August 10, 2010

Call to Arms 2010 - Army composition

Smaller field than I had expected at Call to Arms this weekend - too early for 8th Edition tournament possibly, or maybe the Auckland guys are getting set for the big event up there next month.

Armies competing this weekend are:
4 x Warriors of Chaos
4 x Dwarfs (including me)
3 x Skaven
2 x Lizards
2 x Bretonians
1 x Chaos Dwarfs (really do not want to face these guys again)
1 x High Elves
1 x Wood Elves
1 x Daemons of Chaos

Considering there was a field of 30+ at this event last year this is a pretty poor turnout even more so considering the size of the Wellington Warhammer fraternity. Looks like the weekend my involve a bye - I certainly hope not - and a possibility of facing off against a Dwarf player.

My army list can be found here

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