July 30, 2010

WHFB Battle Report High Elves vs. WoC 2400pts

Of the Great War of Chaos

In the year of the great Chaos incursions the screaming hordes unleashed from the Northern wastes turned the once beautiful lands of the Old World into a scarred and blood soaked vision of horror. Daemons, monstrous humanoids with tentacles for arms, beasts that walked and creatures whose form alone could kill stalked the land as the armies of darkness made war upon the races of the Old World. Human, Dwarf, High Elf all joined together putting aside old hatreds to battle a foe whose very presence was an anathema to the forces of creation.

The forces of Ulthuan deploy for battle

On one of a hundred battlefields an army from the wondrous land of Ulthuan met one part of the horror that was the Chaos horde. Archmage of the Sixth House Adonethwen Elenval softly chanted arcane words of magic under her breath, struggling to control the forces of magic that in the presence of the Chaos horde threatened more than ever to burst free of her control. Her bodyguard of Phoenix Guard stood stoically around here, purple cloaks lifting lightly in the breeze the sun glinting of a myriad of Halberd blades. To their right regiments of Lothern Seaguard tensed their bowstrings and tightened the buckles on their shields, rank upon rank of them ready to do battle.

Regiments of Chaos Warriors begin their advance

Further out the vague shapes of Dragon Princes of Caledor could be seen lying in wait on the armies extreme flank. And to her left the deadly but unpredictable Swordmasters of Hoeth. Above them flew the Battle Standard of Ulthuan its brightly flamed Phoenix swaying majestically even in the light wind that favoured the battlefield before them. To these Elves would fall much of the bloody work ahead.

A shadow passed over her as the Great Eagle Cildan, her companion since childhood, banked overhead. Screeching loudly Cildan gave warning of the approach of the Chaos horde which Adonethwen had marched out to destroy. Three huge regiments of Chaos Warriors banners honoring the Chaos Gods held at the head of each of them. The winds of magic crackled with energy as Adonethwen and Sadron Lassthalial, a mage of the third house and her apprentice, felt the first push of Chaos magic emanating from the regiments approaching them.

Not stopping to survey the battlefield the forces of Chaos marched forward at the Elven battleline. To Adonethwen's left screams cut through the air as a dozen or more Swordmasters were sucked into a dark void that sprung up around them. Battling fiercely Adonethwen and Sadron did their best to dispel the magic of the Chaos Gods as it battered their forces, but still more Elves fell this time among her own bodyguard. Above her Cildan screached as his great wings beat the air driving him forward toward the forces of Chaos.

Seaguard meet the charge of the arrow depleted Chaos Warriors

Swordmasters of Hoeth begin their destruction of a Chaos Regiment

Advancing with her forces Adonethwen unleashed her own power for the first time attempting to create a pit of shades and death under the feet of the central Chaos regiment. But to no avail despite the benefits of the great Book of Hoeth the Chaos Warriors walked through the pit as though it were not there. But where magic proved ineffective Elven arrows did not. Missile fire from the Seaguard tore through the ranks of the 3rd Chaos regiment to her left. Not expecting fire from this unexpected quarter rank upon rank of Chaos troops fell before they were able to ready their shields.

Issuing a great bellow the deformed Chaos General and the source of the foes magical power issued the order to charge... but too soon... the charge lost impetous as the forces of Chaos ended up short of the Elven line. To the left the Swordmasters of Hoeth seeing the Chaos charge falter launched one of their own. Great Weapons held high, the banner of Ulthuan still proudly displayed among their ranks, the warriors of Hoeth hit home with a crash heard across the battlefield.

Drawing the winds of magic to her Adonethwen magically strengthened the Swordmasters arms. Rising and falling in an almost frenzied assault the Elves of Hoeth butchered the Chaos regiment to their fore. Surprised by the fierceness of the assault the Warriors of Chaos broke and ran the Elves of Hoeth giving chase but unable to match Chaos frightened speed of flight.
Magical strength is offered to the Swordmasters as they charge home

Still more Chaos Warriors fell to Elven arrows from the Seaguard before a mass of Chaos troops crashed into the ranks of the Seaguard. Rank upon rank of Spears plunged into the Chaos Warriors skewering dozens but not enough. Supported by the full magical fury of the Chaos Gods the Elves were cut down were they stood and soon broke and ran. Only the decision by many of the Warriors of Chaos to stop and feast upon the fallen Elven dead prevented them from being cut down.

Further to the right the 2nd Regiment of Seaguard who had been poised to charge into the flank of the same Chaos regiment watched the destruction and flight of their brethren in horror. Unused to battle and terrified by the feeding frenzy in front of them they too broke and ran leaving the entire right flank of Adonethwen's army exposed.

Leaving her bodyguard Adonethwen ran to that flank hoping to bolster it with her magic and to aid in organising the attack of the fast approaching Dragon Princes. Behind her, the Phoenix Guard were left alone, without magical protection to take the full force of the charge of the Chaos General. Accompanied by a huge regiment of deformed Warriors of Tzenetch they stood little chance. In a matter of minutes scores of Elves lay dead trampled, gored, stabbed, ripped and hacked to pieces upon the grass of the Old World their blood joining that of thousands of others shed by the forces of Chaos.

The Phoenix Guard are butchered

As the Phoenix Guard are cut down, Seaguard rally and meet a 2nd Chaos charge

Even the irresistible forces of her magic could not prevent that slaughter but her magic was not needed by the Seaguard. Rallying bravely they meet the charge of the Chaos Warriors who had only moments before routed them and routed them in return. Fueled by visions of Ulthuan burning Elven spears skewered Chaos Warriors by the score and soon it was Chaos who fled, yet another regiment cut down and destroyed.

Wilting before the fury of Ulthuans citizen levy the Chaos Warriors break run and are cut down

To eager for blood though the Seaguard were and foolishly they charged the Warriors of Tzenetch and the Chaos General. Even the flank charge of the Dragon Princes, magically boosted by Adonethwen's magic - which also weakened the Chaos Warriors - could not prevent the inevitable. Unable to pierce the armour of the Chaos Heroes Elves died by the score and then by the hundred.

The remaining seaguard and the Dragon Princes foolishly attack the Chaos General

Soon only a single figure was left on that part of the field, Côflanil Kitadar, Noble of the house of Faerondalan, had sought to inspire his troops by challenging the Chaos General in single combat. Now alone and surrounded by a circle of baying Chaos troops Côflanil was slowly sliced from head to toe by the Chaos Generals mighty blade.

In the last act of the battle Côflanil's head was removed from his shoulders and spitted on the banner of the Chaos Gods. Many Chaos Warriors had fallen that day but the price was high, fully half of the Elves had perished - far too many for the sparsely populated nation of Ulthuan. Sounding the retreat Adonethwen led the remnants to safety vowing revenge.

[Revenge that will come next week as Caleb and I battle again at 2400pts :) ]


noeste said...

Great report, and all the better as the forces of Chaos and destruction routing your Elves *grins*

Don't think I've asked, but with the gorgeous new models coming with the Island of Blood-set, will you make room for more Swordmasters and maybe a Griffon?

John said...

Cheers mate glad you enjoyed it - was very fun game to play I definately like the new rules going to be hard NOT to take HE over my Dwarfs now.

Thought about the new boxed set but decided against buying it as honestly the only models in there I would want are the Ellyrian Reavers.

Waiting for Oct and release of new range of plastic HE models from GW

Darth Weasel said...

Great pics and report...where did Caleb get that (I am assuming Chaos Warshrine) cool model that has the giant ships wheel?

And from a gaming standpoint...did you, as the HE player, feel like you had a legit shot to defeat a WoC army?

To me, in 7th, a well-built and played HE force facing a well built and played WoC force would struggle to actually do enough damage...but the exra attacks in 8th MIGHT be the difference.

That, of course, is but theory-hammer, so wondering your take on it

Tim said...

Great write-up!