September 10, 2010

Painting ideas for StuGs & Fallschirmjager orders

Still searching for ideas on how best to paint the camo on my StuG Platoon. Have already decided that subsequent combat FJ platoons will be getting a lighter base coat and some lighter highlights to make the splinter camo of their smocks stick out more. The StuGs though are a problem primarily as I dont have a airgun/brush thing which is what everyone else seems to use.

The following pictures are pretty much what I want, something clean and simple - although the 2nd StuG in this picture has a really nice looking speckle camo pattern to it.

Also on order to complete my FOW Fallschirmjager force, from Maelstrom and direct from Battlefront in Auckland are
  • FJ HMG Platoon
  • FJ Snipers
  • 2 x 3 ton trucks (really only need 1 but you get 2 in the pack) for the Pioneers
  • Artillery template & the measuring thingy

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