August 30, 2010

3rd game of FOW

We begun playing the Firestorm Operation Bagatron Campaign game for FOW at the club last week. Late War 1000pts German vs. Russian. For only my 3rd ever game of FOW and my first in a LONG time I think I did OK, and I managed to remember most of the rules. I just made a lot of tactical mistakes that cost me as General wise I was still thinking like a Warhammer player which is a no-no given the massive differences in LOS and other rules in FOW compared to WHFB. Biggest mistake I made was forgetting that in FOW the game ends when you capture an objective, any objective, not after a set number of turns.

Terrain set up - I was the defender subject to Ambush & Reserves special rules so could only deploy 1 of my 4 Platoons at game start. Pak 40's were in Ambush.

FJ Platoon guards one of the objectives

Looking up the main road as the Russians approach
Here come the Russians - campaign special rules gave them aircover & extra armour

Campaign also gives me a major incentive to complete the painting of my Fallschirmjager, and help me decide that my 4th combat Platoon will be converted into a Pioneer Platoon. Will just have to buy a 3-ton truck and construct a minefield and some barbwire sections for them now.

Russian air power decimated my Platoons during the battle

My 1000pt Fallschirmjager list was
Company HQ
w. Panzershrek/SMG, Anti-tank rifle
FJ Platoon
w. 3 Squads, Panzershrek/SMG
FJ Platoon
w. 3 Squads, Panzershrek/SMG
FJ Mortar Platoon
w. 2 sections
FJ AT Platoon
w. 3 x PAK 40 75mm AT guns

Pak 40's reveal their ambush positions - Hummel SPG is proxying as an objective marker

Pak 40s take out 2 enemy tanks but thats it as Russian artillery & air cover wipes them out before they can get to the rest of the Russian armour

Unfortunately the 1000pt limit and the fact that we were using the Eastern front briefing to build the lists meant I couldnt squeeze in my Stug G Platoon. But this list worked OK and ill know how to use it better next time after giving the rules a detailed examination over the weekend.

August 26, 2010

WIP - Dwarf Miners front rank

Stuck with my usual process of finishing a unit a rank at a time last night and concentrated on the front rank of my Dwarf Miners. Its amazing how much better your painting gets over time, the difference between these guys (who are still unfinished) and my first painting efforts is huge.

Images are all really large so click on them to get the expanded version

Still to be finished areas are --> Gloves, musicians sleeves, weapons, helmets, candles

Process involved in each painted area was:

Skin --> Dwarf Flesh, Flesh Wash, Dwarf Flesh highlights, Elf Flesh highlights
Green --> Snot Green, Goblin Green, Scorpion Green
Beards --> Adeptus Battlegrey, Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Skull White

By way of comparison the model on the left is what the rest of my Dwarfs look like, albiet with flock on the bases.

August 24, 2010

WIP - HE Archers & Dwarf Miners early stages

Working on multiple projects at moment, find that this keeps my interest levels pretty high. Only a few minor things done during last nights painting session
- Adeptus Battlegrey undercoat on all Miners beards
- Flesh Wash (which has nearly run out!!!!) on Miners & Archers flesh areas
- Thinned layer of Codex Grey added to Archers cloaks
- Liche Purple added to Archers trousers and sleeves

Next stages, probably tonight will be primary base colours
- Boltgun metal on miners armour & helmets
- Goblin Green on miners armour edging, and musicians sleeves
- Scorched Brown on Miner/Archer gloves, Archers boots and Archers belts

After that its drybrushing, highlighting and edging time. Hope to get both units done by end of next week. After that its onto figuring out how to rebase my Dwarfs and getting stuck into finishing off my 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fallschirmjager Combat Platoons. With so many extra bodies I am thinking about converting one of them into a Pioneer Platoon.

August 19, 2010

High Elves & Dwarfs & 2400pts

Been working on list ideas for my High Elves & Dwarfs with a look ahead to Skitterleap in October, my last tournament of the year before cricket season starts.

High Elves @ 2400pts

Archmage Lvl 4
w. Book of Ashur, Talisman of Endurance, Lore of Shadow
w. Armour of Caledor, Dawnstone, GW
w. Barded Steed, BSB, Halberd, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix, Shield, Dragon Armour
Mage Lvl 2
w. Dispel Scroll, Opal Amulet, Lore of Shadow
Spears x20
w. FC, Banner of Eternal Flame
Spears x20
w. FC
Archers x15
w. Musician, Light Armour
Phoenix Guard x19
w. FC, War Banner
Swordmasters x18
w. FC, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Balance
Dragon Princes x6
w. FC, Banner of Ellyrion

TOTAL 2,396pts Characters 36% Core 25% Special 39%

Unusual list in that the 600pt minimum core req' effectively removes a special unit choice, in this case my White Lions. Also dropped the standard RBT's in favour of bigger block of Swordmasters and a 2nd combat character. Set up of mages gives me all 6 principle Lore of Shadow spells. Phoenix Guard with War Banner rather than Razor Standard as their job as always is to "not die".

Dwarfs @ 2400pts

w. Shieldbearers, GW, RO Resistance, MR Spite, RO Furnace, MR Kragg Grimm, RO Snorri, RO Burning
w. BSB, RO Cleaving, MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Furnace
w. GW, Shield, RO Stone, RO Spellbreaking x2, RO Furnace
Warriors x20
w. FC, GW
Warriors x20
w. FC, GW
Quarrellers x12
w. Musician, Shields
Thunderers x14
w. Musician, Shields
Hammerers x21
w. FC, MR Grungi
Miners x20
w. FC
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Forging, RO Burning
Grudge Thrower
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Burning
Organ Gun

TOTAL 2,393pts Characters 25%, Core 34%, Special 36%, Rare 5%

4 big blocks of infantry all T4, all with GW striking at S5 or S6 (for Hammerers). Strong shooting phase with 26 shots at S4, 14 of which are AP and super accurate Cannon & Grudge Thrower both with flaming attacks and the dependable Organ Gun.

The Miners act as a 3rd GW carrying combat unit but with the flexibility of being deployed as tunnellers, for a unit cost only 20pts higher than 20 Warriors.

New Dwarfs & dwarf painting

Brought another block of GW wielding Dwarfs off Trademe a while back. Their colour scheme has inspired me to make some minor adjustments to my existing Dwarfs. Basically I am going to make their general green colour scheme stand out a bit more.

The new Dwarfs

At present the green is only visible on the armour trim, shields, banners and Hammerers Armour. With the new scheme I am going to paint the sleeves and skirts green, adding highlighting, and make the armour trim bronze. This should make the green stand out more throughout the entire army and with highlighting should make it all look better.

Test unit for retouching my Dwarf army

There will also be a few other slight changes such as adding bright colours to each Dwarfs weapons, painting the shield symbols with highlights so they look better and touching up the faces, adding of black shading etc.

Long-term I plan on rebasing the entire army as well currently considering going for a stony theme either having every model standing on a rock, rocky ground or a slate floor equivalent.

Miner regiment getting redone

Currently painting two test units - first a unit of Miners which have been untouched now for nearly two years and a small block of 10 Warriors which I found at the back of a shelf gathering dust.

Repainting an entire army is probably not the best thing to start now especially as I still have blocks of High Elves to finish and approx 120+ Fallschirmjager 15mm FOW miniatures to paint as well. But I like my Dwarfs and they deserve to be redone

August 17, 2010

What to do for rest of 2010?

Got the unofficial results from this weekends tournament and its appears that Matthew Hassell and his Dwarfs have done extremely well again finishing 4th. Really have to sit down with him and have a talk about how he plays WHFB as he is getting some seriously impressive results with his Dwarfs lately.

The last tournament of the year is at 2400pts and what Ill take depends almost entirely on whether I finish my remaining Spearelves/Archers before September. Looking over my painting shelf I realised the other night that I am almost out of WHFB painting projects.

WHFB still to paint
20 x HE Spears
14 x HE Archers
HE Mage
4 x HE Dragon Princes
20 x Dwarf Miners

Once those guys are done thats pretty much it on the WHFB painting front. All I would have left after that would be an endless process of retouching and repainting everything. Recently brought another block of 20 Dwarf Warriors off TradeMe that have a very cool colour scheme on them (brings my total up to 80 now) and these gave me an idea for redoing my Dwarfs over the summer period.

Then off course there is Flames of War which I would really like to concentrate a lot more next year. Still have 3 combat Platoons to paint and eventually a Platoon of Tanks/Assualt Guns to buy, make and paint.

Also decided that my Warmachine collection will probably all have to be sold. Was a alot of fun collecting and painting it but chances are I will get maybe 1-2 games off it in over the next 12 months which leaves a lot of expensive metal and plastic lying around. I might keep enough figures for a small force but sell the remainder. We'll see...

August 12, 2010

No tournament for me this weekend :(

*sigh* both of my kids and my wife have picked up the flu/cold bug that is sweeping the North Island at the moment (my own man flu is kicking in as well) so I've had to withdraw from Call to Arms. Emailed the organiser a few hours ago - too bad would have been fun to attend but family has to come first... besides my daughter has already given me a long list of things I have to do to make her feel better instead of, as she puts, going off and playing with my little geek men.

Will just have to get some extra painting time in instead...

August 10, 2010

Call to Arms 2010 - Army composition

Smaller field than I had expected at Call to Arms this weekend - too early for 8th Edition tournament possibly, or maybe the Auckland guys are getting set for the big event up there next month.

Armies competing this weekend are:
4 x Warriors of Chaos
4 x Dwarfs (including me)
3 x Skaven
2 x Lizards
2 x Bretonians
1 x Chaos Dwarfs (really do not want to face these guys again)
1 x High Elves
1 x Wood Elves
1 x Daemons of Chaos

Considering there was a field of 30+ at this event last year this is a pretty poor turnout even more so considering the size of the Wellington Warhammer fraternity. Looks like the weekend my involve a bye - I certainly hope not - and a possibility of facing off against a Dwarf player.

My army list can be found here

August 4, 2010

High Elves @ 2400pts for rematch vs. WoC

Rematch against Calebs Warriors of Chaos tomorrow night. Decided to go with magic orientated list again and to have a bit of fun with it by bringing a Dragon Mage along and by trying out the horde rule with my Seaguard.

Archmage Level 4 (with Seaguard) - Lore of Shadow
w. Book of Ashur
Dragon Mage Level 2
w. Talisman of Endurance
Noble BSB (with Seaguard)
w. GW, Longbow, Guardian Phoenix, Armour of Caledor
Lothern Seaguard x48
w. Full Command, Shields, Banner of Arcane Protection
Swordmasters x14
w. Musician
Swordmasters x14
w. Musician
Dragon Princes x10
w. Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion

TOTAL 2,396 pts

Against Chaos who have no shooting, outside of fast cavalry, this is going to be interesting as the Dragon Mage is a huge easy to see and hit target. Deployment is pretty obvious Seaguard in middle with Archmage and BSB, Swordmasters on either side and Dragon Princes on either flank.

Thought about taking 2-3 Level 1 or 2 Mages as well as the Archmage and the Banner of Sorcery but kind of wanted to bring my Dragon out again. This will also be my last game before I head off to my next tournament "Call to Arms" the weekend after this one. Probably should be practicing with my Dwarf tournament list but I'm enjoying High Elves at the moment.

Furiously painting my Spears & Archers so I can use my High Elves at the last tournament of the/my season, Skitterleap in October.

August 3, 2010

Miniatures for the 8th Ed Dwarf Zeppelin

Found these while trawling the web this morning. The first is a unique miniature available from the "2BlackDragons" who specialise in making a variety of different figures for Warhammer Fantasy. I have no idea how much it would cost but it looks pretty cool,

Click image to expand

Then theres this one from