July 29, 2010

Painting/Modelling goals for summer season

With summer and the cricket season fast approaching I need to start thinking about my painting projects for the summer period - Oct through March. Basically I get very little or no gaming in during that period as (1) my local club shuts down from Nov - Feb and (2) with cricket taking up all day Saturday, the odd Sunday, and practices on Tuesdays gaming takes a back seat as I would prefer to spend that time with my wife and kids.

So WHFB etc as my "winter" sports get put on the shelf and instead I concentrate on painting. Probably one reason I struggle during the first few tournaments of the year as I go in (as I did at Runefang III) having only played 1 or 2 games beforehand.

So what are my goals for the coming summer period? Last year I worked on repainting my High Elf army a project that took nearly a year but finally got finished (well nearly, still a couple of models left) with some good results.

This season my primary aim will be to undertake the same process with my Dwarfs although I will not go to the same extreme and paintstrip every single model but will keep it more simple.


WHFB Dwarfs
  1. Touch up my Hammerers (38 of them) adding highlights and shading to improve their look
  2. Paint a full unit of Miners (20), currently only have 8 badly painted ones done.
  3. Rebase/flock my entire collection to make the army uniform in look.
  4. Finish building & painting more balsa wood movement trays for the army.
WHFB High Elves
  1. Finish my Dragon Prince unit - only have 3 models left to do.
  2. Finish that damn Dragon, the reins and riders chair have been waiting paint for a year now
  3. Fix my BSB on foot and Mounted Hero, paint strip and redo to give me more list options.
FOW Fallschirmjager
  1. Finish at least one of my 2 remaining combat Platoons.
  2. Build and paint 2 objective markers
Doesnt seem like too much although the basing and reflocking will take a lot of time - but ill keep it really simple. The Silflor tufts I used for my FOW Fallschirmjager will look pretty good on WHFB figures so Ill have to order more of those.

If I do get any gaming in, it will be very small games only and I will probably concentrate on playing FOW as I would really like to attend a couple of FOW tournaments next year especially the major local event Panzershrek.

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