July 21, 2010

Completed 765pts of FOW Fallschirmjager

Finally have a game ready FOW army after several weeks of effort. Painting had come to a halt over last fortnight as I was waiting on some Silflor Tufts to arrive from Australia. These really help add an extra dimension of detail to each base and I am seriously considering using them when I start repainting my Dwarfs for 8th Edition.

My painted collection

All up I have 3 Platoons worth 765pts painted - they dont form a legal army list at that size as I need another combat Platoon, but they do at 600 pts if I drop the AT Platoon to 3 guns and put the mortars into the HQ Platoon.

Completed units in pictures below are:
- FJ Company HQ (Panzerfaust/SMG) w. Panzershrek team
- FJ Combat Platoon (Panzerfaust/SMG) and 3 Squads
- FJ Mortar Platoon (2 Squads)
- FJ Anti-tank Platoon (4x75mm Pak 40)

All the pics are really large so if you click on them they should all expand a lot!!!

Company CIC

FJ Combat Platoon

FJ Anti-tank Platoon

FJ Mortar Platoon

By way of comparison, check out how the Mortar & Combat Platoons looked before without the Silflor Tufts and the Sandbags.

Next up on painting list are a unit of Dwarf Miners for WHFB 8th Edition and a 2nd FJ Combat Platoon. Hoping to arrange a small game of FOW next week so I can put these guys to the test.


Chase said...

Those Pak 40`s behind them log fences look really good :). And so do the sandbags - epecially in the Mg teams :). All minis are neatly painted.

I`m however not convinced by the yellow on the Pansershrecks - but on the oter hand, historically, there were a lot of shades to Dunkelgelb ;).

John said...

Thanks for the comments Chase - yeah I havent gotten around to washing the panzershreks yet Ill do that before I move onto the next Combat platoon