September 14, 2010

Basing idea for Dwarfs - found a good tutorial

Decided that if I get a chance Ill get stuck into finishing of my Dwarf Miners tonight, based all of my Fallschirmjager the other night or rather glued all the figures to their bases and added the putty. Just awaiting paint etc now.

For my Dwarfs I have really been wanting to redo all of the basing across the entire army, thats approx 200+ odd models, starting with the miners. Have two ideas in mind either (1) standard sand finish painted grey with a few larger stones on to give a uniform rocky base on everything, or (2) a straight slate type look.

The first option is relatively easy to do - PVA glue down, dip in sand, let dry, apply paint to seal, paint, dry brush, add little rock and a bit of static grass all done. The other option requires either (1) buying a lot of GF9 slate which at NZ$6 a tin is expensive when I want to redo ALL of my Dwarfs (2) wandering up and down near roadworks or a local river picking up stones/slate of the right size, or (3) making my own.

This morning I found the perfect tutorial for making your own slate bases for Warhammer figures, and once I figure out the Kiwi versions of the products used I will definately be giving it a go to see if it works out. The tutorial teaches you how to make something like this:

Tutorial was on a site called Xenite Miniatures - link to it here - ill do one rank with the sand/stone format and one using this process and see which looks the best.

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Darth Weasel said...

how did I miss this post? I like the idea...very different from the standard look