July 26, 2010

Army list construction should get easy?!?

I have lost count of how much time I spent going over various army list options for 8th Edition Dwarfs and High Elves this weekend. Army lists for Call to Arms (my next tournament and first under 8th) are due in 5 days and am still struggling.

I mean honestly I have been playing for what 2 years now and should have a good idea of what to take but every time I go to put a list together it seems like a major struggle. For fun games at the club its easy just take something cheesy or weird and enjoy it. But for tournaments thats a whole other matter entirely.

High Elves - magic yes, dispel scroll ?, which infantry elites to take, bolt-throwers vs. monsters or rely on magic, seaguard or spears, white lions or no white lions, combat character with ToLoec or Archmage....

Dwarfs - Lord or Anvil, Rangers or straight warriors, GW or no GW...

About the only decision I have definately made my mind up about is that Dwarfs will be taking 2 Organ Guns and a Grudgethrower as standard artillery from now on, but thats about it.


jcroxford said...

I think I'm loving the grudge thrower right now. Lots of them with engineers and runes galore. The potential to take out 21 models a shot is awesome.

Darth Weasel said...

I find list building to be utter drudgery and here is partially why:

I like to start with the units I actually either A) want to use or B) expect to be useful (and those are not always the same).

Once I get done with that, there are very few points left...

Which means every list gets to be the same. The tweaks are minor indeed. So it is just repetitive.

There is no challenge to it because I know what works, I know what doesn't, and I know what I enjoy playing.

Thus...it is the same thing over and over and over.

When it comes to playing wargames, you could argue I have been playing for over 20 years starting with Risk...and knowing what I will end up taking never shortens it because I try to do some different every time...but the list just ends up the same old.

*snip* rant over

John said...

@Jcrox - I agree its a great unit under 8th although its also a big points sink once you kit it out. So the option of a bare bones GT @80pts with no runes or engineers is always viable.

@Darth - I also like to play the units I like first but then I cant include everything. About the only time I use the same list more than once is in tournaments.