August 19, 2010

New Dwarfs & dwarf painting

Brought another block of GW wielding Dwarfs off Trademe a while back. Their colour scheme has inspired me to make some minor adjustments to my existing Dwarfs. Basically I am going to make their general green colour scheme stand out a bit more.

The new Dwarfs

At present the green is only visible on the armour trim, shields, banners and Hammerers Armour. With the new scheme I am going to paint the sleeves and skirts green, adding highlighting, and make the armour trim bronze. This should make the green stand out more throughout the entire army and with highlighting should make it all look better.

Test unit for retouching my Dwarf army

There will also be a few other slight changes such as adding bright colours to each Dwarfs weapons, painting the shield symbols with highlights so they look better and touching up the faces, adding of black shading etc.

Long-term I plan on rebasing the entire army as well currently considering going for a stony theme either having every model standing on a rock, rocky ground or a slate floor equivalent.

Miner regiment getting redone

Currently painting two test units - first a unit of Miners which have been untouched now for nearly two years and a small block of 10 Warriors which I found at the back of a shelf gathering dust.

Repainting an entire army is probably not the best thing to start now especially as I still have blocks of High Elves to finish and approx 120+ Fallschirmjager 15mm FOW miniatures to paint as well. But I like my Dwarfs and they deserve to be redone

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