September 10, 2010

Army List - Late War Fallschirmjager

Building a LW 1500pt list for next weeks round of matches. Company will be based on the Fortress Europe Intelligence Briefing which is the one I happen to own and which I have been using to figure out what to buy etc. Using ArmyBuilder I do have access to all of the other books but I would prefer to read them before making any lists, the 6th FJ Regiment in Hells Highway looks good if somewhat complicated.

After last nights game I realised that I had forgotten about the company morale check issue and had gone in with 5 Platoons, not a good idea especially if I got stuck with being defender in a scenario that called for reserves.

1500pts LW Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager

Company HQ @ 115 pts
2 Panzerfaust SMG team
1 Panzerschreck team

1 Fallschirmjäger Platoon @ 265 pts
1 Panzerfaust SMG team
3 Fallschirmjäger Squad

1 Fallschirmjäger Platoon @ 265 pts
1 Panzerfaust SMG team
3 Fallschirmjäger Squad

1 Fallschirmpionier Platoon @ 355 pts
1 HQ Section
1 Pioneer Supply 3-ton truck
3 Pioneer Squad

1 Fallschirmjäger Mortar Platoon @ 145 pts
1 Panzerknacker SMG team
2 Mortar Section

1 Fallschirmjäger Anti-tank Gun Platoon @ 135 pts
1 SMG team
2 7.5cm PaK40 (Gun shield)

1 Fallschirmjäger Tank-hunter Platoon @ 220 pts
2 StuG G (Schürzen; Protected Ammo)

TOTAL 1,500pts

This gives me a reasonably balanced force. Three very strong infantry Platoons with the ability to use defensive options in the right scenario via the Supply Truck. The Panzerfausts on all the HQ's and the Panzershreks are also a big boost to AT defence. The primary support platoons are both small only 2 Pak 40s and 2 StuG's respectively. However, they mean I can split what would normally be a 4 gun Pak 40 unit across the board and also get a defensive element with the StuGs.

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