September 22, 2010

Big thanks to Les from FOW forums

You meet some amazing people online sometimes. Was looking for advice on list building on the FOW forums last week and got a message from a guy called Les in the UK who like me had a Fallschirmjager army.

He also had a collection of FJ figures/blisters he no longer needed and has sent them to me all the way from the UK for the cost of postage only. 7 pounds for a:
  • FJ Combat Platoon
  • FJ light gun platoon w. 2 guns
  • FJ Mortar Platoon + spare tubes for 1 more
  • FJ Mortar Platoon (1/2) for HQ mortars
  • Panzershrek & Panzerfaust figures to kit out Pioneers & HQ
Absolutely outstanding and completely out of the blue. The Mortars are going to be an invaluable addition. Will allow me to put together a 2nd light mortar Platoon, the 3 HQ light mortars and (with my left over figures) a heavy mortar Platoon. As well as 1-2 Panzershrek teams, some proper pioneer bases with PF and Panzershrek figures and the LG Platoon.

Basically means I dont have to buy anything more, except maybe 2 more Light Guns, ever.

Thank you Les your a champ!!!!!!!!!

As for my existing collection I tried a different colour scheme on one FJ Platoon the other night, using a lighter colour (GW Bleached Bone) as the smock base coat instead of the Camo Beige w. Mud Wash used before. The smocks are now incredibly lighter, probably too light, but its hard to tell what the Platoon will look like until I finishing flocking the bases.

On the Warhammer front the Dwarf Miners are coming along and should be based soon... problem is cricket season starts in 3 weeks, practices (Wed & Fri nights) start this week, and I now have NO time for gaming. Promised my wife a while back that once cricket started gaming would go away for the season.


Squeek Vermintide said...

Great to see a story like this - community is one of the things that can make gaming a great hobby!

laparsons said...

Hi the LG40s are the 75mm version,their plt just has 2 of them +a command team.Sorry if this wasn't clear on the packet.

John said...

Hi Les - yeah I figured that out once I opened the packet was bit confused as there were 4 guns there? Thanks again for all the stuff just fantastic