July 20, 2010

8th Edition Army Lists - High Elves @ 2,250pts

Nice end to the working day yesterday - came back from teaching my last class of the afternoon to find the 8th Edition rulebook sitting in my intray just AWESOME!!!!

Having my first 8th Edition game on Thursday. Will be a 2v2 1600pts per player Dwarfs vs. High Elves match. Ill be playing High Elves this time round, just because, and lending my Dwarfs to another club member. Already have the list sorted but not posting it here as I want to surprise our opponents.

Also figuring out what a workable 2250pt list for Call to Arms would be for both Dwarfs and High Elves. Army lists are due at the Tournament Officials by 1st August so I have a little time. Helped by the release of a user built 8th Ed ruleset for armybuilder - makes it so much easier to calculate everything.

Thinking with High Elves that I will forgo my usual Lvl4, Lvl2, BSB structure for a couple of reasons. First a Lvl 4 mage while being great is also at risk of dying and honestly a Level 1 or 2 can throw the same number of dice at spell give him Seerstaff and you can pick a nasty one and go from there. Thinking at this stage that Lore of Shadows looks like a real goer.

The BSB build also has to change or I will have to take Dragon Princes negating my desire to build an all infantry army. The inability to place cavalry models into infantry units makes things difficult. Also noticed that at 2250pts the 25% cap on Lords means that the typical Prince on Star Dragon build is out for High Elves.

Anyway tentative 2,250pt High Elf tournament list is (practice game next week maybe???)

w. Armour of Caledor, Talisman of Endurance, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, GW

Level 1 Wizard, 2+AS, 5+WS reasonable in combat with ASF and re-rolls and may get a decent spell off occasionally.

w. Barded Steed, Halberd, Dragon Armour, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix
Mage Level 2
w. Staff of Solidity, Obsidian Amulet

Immunity to first miscast is nice and MR2 from Amulet makes up for lack of Dispel Scrolls - new rules mean each mage can only carry 1, and in effect so can the army as you cant have duplicates. Going to make Dwarfs with 3xRO Spellbreaking huge.

Spears x40 (General & mage go here)
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame (Flaming attacks)
Archers x15
w. Musician
Dragon Princes x6 (BSB goes here)
w. Musician & Drakemaster w. Terrifying Mask of Eee (Causes Terror)
Phoenix Guard x18
w. Full Command, Razor Standard (Armour Piercing attacks)
White Lions x12
w. Full Command, Lion Standard
Swordmasters x9

TOTAL 2,248 (Lords/Heroes 28%, Core 25%, Special 42%, Rare 5%)

The horde unit of Spears will be fun to use, although I want to try it first I may just split it into 2 units of 20 or stick with the unit of 28 that I usually like to run.

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