September 29, 2010

WIP - 2nd & 3rd FJ Combat Platoons

Doing things slightly differently with my next two combat platoons in that I have tryed basing them before I finish painting them. Does make it slightly difficult to finish the painting but I think it will work and it allows me to see how the different colour scheme on the 2nd platoon looks with finished basing.

All the images are pretty big so will expand when clicked on

2nd & 3rd Platoons are also based differently so I can further tell them apart from the 1st Platoon. 2nd has barbed wire entanglements across the unit, 3rd is based as though it has occupied a ruined building. Think the effects worked pretty well, should look better when painted and some detailing added. Barbed wire had to made smaller as the original strands were far to big.

All 3 Platoons should see action tomorrow night with a 1750pt game for which Ill be using Hells Highway 3rd Division Fallschirmjager.

September 24, 2010

FOW painting backlog & 2nd Army

Got all of my remaining FOW stuff out on popsicle sticks undercoated and awaiting paint last night, to add to the unfinished FJ combat Platoons and there is a scary number of unpainted infantry on my shelf.

So left to paint are:
  • 3x FJ Combat Platoons - 30 bases, 117 figures
  • FJ Mortar Platoon - 7 bases, 23 figures (fielding as heavy mortars)
  • HQ Mortars - 3 bases, 9 figures
  • FJ Pioneers - 7 bases, 35 figures (includes flamethrower options etc from figs Les sent)
  • FJ Light Gun Platoon - 3 bases, 9 figures, 3 guns
  • FJ Snipers - 3 bases, 6 figures
  • PF trap teams - 4 bases, 8 figures
  • FJ HMG Platoon - 5 bases, 15 figures
  • Panzershrek team - 1 base, 4 figures
  • 3 ton trucks x2
TOTAL - 63 bases, 226 figures, 3 guns, 2 trucks,

Priority is going to:
  1. FJ Combat Platoon - so I can field 2 fully painted, finishing the 2nd with barbed wire etc
  2. HQ Mortars
  3. HMG Platoon
  4. FJ Mortar Platoon
  5. FJ Combat Platoon
  6. FJ Pioneers
After that its whatever takes my fancy - advantage of having 4 full FJ Platoons is that I can now have some fun with the basing/flocking of them to achieve different looks.

Having thoughts about a 2nd army as well. Vaguely considered British Paras but after last night have decided that another infantry army will be a painting nightmare. So am looking at a British Armoured force e.g., Irish Guards from Hells Highway or maybe a general company that can be used in either LW Europe or MW Italy. Cost wise its a no goer till next year sometime as I will need at least 3 Sherman Platoons which from Maelstrom are NZ$65 a pop. But its a nice wishlist.

September 22, 2010

Big thanks to Les from FOW forums

You meet some amazing people online sometimes. Was looking for advice on list building on the FOW forums last week and got a message from a guy called Les in the UK who like me had a Fallschirmjager army.

He also had a collection of FJ figures/blisters he no longer needed and has sent them to me all the way from the UK for the cost of postage only. 7 pounds for a:
  • FJ Combat Platoon
  • FJ light gun platoon w. 2 guns
  • FJ Mortar Platoon + spare tubes for 1 more
  • FJ Mortar Platoon (1/2) for HQ mortars
  • Panzershrek & Panzerfaust figures to kit out Pioneers & HQ
Absolutely outstanding and completely out of the blue. The Mortars are going to be an invaluable addition. Will allow me to put together a 2nd light mortar Platoon, the 3 HQ light mortars and (with my left over figures) a heavy mortar Platoon. As well as 1-2 Panzershrek teams, some proper pioneer bases with PF and Panzershrek figures and the LG Platoon.

Basically means I dont have to buy anything more, except maybe 2 more Light Guns, ever.

Thank you Les your a champ!!!!!!!!!

As for my existing collection I tried a different colour scheme on one FJ Platoon the other night, using a lighter colour (GW Bleached Bone) as the smock base coat instead of the Camo Beige w. Mud Wash used before. The smocks are now incredibly lighter, probably too light, but its hard to tell what the Platoon will look like until I finishing flocking the bases.

On the Warhammer front the Dwarf Miners are coming along and should be based soon... problem is cricket season starts in 3 weeks, practices (Wed & Fri nights) start this week, and I now have NO time for gaming. Promised my wife a while back that once cricket started gaming would go away for the season.

September 20, 2010

FOW StuG Platoon finished

Finally finished my StuG Platoon last night well 4/5 StuGs but thats enough to field the standard sized Platoon. Finishing touches were GW Bleached Bone highlights along the edges of all the armour plating and the wheels, painting the baggage and a few more highlights on the tracks. I also applied the decals something I havent done since I made Airfix models when I was a kid more than 20 years ago.

I wanted to get them looking really dirty and well used which I think I have achieved. Next stage will be to put some camo netting and foliage over a couple of them for added affect.

Pictures are quite large and should expand out when clicked on

WIP - Making barbed wire entanglements (Part 1)

Having a go at making my own barbed wire entanglements for my Pioneers at the moment. Relatively simple process that only needs:
- Balsa Wood
- Wire
- Wire cutters
- A pen or other round object of appropriate size
- Basing stuff

Step 1 - Making the wire
Cant remember what thickness wire Im using but its the smallest I could get. Purchased two big rolls of the stuff from the $2 Shop so it was cheap as. Process is very easy just roll the wire around your round object, not to tight or it wont come off, till you get the desired length. Then just yank it off, cut it and its all done.

I made all of these in about five minutes - big ones for the barbed wire fortification bases and the little ones to go on the bases of my FJ Pioneers.

Size wise the pen I used was perfect for the larger bases but probably a little too big for the standard FOW infantry figures but either way it works pretty well. Next step is to flock the balsa wood and make some hedgehog posts for the wire to be attached to.

Painting wise ill just leave them untouched or maybe put them outside in the rain for a few days and let them rust up a bit.

September 16, 2010

What is Warhammer and StuGs nearing completion

Found this on an old post of mine from a year or so ago still amusing. Got it from Bell of Lost Souls as an answer to the question "What is Warhammer anyway"

"So, like, we put some guys out on the table, and like rolled the dice and I moved some dudes towards his dudes, and, like, they fought and stuff, then his big dude turned to my big dude and did some magic stuff and killed my big dude, and I was like " no way!" and he was all like "way" and then his other big dude charged my little dudes and the big dude totally killed a bunch of my little dudes, so the rest of my little dudes went to their houses and stuff and were all like "we are hiding and stuff." and his dudes were like, "you wuss, come out here and fight." and my dudes were like "no way, you come in here and fight." and I was like all ready to fight, but his big dudes just kept shooting magic and stuff at my little dudes and I was all totally bummed, but then my dudes were all like, "there is only one turn left and you can't kill us all." and then he was all bummed and stuff and then I won."

Also getting to work on my StuGs realising that I cant paint camo worth a damn and may just remove it altogether and keep them all one standard colour. Using a basic undercoat, wash, drybrush, wash, drybrush approach.

The 2 at the front are the ones I have done the most work on. Basic process was:
- German Cam Beige basecoat
- Lots of Devlan Mud Wash
- Drybrush GW Bleached Bone
- Lots of Devlan Mud Wash
- next stage will be highlighting of edges and other raised areas using Bleached bone.

Tracks were done with GW Chaos Black, then drybrushing of Fortress and Codex Grey. Tank Commander got same treatment for his black uniform.

Camo was just alternating bits of GW Graveyard Earth, Snot Green and Catachan Green.

Once Ive finished painting them I going to put camo netting over them made out of bits from some old net curtains.

The last picture is of my remaining painting backlog for FOW - 3 FJ Combat Platoons, 2 Opel Trucks, a FJ HMG Platoon and 3 Snipers.

September 14, 2010

Basing idea for Dwarfs - found a good tutorial

Decided that if I get a chance Ill get stuck into finishing of my Dwarf Miners tonight, based all of my Fallschirmjager the other night or rather glued all the figures to their bases and added the putty. Just awaiting paint etc now.

For my Dwarfs I have really been wanting to redo all of the basing across the entire army, thats approx 200+ odd models, starting with the miners. Have two ideas in mind either (1) standard sand finish painted grey with a few larger stones on to give a uniform rocky base on everything, or (2) a straight slate type look.

The first option is relatively easy to do - PVA glue down, dip in sand, let dry, apply paint to seal, paint, dry brush, add little rock and a bit of static grass all done. The other option requires either (1) buying a lot of GF9 slate which at NZ$6 a tin is expensive when I want to redo ALL of my Dwarfs (2) wandering up and down near roadworks or a local river picking up stones/slate of the right size, or (3) making my own.

This morning I found the perfect tutorial for making your own slate bases for Warhammer figures, and once I figure out the Kiwi versions of the products used I will definately be giving it a go to see if it works out. The tutorial teaches you how to make something like this:

Tutorial was on a site called Xenite Miniatures - link to it here - ill do one rank with the sand/stone format and one using this process and see which looks the best.

September 13, 2010

LW FJ list v.2 and 2nd army?

Got some great feedback on the FOW forums and have decided to modify my list accordingly.

1500pts LW Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager

Company HQ @ 225 pts
2 Panzerfaust SMG team
1 Panzerschreck team
1 Sniper
2 8cm Mortars

1 Fallschirmjäger Platoon @ 265 pts
1 Panzerfaust SMG team
3 Fallschirmjäger Squad

1 Fallschirmjäger Platoon @ 265 pts
1 Panzerfaust SMG team
3 Fallschirmjäger Squad

1 Fallschirmpionier Platoon @ 355 pts
1 HQ Section
1 Pioneer Supply 3-ton truck
3 Pioneer Squad

1 Fallschirmjäger Mortar Platoon @ 145 pts
1 Panzerknacker SMG team
2 Mortar Section

1 Fallschirmjäger Anti-tank Gun Platoon @ 245 pts
1 SMG team
4 7.5cm PaK40 (Gun shield)

TOTAL 1,500pts

Only gives me 5 Platoons but I can battlegroup the HQ mortars and a stand from the Mortar Platoon to create 2 mortar platoons each with 3 stands, or 1 of 6. Pak 40 platoon now more survivable and economical for points cost vs. StuGs - bring these in at 1750pts maybe?

Sniper added purely as I had 50pts left over and thought why not.

Also giving thought to starting a 2nd FOW army, not right now, but sometime next year once the FJ are all painted etc. Will prefer an allied force to ensure I can play either side, question is which one? Has to be something I am keen on playing from a historical viewpoint. Right now candidates are British Paratroops, a New Zealand company of some sort (MW Italian campaign) or maybe someone left field like Free French or Greek Mountain troops.

September 10, 2010

Army List - Late War Fallschirmjager

Building a LW 1500pt list for next weeks round of matches. Company will be based on the Fortress Europe Intelligence Briefing which is the one I happen to own and which I have been using to figure out what to buy etc. Using ArmyBuilder I do have access to all of the other books but I would prefer to read them before making any lists, the 6th FJ Regiment in Hells Highway looks good if somewhat complicated.

After last nights game I realised that I had forgotten about the company morale check issue and had gone in with 5 Platoons, not a good idea especially if I got stuck with being defender in a scenario that called for reserves.

1500pts LW Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager

Company HQ @ 115 pts
2 Panzerfaust SMG team
1 Panzerschreck team

1 Fallschirmjäger Platoon @ 265 pts
1 Panzerfaust SMG team
3 Fallschirmjäger Squad

1 Fallschirmjäger Platoon @ 265 pts
1 Panzerfaust SMG team
3 Fallschirmjäger Squad

1 Fallschirmpionier Platoon @ 355 pts
1 HQ Section
1 Pioneer Supply 3-ton truck
3 Pioneer Squad

1 Fallschirmjäger Mortar Platoon @ 145 pts
1 Panzerknacker SMG team
2 Mortar Section

1 Fallschirmjäger Anti-tank Gun Platoon @ 135 pts
1 SMG team
2 7.5cm PaK40 (Gun shield)

1 Fallschirmjäger Tank-hunter Platoon @ 220 pts
2 StuG G (Schürzen; Protected Ammo)

TOTAL 1,500pts

This gives me a reasonably balanced force. Three very strong infantry Platoons with the ability to use defensive options in the right scenario via the Supply Truck. The Panzerfausts on all the HQ's and the Panzershreks are also a big boost to AT defence. The primary support platoons are both small only 2 Pak 40s and 2 StuG's respectively. However, they mean I can split what would normally be a 4 gun Pak 40 unit across the board and also get a defensive element with the StuGs.

Painting ideas for StuGs & Fallschirmjager orders

Still searching for ideas on how best to paint the camo on my StuG Platoon. Have already decided that subsequent combat FJ platoons will be getting a lighter base coat and some lighter highlights to make the splinter camo of their smocks stick out more. The StuGs though are a problem primarily as I dont have a airgun/brush thing which is what everyone else seems to use.

The following pictures are pretty much what I want, something clean and simple - although the 2nd StuG in this picture has a really nice looking speckle camo pattern to it.

Also on order to complete my FOW Fallschirmjager force, from Maelstrom and direct from Battlefront in Auckland are
  • FJ HMG Platoon
  • FJ Snipers
  • 2 x 3 ton trucks (really only need 1 but you get 2 in the pack) for the Pioneers
  • Artillery template & the measuring thingy

FOW after action report: 1500pts LW Eastern Front

Well had my 4th ever game of FOW last night against one of the more experienced guys at the club, whose army BTW is beautifully painted he's also an intelligence officer in the army so was an interesting guy.

My forces at bottom of picture advancing toward the mass of prepared positions

Unfortunately a bit of a mix-up meant that of the 6 FOW players there last night 5 of us had German armies, the 6th had Finns, so all 3 games were blue on blue. In my case my Fallschirmjager up against a SturmKompanie.

Played the fighting withdrawl scenario and unfortunately I lost the dice roll and ended up as the attacker. My opponents list included 2 Platoons of Mortars (1 heavy), 1 PAK 40 unit that like mine was set up for non-existent tanks, a Pioneer Platoon and 2 infantry Platoons. He had also purchased with some spare points a load of defensives for his units - trenches etc and the scenario special rules (and his Pioneers) gave him so barbed wire and a minefield. This meant that my guys would have to be firing at and assaulting dug in infantry in hard cover behind prepared positions OH JOY.

Still I should have done better as I made a HUGE mistake right at the start. FOW like WHFB is a game that can be won or lost on deployment. The scenario rules did give me one huge advantage in that he had to set down ALL of his units first, except an ambushing Platoon. This meant he had to spread out to cover all 3 objectives, meaning I should have stacked all of my guys in one place and aimed at one of those 3.

What did I do instead? I spread myself across the table weakening my assault capability and undermining my ability concentrate maximum force on the smallest point or as the Wehrmact put it getting Schwerpunkt.

Big learning curve again with the game, but I am picking it up fast. Like WHFB there are tricks that experienced players have that give them an advantage but is nice when your opponents dont take it easy on you even when your new. Means you lose alot but you also learn quicker.

Next week its Late War 1500pts again this time from any book - I probably wasnt helped last night by the fact that my opponent was using a different IB to me when I assumed that everyone had to use the same one.

September 8, 2010

New High Elf products from GW look good

GW has finally officially announced what many web surfers already knew that a line of new plastic HE kits would be coming out this year. Those kits are Dragon Princes (unit of 5), White Lions (unit of 10) and Phoenix Guard (unit of 10). Also released are the HE magic cards.

The new Phoenix Guard look great and are a major improvement on the existing metal models. The longer "skirts" gets away from the overly dainty girly appearance of the metal models - I didnt mind this that much - but this is a big plus. They also ensure that all of the HE model range has a distinct common look when it comes to the armour. The biggest improvement is that you will no longer have to contend with the two major drawbacks of the existing metal models (1) weapons that have to be pinned to stay attached and (2) weapons that stick out everywhere making ranking up and transporting PG units very difficult.

Looking only at the pictures available I have to say that the new Dragon Princes look fantastic. The design of the horses in particular is just great although I think assembling these guys is going to be a very fiddly process. Problem is I already have 10 of the old style metal models so as much as I would love to buy the new plastic ones I wont be.

The White Lions I am not that impressed by. It looks to me like they have taken the plastic White Lion figures you get with the tradiational Lion Chariot and modified them slightly for this kit. I was expecting something more dramatic after seeing all of the changes made to the other models from the new starter kit. While I need more White Lions I will be sticking to the old style metal models.

I will definately be buying 1, 2 or maybe even 3 boxes of the Phoenix Guard and a set of the HE magic cards, and of course I will only be buying through Maelstrom Games in the UK.

Prices from Maelstrom for all of these releases in pounds and NZ dollars at todays exchange rates are:
  • P/Guard & White Lions - £22.50 or NZ$45.70 vs. expected NZ retail price of NZ$60-75
  • Dragon Princes - £16.20 or NZ$32.91 vs. expected NZ retail price of NZ$50-75
  • HE Magic Cards - £2.70 or NZ$5.48 vs. expected NZ retail price of NZ$12 - 24
If you havent ordered stuff for any wargame system of Maelstrom yet then I strongly suggest you start doing so -->

I wrote a review on them a year or so back as well you can read that here

September 6, 2010

WIP - Fallschirmjager & StuG's w. battle damage

Using my Warhammer "one rank at a time rule" for my FOW Fallschirmjager as well giving an entire Platoon the primary colour treatment and then finishing them off one base (rather than rank) at time.

Made a slight adjustment to my colour scheme from the 1st Platoon I completed in that I am using two greens to make up the splinter camo and not applying Mud-Wash to the completed model. Rather I am using Sepia-Wash which still gets into the crevices etc but doesnt dull down the colours as much. The 1st Platoon looks OK but suffers in that the green/browns on the smocks blend together to much at a distance.

StuG G Platoon also got assembled over the week and got its first treatment. Base coat is German Camo Beige from the FOW paint range. I applied this in a couple of thin watered down coats. Over that is ALOT of Mud Wash. Ill start adding the primay colours in a more regular pattern once I have finished my infantry Platoons.

Also had a go at adding battle damage to the Schurzen side armour of the StuG's cutting off various bits, bending others and drilling through (with a corkscrew) holes where shells had penetrated. Will also start adding various holes over the main armour as well. Effect turned out better than expected.

WIP - Dwarf Miners

Inbetween dealing with the manflu and worrying about family living through the Christchurch earthquakes I actually managed to get some more painting done over the last week. Helped that my wife was up working late last night which gave me an excuse to get out the painting table :)

Front rank nearly done

Sticking to my "one rank at a time" rule I focused on the Miner regiments front rank completing the leather gloves and various straps, touching up the musicians trumpet, washing the standard, adding some blue highlights to the weapon hafts etc.

The helmet candles were the last item I worked on. Added a base coat of Scab red which I will gradually highlight with lighter colours moving from Blood Red through to Blazing Orange, Sunburst Yellow and finally white. Candles themselves I plan on keeping a dull grey/white colour.

2nd rank underway

Also added the primary colours to the other models in the unit and began the process of getting stuck into the 2nd rank now that the first is pretty much done - except for the basing.

Basing wise I have settled on a rocky theme so will start sourcing out the best way to create a slate sort of look. Either buy slate from the GF9 range (expensive across 200+ models), trawl the local river banks (time consuming), check out the pet stores for fishtank supplies, or build my own out of putty or greenstuff.