September 24, 2010

FOW painting backlog & 2nd Army

Got all of my remaining FOW stuff out on popsicle sticks undercoated and awaiting paint last night, to add to the unfinished FJ combat Platoons and there is a scary number of unpainted infantry on my shelf.

So left to paint are:
  • 3x FJ Combat Platoons - 30 bases, 117 figures
  • FJ Mortar Platoon - 7 bases, 23 figures (fielding as heavy mortars)
  • HQ Mortars - 3 bases, 9 figures
  • FJ Pioneers - 7 bases, 35 figures (includes flamethrower options etc from figs Les sent)
  • FJ Light Gun Platoon - 3 bases, 9 figures, 3 guns
  • FJ Snipers - 3 bases, 6 figures
  • PF trap teams - 4 bases, 8 figures
  • FJ HMG Platoon - 5 bases, 15 figures
  • Panzershrek team - 1 base, 4 figures
  • 3 ton trucks x2
TOTAL - 63 bases, 226 figures, 3 guns, 2 trucks,

Priority is going to:
  1. FJ Combat Platoon - so I can field 2 fully painted, finishing the 2nd with barbed wire etc
  2. HQ Mortars
  3. HMG Platoon
  4. FJ Mortar Platoon
  5. FJ Combat Platoon
  6. FJ Pioneers
After that its whatever takes my fancy - advantage of having 4 full FJ Platoons is that I can now have some fun with the basing/flocking of them to achieve different looks.

Having thoughts about a 2nd army as well. Vaguely considered British Paras but after last night have decided that another infantry army will be a painting nightmare. So am looking at a British Armoured force e.g., Irish Guards from Hells Highway or maybe a general company that can be used in either LW Europe or MW Italy. Cost wise its a no goer till next year sometime as I will need at least 3 Sherman Platoons which from Maelstrom are NZ$65 a pop. But its a nice wishlist.

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