July 19, 2010

Back from last 7th Ed WHFB tournament

Got home from the last ever 7th Ed WHFB tournament in NZ yesterday. It was good, but not as good as I would have liked. Scored 2 wins, a draw and 2 losses over the five rounds which is OK for Dwarfs but nowhere near what I wanted particular as the two losses were quite heavy and cost me points. One of those was vs. a very nasty Chaos Dwarf army.

I have strong doubts about whether that book should be allowed in competition esp. now we have moved to 8th and even more so because tournament player packs all clearly specify that you have to use army books published in country - this clearly indicates that you must use official armies, if not I might just proxy a Kislev, Albion or Cathay army next time round. But then again if I had played better the result would have been different.

The 2nd loss came because I - once again - changed my deployment and plan (such that it was) half way through deployment. So once again I lost a game through bad deployment.

Full write ups, battle reports and lots of pictures next week as my teaching workload is too heavy this week to get anything constructive done blog wise.

Basic results were
Game 1 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> WIN 11-9
Game 2 vs. Wood Elves --> LOSS 4-16
Game 3 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> LOSS 3-17 (horrible game only had 4 Hammerers & my Lord left)
Game 4 vs. High Elves --> WIN 16-4
Game 5 vs. Wood Elves --> DRAW 10-10

So a total of 42 battle points for a finishing spot of 21st - which is about average for the battle points I usually get and the placing. I was really hoping to go out better than this, that 9th place finish at Skitterleap last year set the bar pretty high for me and I've struggling to match it with my Dwarfs ever since.

also a bit disappointing to play only 3 types of army during the tournament but as results dictate who you go up against after the 1st round its partially my fault for not doing better. Out of interest the two armies I lost too eventually finished in the top half of the field, and the High Elf army I smashed had 2 Dragons.

Now comes the hard part deciding whether to take High Elves or Dwarfs to the first 8th Edition tournament of the year - Call to Arms - in 4 weeks time?!?


Darth Weasel said...

judging by what I have read of you on here...go with your heart and go Dwarf.

If you do well...great.

If you do poorly...not so great, but at least you went with an army you love.

I am not yet convinced you love HE the way you do Dwarfs.

But that is just third party outsider thought.

John said...

Yeah im a Dwarf man at heart... High Elves I like because of they offer so much more than Dwarfs in many areas.

But theres just something about winning with Dwarfs and playing with them that I really get something out of they you dont get from High Elves.