakers drawn in my a runic challenge that gave them no real choice. Unable to pierce the Dwarfs Gromil armour they were cut down the survivors fleeing. The Ironbreakers didnt pursue though as on their right the Dwarven Rangers, who had managed to advance up to the Elven battleline, had been charged and hacked to pieces by Lord Ithils White Lions. Their Great Weapons cleaved bone and flesh before the Lions charged into the flank of the Ironbreakers.

White Lions hack down the Ironbreakers

Elven infantry approaches the main Dwarf line as does Prince Rantheon

Elven missile fire continued to be out matched by that of the Dwarfs but the Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard were rapidly approaching the Dwarven battleline. The cursed Anvil had also finally failed and with a scream of delight Kisath launched himself into the air charging headlong at the Organ Gun which had cut down Prince Imalrik. Phoenix Guard and Dwarven Warriors met in hand to hand combat, Dwarfs overcoming the feeling of fear that pulsed from the Elves to charge their ranks. A prolonged brutal combat followed with neither side giving way as Dwarfs and Elves were cut down with alarming regularity.

Elite infantry locked in combat

On the right the White Lions had destroyed the Ironbreakers who fled the battlefield leaving a path open for the Dragon Princes to charge the Dwarven warmachines on the hill. Swordmasters raised their great weapons high and hacked through the ranks of a huge Longbeard regiment, the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearer died quickly as rank after rank of Dwarfs were butchered. On the left Prince Rantheon was enjoying himself as his blade and his Dragon tore Dwarf after Dwarf to pieces but he could not see let alone reach the Dwarven general whose blood he craved.

Prince Rantheon finally gets into combat after the Anvil fails to stop him

Despite their huge loses in the opening moments of the battle the Elven army had now gained the upper hand. Dwarven infantry units were being systematically cut down and their warmachines had virtually no targets at which they could fire. Only the gunning down of the impetously charging Dragon Princes offered them any hope, that and the rapidly approaching darkness.

Final stages of the battle before the rain came

Whether it was fate or magic Rantheon was not clear but just as his forces were about to break the back of the Dwarven throng dark clouds covered the battlefield and the heavens opened soaking the ground. Darkness feel as the sky was blackened by rain and clouds and the suns rays sank below the horizon. Soon the diluge was such that neither he nor Kisath could see more than a few feet in front of them. All around Dwarf and Elf withdrew from combat, the Dwarfs slowly retreating out of sight the Elves tallying their loses and those of the Dwarfs left behind.

While his thirst for vengeance had not been fully satisfied Rantheon was happy that some Dwarf blood stained his blade and the claws & teeth of his Dragon. There would be other opportunities. The weather would not protect the stumpy scum for long and he would pursue them to the ends of the earth to destroy them. The price they would pay for enacting their foolish grudge against his people so many decades ago.

[Very enjoyable game this. To really mess with Adams head my Elves went into battle without any magic and I used a Prince on a Star Dragon for the 1st time. Unfortunately I also had to use a lot of unpainted figures and proxy some which I hate doing, but with our HE vs. Dwarfs matches now at 2-1 in my favour the next couple are going to be fun. Roll on 8th Edition.]


Trollhoer said...

As always, the fluffy approach to battle reports makes for an enjoyable read. :)

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Cheers very much :) they're far more enjoyable to write as well

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that sounds like a downright good game with some crazy swings in fortune.