September 16, 2010

What is Warhammer and StuGs nearing completion

Found this on an old post of mine from a year or so ago still amusing. Got it from Bell of Lost Souls as an answer to the question "What is Warhammer anyway"

"So, like, we put some guys out on the table, and like rolled the dice and I moved some dudes towards his dudes, and, like, they fought and stuff, then his big dude turned to my big dude and did some magic stuff and killed my big dude, and I was like " no way!" and he was all like "way" and then his other big dude charged my little dudes and the big dude totally killed a bunch of my little dudes, so the rest of my little dudes went to their houses and stuff and were all like "we are hiding and stuff." and his dudes were like, "you wuss, come out here and fight." and my dudes were like "no way, you come in here and fight." and I was like all ready to fight, but his big dudes just kept shooting magic and stuff at my little dudes and I was all totally bummed, but then my dudes were all like, "there is only one turn left and you can't kill us all." and then he was all bummed and stuff and then I won."

Also getting to work on my StuGs realising that I cant paint camo worth a damn and may just remove it altogether and keep them all one standard colour. Using a basic undercoat, wash, drybrush, wash, drybrush approach.

The 2 at the front are the ones I have done the most work on. Basic process was:
- German Cam Beige basecoat
- Lots of Devlan Mud Wash
- Drybrush GW Bleached Bone
- Lots of Devlan Mud Wash
- next stage will be highlighting of edges and other raised areas using Bleached bone.

Tracks were done with GW Chaos Black, then drybrushing of Fortress and Codex Grey. Tank Commander got same treatment for his black uniform.

Camo was just alternating bits of GW Graveyard Earth, Snot Green and Catachan Green.

Once Ive finished painting them I going to put camo netting over them made out of bits from some old net curtains.

The last picture is of my remaining painting backlog for FOW - 3 FJ Combat Platoons, 2 Opel Trucks, a FJ HMG Platoon and 3 Snipers.


Darth Weasel said...

I am just impressed you get some pretty good coverage with water paints. I tried them briefly, could never get them to look like anything but washed out barely covered so I went back to my beloved oil

Itchy (aka Jared) said...

Sharp looking Stugs! I especially like the way you've mixed up the sch├╝rzen on each assault gun. Really gives the impression of having seen action.

I've yet to attempt camo on any of my FoW armor or vehicles. I actually quite like the look of yours though and the approach seems straight forward enough that even I could hardly screw it up. I'm currently painting a Panzer IIIH so I may give it as shot there.

John said...

Thanks guys much appreciated - coverage with water paints even the Vallejo ones which are top quality can be difficult but I was looking for a washed out look. Ill see how the highlighting tonight makes them look

Didnt realise you played FOW Itchy only ever read your posts on Warmachine