June 29, 2010

WIP - Sandbag walls for FOW Fallschirmjager

Did some quick modelling with GF9 green stuff the other night to add some extra detail to my FOW Fallschirmjager infantry by adding sandbags to the Mortar Platoon, one of the HMG bases in a combat platoon, and eventually around the Pak40s in the AT Platoon.

Mortar Platoon 8cm Mortars with Sandbags

Sandbags were pretty easy to make just had to mix up the greenstuff roll it out into a reasonable thin snake and then cut of little pieces with a knife. If you give the blade a little flick as you do it then each piece comes out already nicely shaped. The Rifle/MG base sandbags have a matchstick added in to give it a more solid look, and to create a nice little firing slot for the MG42.

Mortar Platoon base (left) with Combat Platoon Rifle/MG squad behind bunker (right)

FJ Combat Platoon Rifle/MG Section with MG42 behind sandbag wall

One mistake I did make though was applying the additional static grass to the bases BEFORE the greenstuff had dried and hardened, hence the various pieces of static grass stuck to the various sandbags. Painting wise I think they will need a basecoat of Chaos Black then alternate layers of Scorched Brown, Deneb Stone, Bleached Bone and Mud Wash to get them to the right colour.

Gun emplacement with overhead camo netting

Also considering options for creating camo netting over the top of the Pak40's by putting sticks into the corner of each base around the sandbag walls and putting some kind of netting equivalent over the top - like the picture above. Maybe a hairnet or pair of old stockings with flock stuck on it?

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