July 2, 2010

Last 7th edition tournament outing for Dwarfs

Had a change of heart over last couple of days and have decided to take my beloved Dwarfs to the final 7th Edition tournament of the New Zealand season. Is very very last minute as army lists are due in with the judges tomorrow but I want to give them one last go and honestly I am still struggling with the whole High Elf thing. Essentially its hard to figure out which elite units to take with HE and then to be more honest I really cant be bothered painting the models I need to finish by July 15th when Horned Rat III starts, and I hate playing with unpainted models.

So what am I taking? I did consider going down the Anvil of Doom route but decided against it. What I have done is slightly modify my usual list adding in more shooting - a lot more actually, and replacing the Gyrocopter which is always a bit hit and miss with some Miners. Going to give me a very different list to what I usually take. Final list looks like:

Dwarfs for Horned Rat III - 2,250pts using ETC composition rules.

w. Shieldbearers, GW, RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Spite, RO Warding, RO Furnace

Built this guy for defence not attack as he is too unreliable in the later. He has 1+ rerollable AS, 4+ WS and immunity to fire so isnt going to die easy. Thought about MR Steel or Adamant instead of MR Spite, but WS are golden.

w. Shield, RO Spellbreaking x3

Gives me 3 scrolls and 5DD vs. maximum 9PD in any one round including bounds.

w. MR Gromil, RO Furnace, RO Cleaving, RO Snorri Spangelhelm

Snorri is my favourite rune means he will hit a lot of people of 2's and wound more than most on 3.

Longbeards x20 (BSB's unit)
w. Full Command, Shields, RO Courage, RO Warding

Basically these guys are now ITP with RO Courage adding onto their existing immunity to panic.

Warriors x20
w. Champion, Musician, Shields

Bigger block instead of the 2 small units of 10 I usually take. Cuts down on flexibility but with extra shooting I have less room to deploy on board and can also expect to funnel enemy a bit more as they try to avoid shooting. No standard as its just free points to an opponent.

Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician
Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician
Thunderers x10
w. Shields, Musician

Only have 20 of each model otherwise I might have gone with 30 Q's as they are cheaper than T's and I could have used points elsewhere. But thats 30 shots at S4, 10 hitting at +1 with AP.

Hammerers x25
w. Full Command, Shields, MR Grungi

MR Grungi takes care of my fear of Skinks and Wood Elf archers. With Lord they are IFT and MR1. Combined with Stubborn LS10 they shouldnt go anywhere.

Miners x10

First time I have used these guys in a tournament. Following advice from various online sources and giving them ago. Think I have 10 that are reasonably painted so should be OK. Going to be nice to have these guys come on and stop people from claiming 100VP for a quarter using 40pt units of dogs.

w. Engineer
w. Engineer
Organ Gun

Considered Cannon + Grudgethrower + Organ Gun but first two are 140 & 145pts minimum once you give them the Runes they require (Forging & Accuracy) so are too expensive. Bolt-Throwers are also easier to shoot with. No RO Penetrating so if I come up against Chariot armies I am in trouble but gives me a nice long range option now. No Gyro is a definate first for me as I love this unit, and the model, but something had to give and honestly its a 50/50 unit most of the time.

TOTAL 2,248pts

So thats it the final Dwarf army list for 7th edition. Had a quick look at my FLGS copy of the 8th Edition book this morning and its NICE!!!!!!! just hoping that Maelstrom sends my pre-ordered copy out asap.

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