July 20, 2010

Horned Rat III - A tournaments worth of pictures

Finally got round to editing the scores of pictures I took over the weekend. Unfortunately the venue was pretty dark and my camera skills are rubbish so most didnt turn out well. Rather than upload them all here I've put them all on Photobucket - just click the picture below to visit the gallery.

Also, hate to disappoint but there is no way I will be able to write up 5 long battle reports of the games I played so heres a quick summary of them all.

Game 1 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> WIN 11-9
He had a lot of those Blunderbuss guys so I basically sat back inside my deployment zone using the terrain to my advantage and shot him to pieces. Helped by his General failing a solo charge on my Organ Gun and getting blasted out of the saddle the next turn - 10 hits @ S5 take that!!! Win was reduced to 11-9 as I got impatient in Turn 4 and marched my Longbeards out to get at his Blunderbusses forgetting that they can move and shoot. Lost half the unit which gave him 175pts.

Game 2 vs. Wood Elves --> LOSS 4-16
I lost this game on Deployment. Basically I stuffed it up completely leaving my infantry with nothing to attack while his Treeman etc rampaged through the rest of my army. All of my infantry blocks were left alive but he wiped out everything else and I was unable to do any real damage to his army.

Game 3 vs. Chaos Dwarfs --> LOSS 3-17
Nice opponent but a horrible freaking game. By end of game I only had my Lord and 4 Hammerers left on the table. Have to wonder whether Chaos Dwarfs are now to outdated to be considered as legal in future tournaments.

Game 4 vs. High Elves --> WIN 16-4
Not sure what this guy was thinking with his army list. He had a Prince on Star Dragon, Dragon Mage, 2 blocks of 12 Dragon Princes and 2 units of 10 archers thats it. I won table side choice and got lots of open space to deploy and a building to stick my Thunderers in. Meaning that he had to advance straight at my shooting.

Turn 1 --> Quarrellers blasted his Dragon Mage out of the Saddle, and then Organ Gun kills 9 DP in one unit. Unfortunately the remaining one made his panic test and survived the rest of the game taking 240VP with him.

Turns 2-4 --> He charged my Quarrellers with his remaining DP and the Prince popped out from behind cover also charging in. End result my shooting blasts that unit of DP's forcing him to run away. I then blow away his Prince after he for some strange reason didnt charge the Organ which was his biggest threat. End result by Turn 4 both of his characters were dead along with the Star Dragon and the game was pretty much over.

Victory should have been much higher say 18-2 but I made a mistake in trying to use my MIners to trap his remaining DP unit between my Lord + Hammerers and the table edge, instead of bringing them on in his deployment zone to contest both of the table quarters there.

Game 5 vs. Wood Elves --> DRAW 10-10
Fun game that I basically got a draw through deployment as he only had one choice run at my shooting or run at my infantry. He choose the former. Organ Gun spent majority of game slowly moving over the board trying to catch his units before finally in Turn 6 blasting a unit of Wardancers away in one go. After we table up the result we carried on playing into Turn 9 just for the hell of it.

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