August 17, 2010

What to do for rest of 2010?

Got the unofficial results from this weekends tournament and its appears that Matthew Hassell and his Dwarfs have done extremely well again finishing 4th. Really have to sit down with him and have a talk about how he plays WHFB as he is getting some seriously impressive results with his Dwarfs lately.

The last tournament of the year is at 2400pts and what Ill take depends almost entirely on whether I finish my remaining Spearelves/Archers before September. Looking over my painting shelf I realised the other night that I am almost out of WHFB painting projects.

WHFB still to paint
20 x HE Spears
14 x HE Archers
HE Mage
4 x HE Dragon Princes
20 x Dwarf Miners

Once those guys are done thats pretty much it on the WHFB painting front. All I would have left after that would be an endless process of retouching and repainting everything. Recently brought another block of 20 Dwarf Warriors off TradeMe that have a very cool colour scheme on them (brings my total up to 80 now) and these gave me an idea for redoing my Dwarfs over the summer period.

Then off course there is Flames of War which I would really like to concentrate a lot more next year. Still have 3 combat Platoons to paint and eventually a Platoon of Tanks/Assualt Guns to buy, make and paint.

Also decided that my Warmachine collection will probably all have to be sold. Was a alot of fun collecting and painting it but chances are I will get maybe 1-2 games off it in over the next 12 months which leaves a lot of expensive metal and plastic lying around. I might keep enough figures for a small force but sell the remainder. We'll see...

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