September 10, 2010

FOW after action report: 1500pts LW Eastern Front

Well had my 4th ever game of FOW last night against one of the more experienced guys at the club, whose army BTW is beautifully painted he's also an intelligence officer in the army so was an interesting guy.

My forces at bottom of picture advancing toward the mass of prepared positions

Unfortunately a bit of a mix-up meant that of the 6 FOW players there last night 5 of us had German armies, the 6th had Finns, so all 3 games were blue on blue. In my case my Fallschirmjager up against a SturmKompanie.

Played the fighting withdrawl scenario and unfortunately I lost the dice roll and ended up as the attacker. My opponents list included 2 Platoons of Mortars (1 heavy), 1 PAK 40 unit that like mine was set up for non-existent tanks, a Pioneer Platoon and 2 infantry Platoons. He had also purchased with some spare points a load of defensives for his units - trenches etc and the scenario special rules (and his Pioneers) gave him so barbed wire and a minefield. This meant that my guys would have to be firing at and assaulting dug in infantry in hard cover behind prepared positions OH JOY.

Still I should have done better as I made a HUGE mistake right at the start. FOW like WHFB is a game that can be won or lost on deployment. The scenario rules did give me one huge advantage in that he had to set down ALL of his units first, except an ambushing Platoon. This meant he had to spread out to cover all 3 objectives, meaning I should have stacked all of my guys in one place and aimed at one of those 3.

What did I do instead? I spread myself across the table weakening my assault capability and undermining my ability concentrate maximum force on the smallest point or as the Wehrmact put it getting Schwerpunkt.

Big learning curve again with the game, but I am picking it up fast. Like WHFB there are tricks that experienced players have that give them an advantage but is nice when your opponents dont take it easy on you even when your new. Means you lose alot but you also learn quicker.

Next week its Late War 1500pts again this time from any book - I probably wasnt helped last night by the fact that my opponent was using a different IB to me when I assumed that everyone had to use the same one.

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