September 8, 2010

New High Elf products from GW look good

GW has finally officially announced what many web surfers already knew that a line of new plastic HE kits would be coming out this year. Those kits are Dragon Princes (unit of 5), White Lions (unit of 10) and Phoenix Guard (unit of 10). Also released are the HE magic cards.

The new Phoenix Guard look great and are a major improvement on the existing metal models. The longer "skirts" gets away from the overly dainty girly appearance of the metal models - I didnt mind this that much - but this is a big plus. They also ensure that all of the HE model range has a distinct common look when it comes to the armour. The biggest improvement is that you will no longer have to contend with the two major drawbacks of the existing metal models (1) weapons that have to be pinned to stay attached and (2) weapons that stick out everywhere making ranking up and transporting PG units very difficult.

Looking only at the pictures available I have to say that the new Dragon Princes look fantastic. The design of the horses in particular is just great although I think assembling these guys is going to be a very fiddly process. Problem is I already have 10 of the old style metal models so as much as I would love to buy the new plastic ones I wont be.

The White Lions I am not that impressed by. It looks to me like they have taken the plastic White Lion figures you get with the tradiational Lion Chariot and modified them slightly for this kit. I was expecting something more dramatic after seeing all of the changes made to the other models from the new starter kit. While I need more White Lions I will be sticking to the old style metal models.

I will definately be buying 1, 2 or maybe even 3 boxes of the Phoenix Guard and a set of the HE magic cards, and of course I will only be buying through Maelstrom Games in the UK.

Prices from Maelstrom for all of these releases in pounds and NZ dollars at todays exchange rates are:
  • P/Guard & White Lions - £22.50 or NZ$45.70 vs. expected NZ retail price of NZ$60-75
  • Dragon Princes - £16.20 or NZ$32.91 vs. expected NZ retail price of NZ$50-75
  • HE Magic Cards - £2.70 or NZ$5.48 vs. expected NZ retail price of NZ$12 - 24
If you havent ordered stuff for any wargame system of Maelstrom yet then I strongly suggest you start doing so -->

I wrote a review on them a year or so back as well you can read that here


Darth Weasel said...

been working on painting up the high elfs I bought a few months ago and now the Island of Blood should arrive Saturday...taking longer and more care to paint than ever before, then I see the new detail and it

A) gets me excited because they look great

B) get depressed because I will never spend the time or energy to make mine look that good

C) demoralized because half the time I cannot figure out how the detail fits together.

*Sigh* back to Chaos where dark colors hide all...

John said...

i know just how you feel everytime you think you have your stuff looking good you see something else online or at the club and its like DOH!!

That and I swear that some people must see invisible details on the models that I never pick up - i find it hard enough to tell where a Dwarfs beard ends sometimes let alone find a belt buckle or a button