July 6, 2010

Tournament army breakdown for Horned Rat III

Well I am now only 11 days away from the last ever 7th Edition WHFB tournament in New Zealand. Dwarfs are all packed and ready to go minus a couple of additional balsa wood movement trays that I will build over the weekend.

Just got the army breakdown for next weekends tournament and there is an interesting mix. More importantly there will be 3 - yes 3 - Dwarf armies there including mine. Outstanding. Unfortunately there are only 29 registered players so we might have a bye situation happening, I sincerely hope not.

Armies coming to Horned Rat III 17th-18th July
4 - WoC
3 each of - Dwarfs, High Elves, Wood Elves, Skaven
2 each of - DoC, Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarfs
1 each of - Beastmen, Vamps, Brets, O&G, TKs

With a couple of lists still to be checked by the judges.

Its actually more interesting who isnt playing at this tournament. The majority of the usual suspects are there with 4 of the Top 10 ranked WHFB players in the country attending
- Jack Dunn 2nd & Best Dark Elf General
- Joe Dixon 5th & Best WoC General
- Harry Dixon 6th & Best TK General
- Peter Williamson 8th

But other than that the tournament is dominated by newer players with only 1-2 tournaments under their belt and in the case of 3 players no previous tournament experience. It seems like it will be a good chance to meet some new opponents, although there are some familar faces I would look forward to playing against like Neil Williamson & Ben Wadsworth both of whom I have had fun games against in the past. Neil and I seem to face each other in just about every tournament we both enter.

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