August 30, 2010

3rd game of FOW

We begun playing the Firestorm Operation Bagatron Campaign game for FOW at the club last week. Late War 1000pts German vs. Russian. For only my 3rd ever game of FOW and my first in a LONG time I think I did OK, and I managed to remember most of the rules. I just made a lot of tactical mistakes that cost me as General wise I was still thinking like a Warhammer player which is a no-no given the massive differences in LOS and other rules in FOW compared to WHFB. Biggest mistake I made was forgetting that in FOW the game ends when you capture an objective, any objective, not after a set number of turns.

Terrain set up - I was the defender subject to Ambush & Reserves special rules so could only deploy 1 of my 4 Platoons at game start. Pak 40's were in Ambush.

FJ Platoon guards one of the objectives

Looking up the main road as the Russians approach
Here come the Russians - campaign special rules gave them aircover & extra armour

Campaign also gives me a major incentive to complete the painting of my Fallschirmjager, and help me decide that my 4th combat Platoon will be converted into a Pioneer Platoon. Will just have to buy a 3-ton truck and construct a minefield and some barbwire sections for them now.

Russian air power decimated my Platoons during the battle

My 1000pt Fallschirmjager list was
Company HQ
w. Panzershrek/SMG, Anti-tank rifle
FJ Platoon
w. 3 Squads, Panzershrek/SMG
FJ Platoon
w. 3 Squads, Panzershrek/SMG
FJ Mortar Platoon
w. 2 sections
FJ AT Platoon
w. 3 x PAK 40 75mm AT guns

Pak 40's reveal their ambush positions - Hummel SPG is proxying as an objective marker

Pak 40s take out 2 enemy tanks but thats it as Russian artillery & air cover wipes them out before they can get to the rest of the Russian armour

Unfortunately the 1000pt limit and the fact that we were using the Eastern front briefing to build the lists meant I couldnt squeeze in my Stug G Platoon. But this list worked OK and ill know how to use it better next time after giving the rules a detailed examination over the weekend.

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