July 30, 2010

What a bloodbath 2nd game of 8th Ed

2nd game of 8th Edition last night vs. Calebs Warriors of Chaos with the list I posted earlier in week. Ill put up a full battle report next week when I can get the photos uploaded. For now I thought I would offer some thoughts on what happened.

First up Calebs WoC army consisted of 3 huge blocks of Chaos Warriors accompanied by 2 Sorcerors, a mounted BSB and a mounted General who was also a Level 4. So vs. my Lvl 4 with Book of Hoeth this was going to be a fun magical battle, especially as he took WoC magic and got the Compendium spell which makes all doubles I roll miscasts neutralising the Book of Hoeth if he got it off.

Thoughts on fighting in 8th Edition

1. Everything died!!!
I mean literally by Turn 2 we had already started slaughtering each-others armies. His massive run of bad luck with dice rolls meant my S3 Seaguard were shooting down rank after rank of Chaos Warriors. Magic took hold of people on both sides, mainly mine to start with. But once again close combat was brutal. You may not want to run a horde army but you will need large blocks of troops 25 is a minimum 30 if you can, or at the very least lots and lots of smaller units.

2. Swordmasters backed by Lore of Shadow are just !!!!!!!!!
I mean honestly ASF with re-rolls at S8 (l/ship counting as S) unit of 16 absolutely destroyed a unit of 25 Chaos Warriors in 1 round of combat, and then cut down the survivors the next turn. Then you have a unit of Warriors Tzentch who are Frenzied 4 attacks each chopping through a block of Seaguard and a unit of Dragon Princes in 2 rounds.

3. Book of Hoeth w. Lore of Shadow is a great combo
Every double is IF and Lore of Shadow makes your opponents weaker and HE stronger. Seriously great combo. Yes he miscast twice but each time I fluked a 1 when rolling to wound him and the Archmage went through the game unscathed. I also kept him within 1" of the Chaos Warshrine at all times to try and hurt it if I blew myself up.

The Lore of Shadow is a great lore but also one that works best if you can use the spells in the right order. The gamble here is do you take Book of Hoeth and hope you get the right spells, the Seerstaff and choose, or the Silver Wand and gain 5/6?? Missing that one key spell can effectively nullify the Lores benefits as far as HE go.

4. The new magic phase is great
Simply put I really like the new magic phase rules. Separating the spells out in hex, augment etc and putting in that simple chart that defines the rules for each in regard to LOS etc makes things a lot easier and a lot clearer when deciding what to use and when.

Getting PD and DD is easy as is the channelling and in nearly every phase I only had 1-2 less dice then Caleb did. So even with only 1 scroll you can still shut down enemy magic. Dwarfs are going to be great and if you thought it was hard getting magic off against them in 7th in 8th you have no chance unless you roll a lot of IF.

Even the new miscast table isnt that bad. Yes your mage is likely to suffer a S10 hit but that is only one wound so if you keep him/her safe then they can actually afford to suffer 1-2 miscasts during a game and still get spells off.

Anyway the game was so much fun we are having a rematch next week @ 2400pts.

Photos and full narrative battle report up on Monday....

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Mike Howell said...

Sounds like fun. I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot of High Elf armies soon too.