September 1, 2010

Warmachine collection going bye bye & STUGS are here

Well I bit the bullet the other day and put nearly my entire remaining Protectorate of Menoth collection up on TradeMe. Sorry to see it go but realistically I dont expect to play any further games of Warmachine within the next year or so and its now simply a dust gatherer out in my shed. That and I pretty much lost any interest in painting the stuff months ago hence why so much of what I am selling is half finished. Makes sense to let someone else get some enjoyment out of it.

Kiwi readers might like to check out the auctions here

I will however be keeping this guy as I like the model and you have to keep something for all the effort you put in.

Would like to say that any money raised will go onto FOW as there are a few more minor items that I would like to purchase for my Fallschirmjager army (2-3 Snipers, a Pioneer Supply Truck, HMG platoon) but most likely it will go on the dreaded collection of bills. Once again real-life gets in the way.

Havent had any time to paint last week or so, not since the last post about my Dwarf Miners. Have come down with the dreaded "man-flu", as have both of my kids so pretty much no time to do anything except look after them and myself.

As far as Warhammer Fantasy goes I have now firmly decided that I will not be purchasing any more figures etc for either my High Elves or my Dwarfs. Instead I will be focusing entirely on painting, painting and more painting.

On a brighter note my platoon of Stug G's arrived the other day now giving me a solid 1500pt Fallschirmjager army - albiet 75% unpainted.

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