July 16, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen 2250pts

Return to Lustria: Revenge is sweet for the Dwarfs
2250pts Tournament army list playtesting vs. Lizardmen

Lord Kordrek Ironfist smiled with grim satisfaction as he surveyed the disposition of his forces. Around him his bodyguard of Hammerers, drawn from the bravest warriors of his Clan Morgral, waited stoicily not willing to show even a shadow of apprehension under the watchful gaze of their General and the ranks of Grumbling Longbeards on their flank. The banner of Karak Thorinkin flew proudly over the massed dwarven infantry as Quarrellers and Thunderers loaded their weapons and took up screening positions in front of Kordrek's regiment.

The main Dwarven battleline

Bolt-Throwers guard the flank

The main Lizardman force

To his left the Runesmith Dventhrist Ravenhammer waited, quietly overseeing the artillery crews of Clan Ragnell as they wheeled a multi barrelled Organ Gun into position. Further away to Kordreks right additional regiments of Quarrellers screened a battery of Ragnell bolt-throwers whose 8ft like projectiles guarded the armies flank. Of the miners of Clan Boerdin there was no sign, they had begun tunnelling under the battlefield the moment the Lizardman army had first been sighted by the Dwarven armies scouts.

KordrekIronfist looks across the battlefield from atop his shield

The Lizardman army was a gruesome sight hordes of light footed Skinks ran in seemingly random patterns at the front of the army. Behind them could be seen the massed ranks of Spear carrying Saurus Warriors - while not the equal of Dwarfs in martial prowess their frenzied attacks more than compensated for that weakness. Further out, while unsighted by Kordrek, Lizard heavy cavalry had advanced into position their fearsome mounts already salivating at the sight of the Dwarven ranks before them. But it was only for one creature that Kodrek had eyes that day the Lizard armies General. Mounted atop a huge Carnosaur the General was fully visible behind the ranks of his infantry, his monstrous mount putting him in full view of the Dwarven battleline. Kordrek turned and exchanged a knowing smile with Dventhrist and the Organ Gun crewmen. While fearsome indeed the Carnosaur also made the Lizardman General an easy and obvious target for Dwarven artillery.

The battle commenced with hordes of Skinks rushing forward across the open ground to Kordreks front with the massed ranks of Saurus infantry not far behind. Their movement was halted, albiet momentarily, when the Dwarven army responded with stone cold silence. That was until the unmistakable sound of Crossbows and Thunderers handguns firing broke through the afternoon air. Soon scores of missiles were tearing through scaly skin punching through armour and bone and cutting down dozens of lizard warriors. A momentary flame of dark magic lanced across the field toward Kordrek before being harmlessly dispelled by Dwarven runes. And then the tearing sound of the Organ Gun drowned out all else and the Dwarven army cheered as shells tore into the Lizardman General and his Carnosaur mount.

The Lizardman General makes a fine, if distant, target for the Dwarven artillery

On the right Kordrek saw the Bolt-Thrower crews firing bolt after bolt at the enemy cavalry unit, joined by smaller bolts from their protecting quarrellers. In short order the enemy dead began to pile up across the battlefield, the Lizardman cavalry - or what was left of it - retreating in haste into a nearby wood.

Skink Javelins and blowdarts now began to pepper the Dwarven lines with no effect. This fusilade of annoying missiles was met by the charging ranks of a regiment of newly blooded Warriors for Kordreks clan. They had been positioned on his left guarding that flank and had not been expected to join the battle so soon. But join it they did charging through and cutting down Skink after Skink.

The young beardlings charged the Skinks

More Dwarven missile fire began to tear through the Lizardman ranks and even the stoic Longbeards cheered when a huge 8ft long bolt pierced rank after rank of Saurus Warriors to the armies front. On the left the ground beneath the feet of the Lizardman army began to rumble and suddenly a regiment of miners burst forth from the ground marching straight at the Lizard armies flank. But they emerged too close to to General and his Carnosaur, with a guttural cry heard across the field they charged the miners who only just emerged from the ground fled in Terror at the approaching monster. The Carnosaurs pursuit of the terrified miners was only stopped when yet another volley of shot from the Organ Gun tore great holes in its flesh.

On the left the regiment of young Warriors now over reached themselves, overrunning the Skinks they charged straight into a huge block of Saurus Warriors. As Kordrek ordered the rest of the army forward slightly he could only watch as the unequal combat ended when the Saurus cut down Warrior after Warrior before chasing down the fleeing remnants of the beardling regiment. Worringly the Organ Gun now fell silent as Skinks charged through the trees hoping to remove it as a threat.

Skinks charge in hoping to silence the Organ Gun

Joining in that melee Dventhrist Ravenhammer helped the artillery crew cut down the skinks and then turn the Organ Guns barrels onto the Saurus Warriors now rapidly approaching the flank of the army. They payed the price for the Skinks failure as rank after rank were cut down by the Organ Guns shot. As they did so Quarrellers who had fought off the charge of another Skink regiment themselves charged the 2nd block of Saurus Warriors bravely sacrificing themselves to give Kordreks Hammerers and the Longbeards space to move.

The Longbeards look on as the beardling regiment in the distance charges the Saurus Warriors

Quarrellers sacrifice themselves by charging the Saurus Warriors

Another volley of missiles from the Bolt-Throwers flew toward the Lizardman ranks, one flying straight and true at the Lizardman General only to be batted aside by the magical warding power of an amulet around its neck. On the left flank Dventhrist alone fought on against the charging Saurus Warriors valiantly holding on after the Organ Gun crew died around him. His bravery and that of the Quarrellers to Kordreks front proved the turning point in the battle.

Runesmith Dventhrist Hammersmith bravely holds of an entire Saurus regiment alone

Holding up both of the huge regiments of Saurus Warriors that formed the bulk of the Lizardman army they put them right in the charging line of Kordreks Hammerers and the Longbeards.
Yelling the battlecry of Karak Thorinkin both regiments rushed forward axes rising and falling. Saurus Warrior after Saurus Warrior was cut down, Kodrek himself slaying four of the fell beasts. Faced with the prospect of their own deaths the surviving Saurus broke and ran, but not fast enough as the throng of Karak Thorinkin pursued them and cut them down with ease.

Lord Kordrek leads his Hammerers & the Longbeards into the Saurus Warriors

The Saurus break and run - while the sole surving Lizardman cavalry trooper looks on

As they did so Dventhrists brave fight came to an end and he fell among the bodies of the Organ Gun crew. On the right Thunderers and Quarrellers shot down all but one of the remaining Lizardman cavalry, and laid waste to the few remaining Skinks. The battered remnants of the Lizardman army now had no choice but to rally around their severly wounded General and retreat from the battlefield not just defeated but routed.

Few Dwarfs had fallen that day while hundreds of Lizards lie prone among the grass and trees. Victory was sweet indeed for the Thorinkin.

Not a bad little battle and a nice way to warm up for the last ever 7th Edition tournament in New Zealand which starts tomorrow. Ironically this is the first NZ tournament that I can recall not having a single Lizardman army in it, however 5 of the 30 armies competing are WoC which is going to make my extra shooting interesting. Full write up of all of the tournament battles and pictures of everyones armies etc might take a while, semester just started so I have a lot of teaching to do *sigh* - In good news though my 8th Ed rulebook should be here from Maelstrom soon!!!!

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noeste said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely "in character" battlereport, was a great read!

Hope we'll get more of those in the future, and I wish you all the best in the upcoming tournament!

You can look forward to the 8th edition rulebook, they've made some great modifications to the rules in my opinion - and all the pictures and fluffy text, really makes for great inspiration!