August 4, 2010

High Elves @ 2400pts for rematch vs. WoC

Rematch against Calebs Warriors of Chaos tomorrow night. Decided to go with magic orientated list again and to have a bit of fun with it by bringing a Dragon Mage along and by trying out the horde rule with my Seaguard.

Archmage Level 4 (with Seaguard) - Lore of Shadow
w. Book of Ashur
Dragon Mage Level 2
w. Talisman of Endurance
Noble BSB (with Seaguard)
w. GW, Longbow, Guardian Phoenix, Armour of Caledor
Lothern Seaguard x48
w. Full Command, Shields, Banner of Arcane Protection
Swordmasters x14
w. Musician
Swordmasters x14
w. Musician
Dragon Princes x10
w. Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion

TOTAL 2,396 pts

Against Chaos who have no shooting, outside of fast cavalry, this is going to be interesting as the Dragon Mage is a huge easy to see and hit target. Deployment is pretty obvious Seaguard in middle with Archmage and BSB, Swordmasters on either side and Dragon Princes on either flank.

Thought about taking 2-3 Level 1 or 2 Mages as well as the Archmage and the Banner of Sorcery but kind of wanted to bring my Dragon out again. This will also be my last game before I head off to my next tournament "Call to Arms" the weekend after this one. Probably should be practicing with my Dwarf tournament list but I'm enjoying High Elves at the moment.

Furiously painting my Spears & Archers so I can use my High Elves at the last tournament of the/my season, Skitterleap in October.


Trollhoer said...

I like the list, very effective. Just watch out for the Hellcannon! What magic lore will you be schooled in?

John said...

Lore of Shadow as it works pretty well.

Darth Weasel said...

unless he is Marauder oriented, I suspect this list will struggle to do enough wounds to a good-save force like the WoC, particularly since you need to completely destroy a unit to score any points.

Plenty of attacks, but almost all S3 (Swordmasters and charging Knights excepted, of course).

not that it CANNOT do extremely well...just that it has a very narrow margin for error.

One poorly chosen deployment/combat or an unlucky combat turn could prove difficult to come back from.

With that can throw a LOT of attacks at them, so it has potential

Trollhoer said...

Great choice. I actually think HE can be the bane of WoC, especially Swordmasters, since you get to chop up a lot of them before they get to even strike you, and for WoC in particular, casualties really lessens their combat ability. Just be wary of those 50 men strong block of Marauders, with flails/great weapons and MoK. They won't be moved, and will tear you a new one when they strike.

John said...

@Darth - True at S3 I will find it hard to wound but with the number of attacks I get to make percentages tell me more than enough will get through. Add in Lore of Shadow which can increase HE attacks to S9 in close combat and the balance is about right.

@Troll - One advantage I have is that WoC cost more and they are automatically at a rank disadvantage in most combats (maruaders aside).