July 30, 2010

WHFB Battle Report High Elves vs. WoC 2400pts

Of the Great War of Chaos

In the year of the great Chaos incursions the screaming hordes unleashed from the Northern wastes turned the once beautiful lands of the Old World into a scarred and blood soaked vision of horror. Daemons, monstrous humanoids with tentacles for arms, beasts that walked and creatures whose form alone could kill stalked the land as the armies of darkness made war upon the races of the Old World. Human, Dwarf, High Elf all joined together putting aside old hatreds to battle a foe whose very presence was an anathema to the forces of creation.

The forces of Ulthuan deploy for battle

On one of a hundred battlefields an army from the wondrous land of Ulthuan met one part of the horror that was the Chaos horde. Archmage of the Sixth House Adonethwen Elenval softly chanted arcane words of magic under her breath, struggling to control the forces of magic that in the presence of the Chaos horde threatened more than ever to burst free of her control. Her bodyguard of Phoenix Guard stood stoically around here, purple cloaks lifting lightly in the breeze the sun glinting of a myriad of Halberd blades. To their right regiments of Lothern Seaguard tensed their bowstrings and tightened the buckles on their shields, rank upon rank of them ready to do battle.

Regiments of Chaos Warriors begin their advance

Further out the vague shapes of Dragon Princes of Caledor could be seen lying in wait on the armies extreme flank. And to her left the deadly but unpredictable Swordmasters of Hoeth. Above them flew the Battle Standard of Ulthuan its brightly flamed Phoenix swaying majestically even in the light wind that favoured the battlefield before them. To these Elves would fall much of the bloody work ahead.

A shadow passed over her as the Great Eagle Cildan, her companion since childhood, banked overhead. Screeching loudly Cildan gave warning of the approach of the Chaos horde which Adonethwen had marched out to destroy. Three huge regiments of Chaos Warriors banners honoring the Chaos Gods held at the head of each of them. The winds of magic crackled with energy as Adonethwen and Sadron Lassthalial, a mage of the third house and her apprentice, felt the first push of Chaos magic emanating from the regiments approaching them.

Not stopping to survey the battlefield the forces of Chaos marched forward at the Elven battleline. To Adonethwen's left screams cut through the air as a dozen or more Swordmasters were sucked into a dark void that sprung up around them. Battling fiercely Adonethwen and Sadron did their best to dispel the magic of the Chaos Gods as it battered their forces, but still more Elves fell this time among her own bodyguard. Above her Cildan screached as his great wings beat the air driving him forward toward the forces of Chaos.

Seaguard meet the charge of the arrow depleted Chaos Warriors

Swordmasters of Hoeth begin their destruction of a Chaos Regiment

Advancing with her forces Adonethwen unleashed her own power for the first time attempting to create a pit of shades and death under the feet of the central Chaos regiment. But to no avail despite the benefits of the great Book of Hoeth the Chaos Warriors walked through the pit as though it were not there. But where magic proved ineffective Elven arrows did not. Missile fire from the Seaguard tore through the ranks of the 3rd Chaos regiment to her left. Not expecting fire from this unexpected quarter rank upon rank of Chaos troops fell before they were able to ready their shields.

Issuing a great bellow the deformed Chaos General and the source of the foes magical power issued the order to charge... but too soon... the charge lost impetous as the forces of Chaos ended up short of the Elven line. To the left the Swordmasters of Hoeth seeing the Chaos charge falter launched one of their own. Great Weapons held high, the banner of Ulthuan still proudly displayed among their ranks, the warriors of Hoeth hit home with a crash heard across the battlefield.

Drawing the winds of magic to her Adonethwen magically strengthened the Swordmasters arms. Rising and falling in an almost frenzied assault the Elves of Hoeth butchered the Chaos regiment to their fore. Surprised by the fierceness of the assault the Warriors of Chaos broke and ran the Elves of Hoeth giving chase but unable to match Chaos frightened speed of flight.
Magical strength is offered to the Swordmasters as they charge home

Still more Chaos Warriors fell to Elven arrows from the Seaguard before a mass of Chaos troops crashed into the ranks of the Seaguard. Rank upon rank of Spears plunged into the Chaos Warriors skewering dozens but not enough. Supported by the full magical fury of the Chaos Gods the Elves were cut down were they stood and soon broke and ran. Only the decision by many of the Warriors of Chaos to stop and feast upon the fallen Elven dead prevented them from being cut down.

Further to the right the 2nd Regiment of Seaguard who had been poised to charge into the flank of the same Chaos regiment watched the destruction and flight of their brethren in horror. Unused to battle and terrified by the feeding frenzy in front of them they too broke and ran leaving the entire right flank of Adonethwen's army exposed.

Leaving her bodyguard Adonethwen ran to that flank hoping to bolster it with her magic and to aid in organising the attack of the fast approaching Dragon Princes. Behind her, the Phoenix Guard were left alone, without magical protection to take the full force of the charge of the Chaos General. Accompanied by a huge regiment of deformed Warriors of Tzenetch they stood little chance. In a matter of minutes scores of Elves lay dead trampled, gored, stabbed, ripped and hacked to pieces upon the grass of the Old World their blood joining that of thousands of others shed by the forces of Chaos.

The Phoenix Guard are butchered

As the Phoenix Guard are cut down, Seaguard rally and meet a 2nd Chaos charge

Even the irresistible forces of her magic could not prevent that slaughter but her magic was not needed by the Seaguard. Rallying bravely they meet the charge of the Chaos Warriors who had only moments before routed them and routed them in return. Fueled by visions of Ulthuan burning Elven spears skewered Chaos Warriors by the score and soon it was Chaos who fled, yet another regiment cut down and destroyed.

Wilting before the fury of Ulthuans citizen levy the Chaos Warriors break run and are cut down

To eager for blood though the Seaguard were and foolishly they charged the Warriors of Tzenetch and the Chaos General. Even the flank charge of the Dragon Princes, magically boosted by Adonethwen's magic - which also weakened the Chaos Warriors - could not prevent the inevitable. Unable to pierce the armour of the Chaos Heroes Elves died by the score and then by the hundred.

The remaining seaguard and the Dragon Princes foolishly attack the Chaos General

Soon only a single figure was left on that part of the field, Côflanil Kitadar, Noble of the house of Faerondalan, had sought to inspire his troops by challenging the Chaos General in single combat. Now alone and surrounded by a circle of baying Chaos troops Côflanil was slowly sliced from head to toe by the Chaos Generals mighty blade.

In the last act of the battle Côflanil's head was removed from his shoulders and spitted on the banner of the Chaos Gods. Many Chaos Warriors had fallen that day but the price was high, fully half of the Elves had perished - far too many for the sparsely populated nation of Ulthuan. Sounding the retreat Adonethwen led the remnants to safety vowing revenge.

[Revenge that will come next week as Caleb and I battle again at 2400pts :) ]

What a bloodbath 2nd game of 8th Ed

2nd game of 8th Edition last night vs. Calebs Warriors of Chaos with the list I posted earlier in week. Ill put up a full battle report next week when I can get the photos uploaded. For now I thought I would offer some thoughts on what happened.

First up Calebs WoC army consisted of 3 huge blocks of Chaos Warriors accompanied by 2 Sorcerors, a mounted BSB and a mounted General who was also a Level 4. So vs. my Lvl 4 with Book of Hoeth this was going to be a fun magical battle, especially as he took WoC magic and got the Compendium spell which makes all doubles I roll miscasts neutralising the Book of Hoeth if he got it off.

Thoughts on fighting in 8th Edition

1. Everything died!!!
I mean literally by Turn 2 we had already started slaughtering each-others armies. His massive run of bad luck with dice rolls meant my S3 Seaguard were shooting down rank after rank of Chaos Warriors. Magic took hold of people on both sides, mainly mine to start with. But once again close combat was brutal. You may not want to run a horde army but you will need large blocks of troops 25 is a minimum 30 if you can, or at the very least lots and lots of smaller units.

2. Swordmasters backed by Lore of Shadow are just !!!!!!!!!
I mean honestly ASF with re-rolls at S8 (l/ship counting as S) unit of 16 absolutely destroyed a unit of 25 Chaos Warriors in 1 round of combat, and then cut down the survivors the next turn. Then you have a unit of Warriors Tzentch who are Frenzied 4 attacks each chopping through a block of Seaguard and a unit of Dragon Princes in 2 rounds.

3. Book of Hoeth w. Lore of Shadow is a great combo
Every double is IF and Lore of Shadow makes your opponents weaker and HE stronger. Seriously great combo. Yes he miscast twice but each time I fluked a 1 when rolling to wound him and the Archmage went through the game unscathed. I also kept him within 1" of the Chaos Warshrine at all times to try and hurt it if I blew myself up.

The Lore of Shadow is a great lore but also one that works best if you can use the spells in the right order. The gamble here is do you take Book of Hoeth and hope you get the right spells, the Seerstaff and choose, or the Silver Wand and gain 5/6?? Missing that one key spell can effectively nullify the Lores benefits as far as HE go.

4. The new magic phase is great
Simply put I really like the new magic phase rules. Separating the spells out in hex, augment etc and putting in that simple chart that defines the rules for each in regard to LOS etc makes things a lot easier and a lot clearer when deciding what to use and when.

Getting PD and DD is easy as is the channelling and in nearly every phase I only had 1-2 less dice then Caleb did. So even with only 1 scroll you can still shut down enemy magic. Dwarfs are going to be great and if you thought it was hard getting magic off against them in 7th in 8th you have no chance unless you roll a lot of IF.

Even the new miscast table isnt that bad. Yes your mage is likely to suffer a S10 hit but that is only one wound so if you keep him/her safe then they can actually afford to suffer 1-2 miscasts during a game and still get spells off.

Anyway the game was so much fun we are having a rematch next week @ 2400pts.

Photos and full narrative battle report up on Monday....

July 29, 2010

Painting/Modelling goals for summer season

With summer and the cricket season fast approaching I need to start thinking about my painting projects for the summer period - Oct through March. Basically I get very little or no gaming in during that period as (1) my local club shuts down from Nov - Feb and (2) with cricket taking up all day Saturday, the odd Sunday, and practices on Tuesdays gaming takes a back seat as I would prefer to spend that time with my wife and kids.

So WHFB etc as my "winter" sports get put on the shelf and instead I concentrate on painting. Probably one reason I struggle during the first few tournaments of the year as I go in (as I did at Runefang III) having only played 1 or 2 games beforehand.

So what are my goals for the coming summer period? Last year I worked on repainting my High Elf army a project that took nearly a year but finally got finished (well nearly, still a couple of models left) with some good results.

This season my primary aim will be to undertake the same process with my Dwarfs although I will not go to the same extreme and paintstrip every single model but will keep it more simple.


WHFB Dwarfs
  1. Touch up my Hammerers (38 of them) adding highlights and shading to improve their look
  2. Paint a full unit of Miners (20), currently only have 8 badly painted ones done.
  3. Rebase/flock my entire collection to make the army uniform in look.
  4. Finish building & painting more balsa wood movement trays for the army.
WHFB High Elves
  1. Finish my Dragon Prince unit - only have 3 models left to do.
  2. Finish that damn Dragon, the reins and riders chair have been waiting paint for a year now
  3. Fix my BSB on foot and Mounted Hero, paint strip and redo to give me more list options.
FOW Fallschirmjager
  1. Finish at least one of my 2 remaining combat Platoons.
  2. Build and paint 2 objective markers
Doesnt seem like too much although the basing and reflocking will take a lot of time - but ill keep it really simple. The Silflor tufts I used for my FOW Fallschirmjager will look pretty good on WHFB figures so Ill have to order more of those.

If I do get any gaming in, it will be very small games only and I will probably concentrate on playing FOW as I would really like to attend a couple of FOW tournaments next year especially the major local event Panzershrek.

July 28, 2010

High Elves @ 2400pts - army list construction in 8th

Playing my first major (solo) game of 8th tomorrow night vs. Calebs Warriors of Chaos army. We are both trying out some new combos to see how things work with our respective armies. With my Dwarfs all well and settled I thought it was time to drag out the High Elves again and seriously contemplate using them at my final WHFB tournament of the year - Skitterleap in October. With the points limit for that tournament being 2400 it offers some good options as far as list selection goes.

One thing 8th Edition army composition rules have done though is force all High Elf generals to bulk up their core unit selection. No more can you get away with a 2250-2500 pt list containing a bare minimum core of 2 110pt units of Archers. In a 2400pt list its 600pts of core minimum 380pts more than the usual core points expenditure in most High Elf armies.

In this High Elves are more restricted than say my Dwarfs as our core choices are limited - Spears, Archers or a more expensive combo of both. So I expect every High Elf army from now on to field either a single large horde block of Seaguard or Spearmen or 2-3 smaller blocks of Spears backed by 1-2 units of Archers.

The other effect this extra 380pts of core expenditure has is it effectively takes a special unit choice out of your army. I used to be able to field Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard, Dragon Princes and White Lions in an army. Now those 380 core points effectively remove one of those units. The question is which one do you lose?

Phoenix Guard - offer an incredible 4+ WS and cause fear but only strike at S4 with 1 attack each. Step up helps as do the new magical banners especially the Razor standard. Expect to see more of these guys taken, I for one will be buying more of them.

White Lions - only real heavy hitting hitting HE infantry at S6, they are also Stubborn but only on L8 and have Forest Strider. But with terrain being less restrictive to movement in general that bonus is now not as great, nor is Stubborn as wonderful when units can gain steadfast.

Dragon Princes - still a good cheap cavalry unit and a nice place to bunker a BSB behind your battleline. But as they still only strike at S3 after charging they will continue to suffer. Key bonus with them now is that as they have Dragon Armour they and their mounts are immune to fire and therefore to the fear caused by flaming attacks under 8th Ed rules.

Swordmasters - after PG my favourite unit and with step-up, ASF with re-rolls the No.1 killing machine in the HE army. However, they still suffer from only having a 5+ AS although you can give the Champion the Ironcurse Icon for 5pts to protect against warmachines.

So what will I take tomorrow?

HIGH ELVES @ 2400pts

Archmage Level 4 (w. Phoenix Guard)
w. Book of Hoeth, Lore of Shadow

Book means all doubles count as IF but not miscasts unless a double 6. Lore of Shadow is great for toughing up and strengthening your weaker Spear Elves and for killing the enemy. Putting him with PG means they get WS vs. any miscast damage

Noble (w. Phoenix Guard)
w. GW, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

Standard set up 2+ AS, 5+ WS striking at S6 goes with PG to protect Archmage.

BSB (w. Dragon Princes)
w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Halberd, Talisman of Endurance

Standard set up again 2+ AS and 5+ WS hitting at S5 with Halberd.

Mage Level 2
w. Dispel Scroll, High Magic

Principle purpose is to cast after the Archmage focusing on Drain Magic to weaken opponents magic phase.

Seaguard x25
w. Full Command, Shields, Banner of Eternal Flame

Deploy in 5 ranks of 5 means they attack in 5 ranks in close combat (3 ranks for spears + step up + marital prowess) and shoot in 3 ranks in shooting phase w. 13 attacks all flaming. Put LoS on them and those attacks will at increased strength.

Seaguard x25
w. Full Command, Shields
Phoenix Guard x20
w. Full Command, War Banner

Considered Razor Banner but War Banner is better choice as these guys have the same job they did under 7th Ed which is to act as a sponge soaking up enemy units while not dying.

Swordmasters x16
w. Full Command, Standard of Balance

Immune to psychology these guys will be going hell for leather at the strongest enemy units protected by LoS as much as possible.

Dragon Princes x5
w. Champion

No RBT's why? Because they only have 2 wounds and will die to damn easily. Yes the lack of anything with a 48" S6 kill range makes things easier for your opponent but that is balanced out by magic phase.

Total 2,396 - Characters 33%, Core 30%, Special 35%, Rare 2%

I have no idea what Caleb will bring on Thursday but expect a couple of Chaos Chariots, a Warshrine, 2 units of Knights and a couple of big blocks of Marauders. But one advantage I will definately have over him is that he has no shooting outside of his fast cavalry which I can kill off reasonably quickly.

July 26, 2010

Dwarfs for Call to Arms 2010 - Army list submitted

Well its always better just to get things over and done with sometimes so about 5 minutes ago I submitted my army list for Call to Arms 2010. Going with Dwarfs - because well that masochist side of me won out.

So what am I taking and why? Basically its a modification of the list I took to Horned Rat a few weeks back. Heroes are basically unchanged except for 2 small items. Core units have been reduced but made larger and the warmachines have gotten a major shake up.

The throng of Karak Thorinkin - Call to Arms 8th Ed tournament list @ 2,250pts

Dwarf Lord
w. Shieldbearers, GW, MR Kragg the Grimm, RO Burning, RO Striking, MR Spite, RO Warding, RO Furnace

Usual bells and whistles, 2+ rerollable AS, 4+ WS, 2+WS vs. flaming attacks, MR1, GW does flaming attacks at WS8.

w. Shield, MR Challenge, RO Spellbreaking

He could have 3 scrolls but MR Challenge is going to be fun to use and necessary as well

Thane (BSB)
w. MR Gromil, RO Furnace, RO Cleaving, RO Snorri

No changes here

Warriors x25
w. Full Command, Shields
Warriors x25
w. Full Command, Shields

Blocks of 25 gives you 5 ranks which are minimum in 8th IMO. No GW as the 6+ WS is worth the bonus and at S3 Dwarfs will still wound most people regardless.

Quarrellers x18
w. Shields, Musician

Only 1 unit but this is balanced by changes to warmachines. Deployed 9 wide 2 deep and then quick reform to 3 ranks of 5 one of 3.

Hammerers x25
w. Full command, shields, MR Grungi

No changes here. Toyed with 2 units and 1 unit of 40 but 25 is suffucient. MR Grungi still invaluable, even more so given range of magic missile spells out there now.

w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Burning

S3 flaming hits on everything under template and re-roll scatter dice and misfire result, not bad.

Organ Gun
Organ Gun

Thats right 2 Organ Guns AH HA HA HA HA


Really weighed up whether to take this or not, but honestly I seriously missed him in the last tournament and with templates hitting everything his S3 AP attacks are going to be valuable. He also balances out the loss of the Miners which I had briefly considered taking in a block of 20.

TOTAL 2,249 pts - Characters 27%, Core 32%, Special 24%, Rare 17%

High Elves will be going to Skitterleap on October 2nd principally because at 2400pts they are going to be a lot of fun to play. So thats it for my Dwarfs - there last tournament outing of 2010 and their last till April/May 2011 (if I am lucky - next year is going to be difficult work wise).

Plans after this tournament are to do some serious repainting of my entire Dwarf army.

Army list construction should get easy?!?

I have lost count of how much time I spent going over various army list options for 8th Edition Dwarfs and High Elves this weekend. Army lists for Call to Arms (my next tournament and first under 8th) are due in 5 days and am still struggling.

I mean honestly I have been playing for what 2 years now and should have a good idea of what to take but every time I go to put a list together it seems like a major struggle. For fun games at the club its easy just take something cheesy or weird and enjoy it. But for tournaments thats a whole other matter entirely.

High Elves - magic yes, dispel scroll ?, which infantry elites to take, bolt-throwers vs. monsters or rely on magic, seaguard or spears, white lions or no white lions, combat character with ToLoec or Archmage....

Dwarfs - Lord or Anvil, Rangers or straight warriors, GW or no GW...

About the only decision I have definately made my mind up about is that Dwarfs will be taking 2 Organ Guns and a Grudgethrower as standard artillery from now on, but thats about it.

July 23, 2010

1st game of 8th and High Elves for first 8th Tournament

Played my first game of 8th Edition last night, which we complicated further by making it a 2v2 battle High Elves vs. Dwarfs each player taking 1600pts. I decided to leave magic at home to concentrate on learning the movement and combat rules and went with.

Prince (w. Swordmasters)
w. GW, Armour of Silvered Steel, Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon
BSB (w. Spears)
w. GW, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

So thats two characters both hitting on S6 with re-rolls, and both with 2+ AS and 5+ WS. Prince and his unit also gained 6+WS vs. Warmachines.

Spears x40
w. Full Command, Banner of Swiftness (+1 movement)
Phoenix Guard x18
w. Full Command, Razor Standard (Armour Piercing)
Swordmasters x17
w. Full Command, Standard of Balance (ITP)

TOTAL 1,600pts

Game went pretty fast once we got into it. Slowest part was setting up terrain as we decided to use the full random roll for pieces process rather than just stick bits out. Consequently we ended up with 3 walls, a steaming marsh, a bane stone, a 2-storey building and a freaky (??right word) forest that gave everyone poison attacks.

Basically the Dwarfs chewed us up mostly as my partners 2 Dragon Prince units got torn apart by shooting especially the Grudgethrower which is just deadly now, and his characters died along with them. This basically left the battle up to me and it was fun!!!!!!!

The Spears did OK attacking in 4 ranks with them being 10x4 with re-rolls to hit. Problem is needing 5's to wound Dwarfs made it hard to get anything, although against Hammerers who were on a 5+AS wounds tended to kill, and also because half the unit got killed by missile fire before close combat. Other than that they were fun.

Phoenix Guard were well as PG always are - going to buy another 10 of these guys so I can take a larger unit of 25-30 from now on. I think thats about the right size for units now. Any larger and they get unweidly. Hordes seem nice but its hard to move and keep the 1" separation plus unless everyone else takes Hordes only 28/40 models are attacking vs. the standard 5 wide unit.

Best unit by far though SWORDMASTERS!!!!!!!

Absolutely awesome. Deployed them in 2 ranks they charged a unit of 30 Longbeards. 1st round of combat I had 20 attacks going in from them all with re-rolls (5 guys in front rank w. 2 attacks each, and Champion w. 3 + 7 guys in back with 1 attack each) plus the Prince with 4 attacks as well. 24 attacks killed 15 Longbeards, or half the unit. Took only 2 more rounds of combat (as my opponent kept making is 6+ parry saves) to wipe out the entire unit. Giving them Standard of Balance was - as always - the only way to use large units of these guys. That and the Ironcurse Icon on them (FOR ONLY 5 pts) stopped the Grudgethrower from killing them, and a flank shot from a Bolt-Thrower before it got through even one model.

8th Edition High Elves next week

Matching up against Caleb's Warriors of Chaos at 2400pts - and this time I will be using magic to practice it. Aiming at this stage for Lore of Shadow which from talk on Ulthuan and elsewhere seems to favour HE more. Match will also be good practice for next two tournaments both 8th Edition - Call to Arms in 3 weeks time @ 2,250pts and Skitterleap in October @ 2400pts - will be taking High Elves to both.

So what do I take? You cant put everything in and so at least one Elite unit will have to stay at home. Tossed a coin and it will be the White Lions even if they are the best looking of my High Elf units. The problem is the mandatory minimum core which stops you from running the basic 220pts of HE Archers that most guys take.

8th Edition HE @ 2,250pts (possibly for my 1st 8th Ed tournament)

Archmage Level 4 (w. Phoenix Guard)
w. Silver Wand, Talisman of Endurance

Silver Wand gains an extra spell, Talisman gives 5+WS. 25% restriction means I cant take Folraiths or other items as I wanted the Prince to be included as well. Book of Hoeth seems to be a favourite of many people but I'm not to sure about it. Prefer some protection. Big change in 8th is that you only get 1 Dispel Scroll per army - just one - vs. Dwarfs who get 3 because they use Runes. High Elves still get +1 to dispel though.

Prince (w. Spears)
w. GW, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Radiant Gem of Hoeth

2+ AS, 5+ WS are reasonable if not spectacular. Main purpose of this guy is to give me a 2nd caster who also doubles as a combat character. Only Lvl 1 but he can Channel extra dice which is all I need him for. Also gives you L10 for army.

BSB (w. Dragon Princes)
w. Halberd, Barded Steed, Helm of Fortune, Talisman of Protection

Not quite the standard set up but honestly if you fail a 1+ rerollable AS then a 5 vs. 6+ WS isnt going to make much difference. After a good idea from Caleb plan for this guy is to sit with the Dragon Princes behind the army buffing with his re-rolls.

Spears x35
w. Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection

Thought about 2 units of 20 and only 1 of Archers but 35 gives me 7 ranks of 5 or 5 of 7. Extra ranks mean greater chance of Stubborn which is huge for HE. 7 x 5 ranks also maximises their attack value vs. 5 wide standard infantry blocks. Banner of Arcane Protection gives MR2 or 5+ WS vs. magic making up for lack of Dispel Scrolls.

Archers x10
w. Musician
Archers x10
w. Musician

Big blocks of Archers seem a good idea but 2 units offer more flexibility and you will still need shooting to take care of chaff (horde) units like Skaven Slaves.

Phoenix Guard x19
w. Full Command, Razor Standard

Still my favourite unit - only 19 due to points and as I havent painted the 20th model I own yet. Razor Standard gives Armour Piercing attacks which is golden for these guys. War Banner a consideration but they will stick anyway as WS will help them.

Swordmasters x18
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Balance

The all or nothing unit. Yes they only have a 5+AS vs. anything and yes shooting will absolutely destroy them. But standard makes them ITP so they will not panic and you better kill all of them with shooting because if I get into combat they will kill you - all of you.

Dragon Princes x5
w. Musician

Basically there to bunker the BSB and to cater for skirmishers and flyers etc. Also necessary as I only have 2 painted non-mage characters one a mounted BSB the other a GW carrying guy on foot.


Well because Budgies are always useful and it was fun having use Stomp attacks on Warmachine crews last night.

TOTAL 2,245pts (Core 26.5%, Special 38.8%, Rare 2.2%, Characters 32.5%)

8th Edition HE @ 2,400pts (possibly for my 2nd 8th Ed tournament)

So at 2400pts what do I do? You are only adding 150pts which isnt alot. The big change now is the increase in pts available to each choice - Lords for e.g. go from 562.5 to 600pts. This gives you so slightly better options.

For HE though everything costs - ALOT - the question is what will my opponents bring at that points level? 150pts means a lot of extra chaff for armies like Goblins and Skaven, and even VC if people really like Zombies. It may also mean more magic.

So planning wise I start with 2,250 list above and make the following changes

Archmage now has - Silver Wand and Folraiths Robe. Losing 5+ WS in favour of immunity to all non-magical attacks.

Swordmasters get 2 more bodies to total of 20

Spears - get split into 2 units of 20 one with Lichebone Pennant for MR1

Army gets one more Eagle

This is what Ill use next week

July 21, 2010

Completed 765pts of FOW Fallschirmjager

Finally have a game ready FOW army after several weeks of effort. Painting had come to a halt over last fortnight as I was waiting on some Silflor Tufts to arrive from Australia. These really help add an extra dimension of detail to each base and I am seriously considering using them when I start repainting my Dwarfs for 8th Edition.

My painted collection

All up I have 3 Platoons worth 765pts painted - they dont form a legal army list at that size as I need another combat Platoon, but they do at 600 pts if I drop the AT Platoon to 3 guns and put the mortars into the HQ Platoon.

Completed units in pictures below are:
- FJ Company HQ (Panzerfaust/SMG) w. Panzershrek team
- FJ Combat Platoon (Panzerfaust/SMG) and 3 Squads
- FJ Mortar Platoon (2 Squads)
- FJ Anti-tank Platoon (4x75mm Pak 40)

All the pics are really large so if you click on them they should all expand a lot!!!

Company CIC

FJ Combat Platoon

FJ Anti-tank Platoon

FJ Mortar Platoon

By way of comparison, check out how the Mortar & Combat Platoons looked before without the Silflor Tufts and the Sandbags.

Next up on painting list are a unit of Dwarf Miners for WHFB 8th Edition and a 2nd FJ Combat Platoon. Hoping to arrange a small game of FOW next week so I can put these guys to the test.

July 20, 2010

Horned Rat III - A tournaments worth of pictures

Finally got round to editing the scores of pictures I took over the weekend. Unfortunately the venue was pretty dark and my camera skills are rubbish so most didnt turn out well. Rather than upload them all here I've put them all on Photobucket - just click the picture below to visit the gallery.

Also, hate to disappoint but there is no way I will be able to write up 5 long battle reports of the games I played so heres a quick summary of them all.

Game 1 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> WIN 11-9
He had a lot of those Blunderbuss guys so I basically sat back inside my deployment zone using the terrain to my advantage and shot him to pieces. Helped by his General failing a solo charge on my Organ Gun and getting blasted out of the saddle the next turn - 10 hits @ S5 take that!!! Win was reduced to 11-9 as I got impatient in Turn 4 and marched my Longbeards out to get at his Blunderbusses forgetting that they can move and shoot. Lost half the unit which gave him 175pts.

Game 2 vs. Wood Elves --> LOSS 4-16
I lost this game on Deployment. Basically I stuffed it up completely leaving my infantry with nothing to attack while his Treeman etc rampaged through the rest of my army. All of my infantry blocks were left alive but he wiped out everything else and I was unable to do any real damage to his army.

Game 3 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> LOSS 3-17
Nice opponent but a horrible freaking game. By end of game I only had my Lord and 4 Hammerers left on the table. Have to wonder whether Chaos Dwarfs are now to outdated to be considered as legal in future tournaments.

Game 4 vs. High Elves --> WIN 16-4
Not sure what this guy was thinking with his army list. He had a Prince on Star Dragon, Dragon Mage, 2 blocks of 12 Dragon Princes and 2 units of 10 archers thats it. I won table side choice and got lots of open space to deploy and a building to stick my Thunderers in. Meaning that he had to advance straight at my shooting.

Turn 1 --> Quarrellers blasted his Dragon Mage out of the Saddle, and then Organ Gun kills 9 DP in one unit. Unfortunately the remaining one made his panic test and survived the rest of the game taking 240VP with him.

Turns 2-4 --> He charged my Quarrellers with his remaining DP and the Prince popped out from behind cover also charging in. End result my shooting blasts that unit of DP's forcing him to run away. I then blow away his Prince after he for some strange reason didnt charge the Organ which was his biggest threat. End result by Turn 4 both of his characters were dead along with the Star Dragon and the game was pretty much over.

Victory should have been much higher say 18-2 but I made a mistake in trying to use my MIners to trap his remaining DP unit between my Lord + Hammerers and the table edge, instead of bringing them on in his deployment zone to contest both of the table quarters there.

Game 5 vs. Wood Elves --> DRAW 10-10
Fun game that I basically got a draw through deployment as he only had one choice run at my shooting or run at my infantry. He choose the former. Organ Gun spent majority of game slowly moving over the board trying to catch his units before finally in Turn 6 blasting a unit of Wardancers away in one go. After we table up the result we carried on playing into Turn 9 just for the hell of it.

8th Edition Army Lists - High Elves @ 2,250pts

Nice end to the working day yesterday - came back from teaching my last class of the afternoon to find the 8th Edition rulebook sitting in my intray just AWESOME!!!!

Having my first 8th Edition game on Thursday. Will be a 2v2 1600pts per player Dwarfs vs. High Elves match. Ill be playing High Elves this time round, just because, and lending my Dwarfs to another club member. Already have the list sorted but not posting it here as I want to surprise our opponents.

Also figuring out what a workable 2250pt list for Call to Arms would be for both Dwarfs and High Elves. Army lists are due at the Tournament Officials by 1st August so I have a little time. Helped by the release of a user built 8th Ed ruleset for armybuilder - makes it so much easier to calculate everything.

Thinking with High Elves that I will forgo my usual Lvl4, Lvl2, BSB structure for a couple of reasons. First a Lvl 4 mage while being great is also at risk of dying and honestly a Level 1 or 2 can throw the same number of dice at spell give him Seerstaff and you can pick a nasty one and go from there. Thinking at this stage that Lore of Shadows looks like a real goer.

The BSB build also has to change or I will have to take Dragon Princes negating my desire to build an all infantry army. The inability to place cavalry models into infantry units makes things difficult. Also noticed that at 2250pts the 25% cap on Lords means that the typical Prince on Star Dragon build is out for High Elves.

Anyway tentative 2,250pt High Elf tournament list is (practice game next week maybe???)

w. Armour of Caledor, Talisman of Endurance, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, GW

Level 1 Wizard, 2+AS, 5+WS reasonable in combat with ASF and re-rolls and may get a decent spell off occasionally.

w. Barded Steed, Halberd, Dragon Armour, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix
Mage Level 2
w. Staff of Solidity, Obsidian Amulet

Immunity to first miscast is nice and MR2 from Amulet makes up for lack of Dispel Scrolls - new rules mean each mage can only carry 1, and in effect so can the army as you cant have duplicates. Going to make Dwarfs with 3xRO Spellbreaking huge.

Spears x40 (General & mage go here)
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame (Flaming attacks)
Archers x15
w. Musician
Dragon Princes x6 (BSB goes here)
w. Musician & Drakemaster w. Terrifying Mask of Eee (Causes Terror)
Phoenix Guard x18
w. Full Command, Razor Standard (Armour Piercing attacks)
White Lions x12
w. Full Command, Lion Standard
Swordmasters x9

TOTAL 2,248 (Lords/Heroes 28%, Core 25%, Special 42%, Rare 5%)

The horde unit of Spears will be fun to use, although I want to try it first I may just split it into 2 units of 20 or stick with the unit of 28 that I usually like to run.

July 19, 2010

Back from last 7th Ed WHFB tournament

Got home from the last ever 7th Ed WHFB tournament in NZ yesterday. It was good, but not as good as I would have liked. Scored 2 wins, a draw and 2 losses over the five rounds which is OK for Dwarfs but nowhere near what I wanted particular as the two losses were quite heavy and cost me points. One of those was vs. a very nasty Chaos Dwarf army.

I have strong doubts about whether that book should be allowed in competition esp. now we have moved to 8th and even more so because tournament player packs all clearly specify that you have to use army books published in country - this clearly indicates that you must use official armies, if not I might just proxy a Kislev, Albion or Cathay army next time round. But then again if I had played better the result would have been different.

The 2nd loss came because I - once again - changed my deployment and plan (such that it was) half way through deployment. So once again I lost a game through bad deployment.

Full write ups, battle reports and lots of pictures next week as my teaching workload is too heavy this week to get anything constructive done blog wise.

Basic results were
Game 1 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> WIN 11-9
Game 2 vs. Wood Elves --> LOSS 4-16
Game 3 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> LOSS 3-17 (horrible game only had 4 Hammerers & my Lord left)
Game 4 vs. High Elves --> WIN 16-4
Game 5 vs. Wood Elves --> DRAW 10-10

So a total of 42 battle points for a finishing spot of 21st - which is about average for the battle points I usually get and the placing. I was really hoping to go out better than this, that 9th place finish at Skitterleap last year set the bar pretty high for me and I've struggling to match it with my Dwarfs ever since.

also a bit disappointing to play only 3 types of army during the tournament but as results dictate who you go up against after the 1st round its partially my fault for not doing better. Out of interest the two armies I lost too eventually finished in the top half of the field, and the High Elf army I smashed had 2 Dragons.

Now comes the hard part deciding whether to take High Elves or Dwarfs to the first 8th Edition tournament of the year - Call to Arms - in 4 weeks time?!?

July 16, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen 2250pts

Return to Lustria: Revenge is sweet for the Dwarfs
2250pts Tournament army list playtesting vs. Lizardmen

Lord Kordrek Ironfist smiled with grim satisfaction as he surveyed the disposition of his forces. Around him his bodyguard of Hammerers, drawn from the bravest warriors of his Clan Morgral, waited stoicily not willing to show even a shadow of apprehension under the watchful gaze of their General and the ranks of Grumbling Longbeards on their flank. The banner of Karak Thorinkin flew proudly over the massed dwarven infantry as Quarrellers and Thunderers loaded their weapons and took up screening positions in front of Kordrek's regiment.

The main Dwarven battleline

Bolt-Throwers guard the flank

The main Lizardman force

To his left the Runesmith Dventhrist Ravenhammer waited, quietly overseeing the artillery crews of Clan Ragnell as they wheeled a multi barrelled Organ Gun into position. Further away to Kordreks right additional regiments of Quarrellers screened a battery of Ragnell bolt-throwers whose 8ft like projectiles guarded the armies flank. Of the miners of Clan Boerdin there was no sign, they had begun tunnelling under the battlefield the moment the Lizardman army had first been sighted by the Dwarven armies scouts.

KordrekIronfist looks across the battlefield from atop his shield

The Lizardman army was a gruesome sight hordes of light footed Skinks ran in seemingly random patterns at the front of the army. Behind them could be seen the massed ranks of Spear carrying Saurus Warriors - while not the equal of Dwarfs in martial prowess their frenzied attacks more than compensated for that weakness. Further out, while unsighted by Kordrek, Lizard heavy cavalry had advanced into position their fearsome mounts already salivating at the sight of the Dwarven ranks before them. But it was only for one creature that Kodrek had eyes that day the Lizard armies General. Mounted atop a huge Carnosaur the General was fully visible behind the ranks of his infantry, his monstrous mount putting him in full view of the Dwarven battleline. Kordrek turned and exchanged a knowing smile with Dventhrist and the Organ Gun crewmen. While fearsome indeed the Carnosaur also made the Lizardman General an easy and obvious target for Dwarven artillery.

The battle commenced with hordes of Skinks rushing forward across the open ground to Kordreks front with the massed ranks of Saurus infantry not far behind. Their movement was halted, albiet momentarily, when the Dwarven army responded with stone cold silence. That was until the unmistakable sound of Crossbows and Thunderers handguns firing broke through the afternoon air. Soon scores of missiles were tearing through scaly skin punching through armour and bone and cutting down dozens of lizard warriors. A momentary flame of dark magic lanced across the field toward Kordrek before being harmlessly dispelled by Dwarven runes. And then the tearing sound of the Organ Gun drowned out all else and the Dwarven army cheered as shells tore into the Lizardman General and his Carnosaur mount.

The Lizardman General makes a fine, if distant, target for the Dwarven artillery

On the right Kordrek saw the Bolt-Thrower crews firing bolt after bolt at the enemy cavalry unit, joined by smaller bolts from their protecting quarrellers. In short order the enemy dead began to pile up across the battlefield, the Lizardman cavalry - or what was left of it - retreating in haste into a nearby wood.

Skink Javelins and blowdarts now began to pepper the Dwarven lines with no effect. This fusilade of annoying missiles was met by the charging ranks of a regiment of newly blooded Warriors for Kordreks clan. They had been positioned on his left guarding that flank and had not been expected to join the battle so soon. But join it they did charging through and cutting down Skink after Skink.

The young beardlings charged the Skinks

More Dwarven missile fire began to tear through the Lizardman ranks and even the stoic Longbeards cheered when a huge 8ft long bolt pierced rank after rank of Saurus Warriors to the armies front. On the left the ground beneath the feet of the Lizardman army began to rumble and suddenly a regiment of miners burst forth from the ground marching straight at the Lizard armies flank. But they emerged too close to to General and his Carnosaur, with a guttural cry heard across the field they charged the miners who only just emerged from the ground fled in Terror at the approaching monster. The Carnosaurs pursuit of the terrified miners was only stopped when yet another volley of shot from the Organ Gun tore great holes in its flesh.

On the left the regiment of young Warriors now over reached themselves, overrunning the Skinks they charged straight into a huge block of Saurus Warriors. As Kordrek ordered the rest of the army forward slightly he could only watch as the unequal combat ended when the Saurus cut down Warrior after Warrior before chasing down the fleeing remnants of the beardling regiment. Worringly the Organ Gun now fell silent as Skinks charged through the trees hoping to remove it as a threat.

Skinks charge in hoping to silence the Organ Gun

Joining in that melee Dventhrist Ravenhammer helped the artillery crew cut down the skinks and then turn the Organ Guns barrels onto the Saurus Warriors now rapidly approaching the flank of the army. They payed the price for the Skinks failure as rank after rank were cut down by the Organ Guns shot. As they did so Quarrellers who had fought off the charge of another Skink regiment themselves charged the 2nd block of Saurus Warriors bravely sacrificing themselves to give Kordreks Hammerers and the Longbeards space to move.

The Longbeards look on as the beardling regiment in the distance charges the Saurus Warriors

Quarrellers sacrifice themselves by charging the Saurus Warriors

Another volley of missiles from the Bolt-Throwers flew toward the Lizardman ranks, one flying straight and true at the Lizardman General only to be batted aside by the magical warding power of an amulet around its neck. On the left flank Dventhrist alone fought on against the charging Saurus Warriors valiantly holding on after the Organ Gun crew died around him. His bravery and that of the Quarrellers to Kordreks front proved the turning point in the battle.

Runesmith Dventhrist Hammersmith bravely holds of an entire Saurus regiment alone

Holding up both of the huge regiments of Saurus Warriors that formed the bulk of the Lizardman army they put them right in the charging line of Kordreks Hammerers and the Longbeards.
Yelling the battlecry of Karak Thorinkin both regiments rushed forward axes rising and falling. Saurus Warrior after Saurus Warrior was cut down, Kodrek himself slaying four of the fell beasts. Faced with the prospect of their own deaths the surviving Saurus broke and ran, but not fast enough as the throng of Karak Thorinkin pursued them and cut them down with ease.

Lord Kordrek leads his Hammerers & the Longbeards into the Saurus Warriors

The Saurus break and run - while the sole surving Lizardman cavalry trooper looks on

As they did so Dventhrists brave fight came to an end and he fell among the bodies of the Organ Gun crew. On the right Thunderers and Quarrellers shot down all but one of the remaining Lizardman cavalry, and laid waste to the few remaining Skinks. The battered remnants of the Lizardman army now had no choice but to rally around their severly wounded General and retreat from the battlefield not just defeated but routed.

Few Dwarfs had fallen that day while hundreds of Lizards lie prone among the grass and trees. Victory was sweet indeed for the Thorinkin.

Not a bad little battle and a nice way to warm up for the last ever 7th Edition tournament in New Zealand which starts tomorrow. Ironically this is the first NZ tournament that I can recall not having a single Lizardman army in it, however 5 of the 30 armies competing are WoC which is going to make my extra shooting interesting. Full write up of all of the tournament battles and pictures of everyones armies etc might take a while, semester just started so I have a lot of teaching to do *sigh* - In good news though my 8th Ed rulebook should be here from Maelstrom soon!!!!

Final army breakdown for tournament this weekend

Final number of players is 30 including 4 from my local club.

5 - WoC
4 - Skaven
3 - Dwarfs, High Elves, Wood Elves
2 - DoC, Chaos Dwarfs, O&G
1 - Beastmen, Vamps, Brets, TKs, Empire, Dark Elves

So three armies with 2600 points and two with 2000 using ETC composition rules.

4 Dragons in 3 High Elf armies one of those is a Prince on Star Dragon/Dragon Mage combo, 6 Dragons total. No Greater Daemons. Should be an interesting time.

July 9, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dwarfs 1500pts x2

Bloody revenge & the price of a Princes arrogance
The conclusion of the 1st campaign of the ancient fued between High Elf and Dwarf

The war against the Dwarfs was going badly. Starving and with more wounded than fit soldiers among their ranks the surviving members of the High Elven army had returned to their winter quarters on the edge of the Black Gulf. At its head Lord Hethronus his armour scarred and his face bloody marched through the gates of the encampment to see the armies General Prince Rantheon waiting arrogantly in courtyard.

Harsh words were spoken that morning as the battered remants of the army ambushed by Dwarven forces several days past [read battle report] staggered through the gates, most collapsing where they stood. Of the mighty army that Prince Rantheon had abandoned to avoid the winter snows few remained. But the Prince was unaware of the what had transpired on that march. The army had given its loyalty to Lord Hethronus and Rantheon would soon pay the price for his arrogance...

...on the long march home Lord Hethronus had managed to rally and regroup his forces. The Dwarfs filled with the taste of victory had put yet more blocking forces in his troops way. But this time they would not enjoy the same success.

On a field some 2 days march from the Elves encampment two Dwarven armies lay in wait for Hethronus's survivors. Approaching a small human settlement the Elves met the first of these forces, its infantry drawn up in close formation between a small human settlement and a small wood. With the majority of the citizen levies dead Hethronus's army was small but powerful its ranks almost entirely made up of the Elite of Ulthuan - Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard, White Lions and Dragon Princes.

The two armies line up against each-other.
The Elves more alert gain the advantage and the first move

Ordering his army forward Hethronus took his place among the Swordmasters of Hoeth and aimed his infantry straight at the Dwarfs main strength. The White Lions pealed off to the left flank their aim to stubbornly block the march of the Ironbreakers whose armoured might had emerged from behind the woods at the Elves approach. Behind the infantry Hethronus trump card was ready - Dragon Princes their regiments newly bolstered by the magical banner of Ellyrion, they would soon make the Dwarfs regret anchoring their battleline against the trees.

As the Elven infantry marched forward Dwarven missile troops and warmachines took a terrible toll on the White Lions. The dreaded tearing sound made by the firing sound an Organ Gun unmistakable. Its shells ripped through Lion Cloaks with ease as around Hethronus numerous Swordmasters fell to Dwarven quarrels.

The battlelines meet. This time the Ironbreakers armour failed to save them, while the weaker Elves armour saved them time and time again. Swordmasters cut down half of the infantry in front of them in that 1st charge but remained outnumbered. On the right the PG were unable to force the Quarrellers from the buildings, a failure that would eventually cost them.

But fueled by anger now, anger at their Prince, and at the Dwarves for the number of slain Elves left to rot in the snows behind them the infantry with Hethronus charged without caring through the Dwarven missile fire. Swordmasters crashed into Dwarven Warriors cleaving their way through multiple ranks as dozens of Dwarfs died. Dragon Princes charged freely through the wood crushing a small unit of naked Dwarven Slayers beneath their horses hooves before running into the Dwarven Organ Gun. On the left the White Lions their ranks drastically reduced attacked the more numerous Ironbreakers and soon their great axes cleaved through Gromil like paper.

The battle turns - the Swordmasters & Phoenix Guard break, as do the Ironbreakers. But there are very few Dwarfs left alive at this point and they can only ran and hide from the Dragon Princes behind them.

The melee become a mass of confusion Dwarf and Elf hacking at eachother in bloody fury. On the left the White Lions cut down Ironbreaker after Ironbreaker and then cut down the survivors as they broke and ran. But the battle did not go all the Elves way. In the centre the brutal charge of the Swordmasters had faltered. The Dwarven infantry were more numerous than Hethronus realised. Despite almost destroying the Longbeards he faced Hethronus and his Swordmasters were broken and fled. With them went the Phoenix Guard their martial abilities proving no match for concentrated Dwarven firepower - Hethronus ordered the retreat.

Behind him he left a field full of bodies. Both forces had been effectively wiped out with only a few units recognisable in any ranked formation. The rest were scattered to the four winds or lying wounded and dying among the snows.

But this was not the first time the forces of Ulthuan had suffered like this. Regrouping they marched on their ranks rebuilding as they went as stragglers returned. Once again the unbreakable and undefeated Dragon Princes of Caledor saved the army preventing any Dwarven pursuit.

Map of the 2nd battle showing the overall movement of the Elven army.
Only the PG stayed out to the right where they killed off the Warriors before being killed by the Longbeards.

Now 1 day from their encampment the 2nd Dwarven force was encountered. This time there would be no retreat. Charging all of his troops at the Dwarven right flank - that blocked the road to safety - the Elven forces killed literally every Dwarf on the field of battle that day. Dwarven artillery, normally so reliable, failed warmachine after warmachine blowing itself up or being left abandoned as their crews ran. Massed ranks of Elves surrounded and killed every Dwarf they found until none remained to bar their march home...

...But the Prince learned of none of these events. Instead the Princes hatred and contempt of Lord Hethronus was spilled forth in full view of the shocked ranks of Elven troops. Scorn was poured on the survivors, their bravery questioned, their honor revoked by the arrogance of a Prince who had left them to rot in the winter snows to die while he warmed himself in front of his fire.

Unwilling the survivors were to listen to such words, none more so than Lord Hethronus who had rallied the survivors and led them home. Drawing his sword his mind full of rage he slew the Prince in full view of what was now 'his' army. Around him the survivors fell on the Princes closest supporters slaying all those who would not submit, the surviving mages collaring his Dragon Kisath allowing White Lions to end its life. No Royal Dragon would ever submit to a new master so it too had to die.

And so the Elves first winter in the Old World ended in victory and a new beginning. There would be no going back to Ulthuan for the army now. Their complicity in the death of the Prince had sealed their fates and only the complete defeat of the Dwarves would remove their guilt, and prevent their execution. The war then would continue....

July 7, 2010

Nauticans coming to WHFB??? Clues from White Dwarf & why it might happen

I've been picking up on rumours for last year or so about a new race for the Warhammer world whose entry into the game will be triggered by the release of 8th Edition. After reading the latest issue of White Dwarf No.367 this morning I am somewhat more accepting of this rumour having some truth to it.

There is a little snippet from the 8th Edition rulebooks new fluff section that includes a passage mentioning a Nautican type army. Quote from p.24 is:

A Dark Elf Corsair fleet is dragged beneath the waves by an onslaught of submersible craft that appear to be half ship and half kraken. Only one of the Druchii corsairs survives and his tales of needle fanged warriors from the depths are dismissed as salt-madness.

Why take the time to include such a race into the historical narrative if you are not going to flesh out the story somehow? Yes they have Chaos Dwarfs etc who are part of that same narrative and there hasnt been an official book to support them. But the unofficial army books for armies lie Chaos Dwarfs, Kislev and Cathay have been around for a while now and are well known. The Chaos Dwarf one is now widely accepted at tournaments internationally as a legitimate army book. Consequently, there is no real need for GW to look at making an official one there.

With Kislev and Cathay there is an opportunity to make money from figures (as some are available for Kislev, or at least used to be). But both of these nations are difficult to insert into the wider narrative because of their geographical location in the Warhammer world. Plus the have the baggage of several years of fan based literature to go with them, and the ability to have figures made for them out of existing models.

A Nautican race therefore makes more sense as a new army. Why?
  1. Geographically they would have contact with every other WHFB race allowing them greater capacity to be woven into the existing narrative.
  2. Starting with a fresh race would allow GW to generate a new storyline without any existing fan fluff behind it. This gives them a clean sheet and removes any possible backlash in regard to widely accepted fan doctrine about such a race.
  3. An all new race also removes the ability of gamers to modify existing models to create figures for that race. Hence GW can produce a brand new line of models and make a lot more money out of us.
  4. An oceanic race is perhaps (other than an avian one) the only missing thread from the Warhammer world. We have all the traditional fantasy elements: Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, Beasts, Ogres and Daemons as well as new elements like Skaven.
Regardless of whether they create a new race or not their inclusion in the historical narrative (even if only briefly) is somewhat exciting.

What would be even better of course would be if they used Sigmars unofficial Nautican race as the basis for any fishman type army book.

July 6, 2010

Tournament army breakdown for Horned Rat III

Well I am now only 11 days away from the last ever 7th Edition WHFB tournament in New Zealand. Dwarfs are all packed and ready to go minus a couple of additional balsa wood movement trays that I will build over the weekend.

Just got the army breakdown for next weekends tournament and there is an interesting mix. More importantly there will be 3 - yes 3 - Dwarf armies there including mine. Outstanding. Unfortunately there are only 29 registered players so we might have a bye situation happening, I sincerely hope not.

Armies coming to Horned Rat III 17th-18th July
4 - WoC
3 each of - Dwarfs, High Elves, Wood Elves, Skaven
2 each of - DoC, Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarfs
1 each of - Beastmen, Vamps, Brets, O&G, TKs

With a couple of lists still to be checked by the judges.

Its actually more interesting who isnt playing at this tournament. The majority of the usual suspects are there with 4 of the Top 10 ranked WHFB players in the country attending
- Jack Dunn 2nd & Best Dark Elf General
- Joe Dixon 5th & Best WoC General
- Harry Dixon 6th & Best TK General
- Peter Williamson 8th

But other than that the tournament is dominated by newer players with only 1-2 tournaments under their belt and in the case of 3 players no previous tournament experience. It seems like it will be a good chance to meet some new opponents, although there are some familar faces I would look forward to playing against like Neil Williamson & Ben Wadsworth both of whom I have had fun games against in the past. Neil and I seem to face each other in just about every tournament we both enter.

July 5, 2010

Thinking ahead to 8th Edition - Dwarfs @2250

Well having official registered for Call to Arms 2010 the first major tournament (locally) to be using 8th Edition rules I guess its time to think about list building. The list size hasnt changed since the players pack was issued and is the standard 2250pts; despite ongoing speculation that 2400-3000pts will be the new tournament standard.

So what would I take? Its difficult to figure out, but using the army I am taking to Horned Rat next weekend as a starting point I have come up with the following using 25% max Lords 25% max heroes and 25% min core as a guide.

w. Shieldbearers, GW, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Furnace, RO Warding
w. RO Stone, Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2
w. RO Cleaving, RO Snorri Spanglehelm, MR Gromil, RO Furnace

No major changes here other than losing a RO Spellbreaking to allow for pts to be spent on GW for the infantry.

Warriors x25
w. Champion, Musician, GW, Shields
Warriors x25
w. Champion, Musician, GW, Shields

Not taking Longbeards is a first as their immunity to panic would appear to be a great bonus under 8th Ed rules where shooting is going to become pretty prominent, but I needed the points.

Quarrellers x15
w. Musician, Shields, GW
Quarrellers x15
w. Musician, Shields, GW

Biggest change is here. Instead of 2 units of 10 I have 2 of 15 with GW meaning these guys are now a serious melee as well as shooting threat.

Hammerers x20
w. Full Command, Shields, MR Grungi

MR Grungi here to cater for strength of shooting in 8th Edition.

Miners x10
w. Engineer
w. Engineer
w. Engineer
Organ Gun

No Gyrocopter here wondering if thats a mistake, as with random charges etc being able to march block and redirect would be a huge tactical bonus. This list is very much like a gunline but I have 6 blocks of infantry all armed with GW meaning my opponents are going to get seriously hurt if they cant break through my ranks. Hammerers getting GW free are also a major bonus now.

TOTAL 2,248pts

Possible 1500pt lists for last grudge match this week

Well its time for Game 5 of the currently tied Grudge series between myself and Adam at the Club this week. We had a lot of new WHFB players turn up last week so looks like competition is going to be good over the next few months especially with 8th Edition getting everyone fired up.

Great to see a couple of the regulars - Caleb (WoC) and Richard (O&G) - return as well. Nice variety of armies there too, and I noticed that another regular from last year - Ellen (DE) - is attending the next Wellington tournament on the 17th so ill be checking to see if she is returning to the Club again. Either way I will be attempting to resurrect the 1500pt league we had going a year or to ago.

Anyway we are going with 1500pts for this weeks match. Points sort of represent the fact that our two respective armies have been slowly wiping eachother out and have very few troops left. It remains to be seen if this is the last match of the series though. The 8th Edition scenarios give some awesome options for setting up a long campaign.

High Elves @ 1500pts Version 1

Noble (General)
w. Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, GW
w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Talisman of Protection, Halberd
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x20
w. Champion, Musician
Swordmasters x12
w. Bladelord
Swordmasters x12
w. Bladelord
Dragon Prince x5
w. Musician

TOTAL 1,500pts exactly

No magic this time as at 1500pts its a waste of time as any competent Dwarf General (and Adam is very competent) will field at Runesmith w. 2 RO Spellbreaking at any points level giving him 5DD and 2 scrolls. To beat that I would have to take 2 Level 2's minimum with a Banner of Sorcery and at least one bound to even have half a chance of getting of a single spell. 8th Edition however is going to be very different no more having to take maxed out Level 4 Archmages when Level 2's can generate the same number of PD and DD and throw 6 dice at high cost spells. Means for High Elves for points can go on combat characters.

OK - I noticed the major flaw in v1 above the Swordmasters while great in combat will get slaughtered by Dwarf missile fire before they get close. So they need some form of protection, hence version 2 below:

High Elves @ 1500pts Version 2

Noble (General)
w. Armour of Caledor, GW, Guardian Phoenix
w. Barded Steed, Shield, Halberd, Helm of Fortune
Phoenix Guard x18
w. Full Command
White Lions x15
w. Champion, Musician
Swordmasters x15
w. Full Command, Standard of Balance
Dragon Princes x5

Major modification here is inclusion of Standard of Balance which makes the SM ITP and therefore impossible to break with missile fire. Either Adam wipes out the entire unit before it gets to him and thus lets my other units sneak up, or he ignores it and has to take the hit. Other inclusion are the White Lions which gives me 2 units now wounding Dwarfs at T4 on 3's or better.

I have also put up a new page listing some of the many battle reports I have done on this blog to help people find them more easily.